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Chapter 1: Unexpected

"The Council Room is abnormally hot…," Midna, the Queen of Twilight thought as she was fanning herself with one of the many important documents that lay before her in an attempt to describe all the horrible damages that Zant had caused during the war. She was right to think this, considering she could feel the sweat running down her back and chest, attempting to cool her off. However, when she scanned the rest of her council members, Devind, Warren, Silvix, Maria, Raygen, and Skypher, it appeared that all seemed to be fine. All of them were taking little notice of her slight discomfort as five of her council members listened to Skypher babble on about improving conditions of her subjects since Zant's defeat.

Midna was truly grateful that her society was once again on it's way to returning to the way it was, but at the moment she could care less because she was so damn hot.

The queen guessed it was just her, considering nobody else seemed to be taking up any random paper to cool themselves down. She did realize that as she made her artificial wind that the heat felt more internal than external. "Perhaps," she reasoned with herself, "I'm getting sick?" but the idea seemed rather strange to her. Sickness did not exist in the Twilight Realm…

As Skypher moved on to talk about the state of the housing for the Kingdom, Midna wondered if she contracted something from the world of light… but it had been three and a half months since she had been there and if she was sick, she would have gotten it a lot sooner than this late.

Of course, it wasn't just the heat that was bothering her.

She undeniably felt very queasy; she was trying to make the feeling go down with deep intakes of breath, but the results weren't helping her situation in the slightest. In fact, it seemed like it was only getting worse as she breathed on, her fan moving ever faster and faster as the feeling of nausea continued to rise in the pit of her stomach.

Needless to say something was wrong. Her council members didn't seem to pay attention, considering Midna was well known for doing anything to get out of a council meeting. She did know they were important after all… but all them were just borings speakers. All the members were fairly old, except Warren, and each had a voice that could even put dead people to sleep. Skypher, at the moment, was making a wonderful example as he drawled on about matters with little importance to the queen. She knew that her people were doing just fine and fully intended to help them in any way possible. Of course, it was just so hard to listen to what was of great importance when she was just so damn hot.

"What did Link call this again?" Midna thought to herself, remembering the ways of the light through the eyes of her hero, "A… fever?"

Midna remembered the first time she witnessed the young hero's frailty when they had finally gotten out of a storm that lasted three days in Hyrule field. The queen could hardly forget the chilling nights of the eastern part of the kingdom…

Needless to say, considering Midna's cruelty at the time, she had driven Link to the brink to keep on moving. It didn't matter if was raining, didn't matter if the wind was bitterly cold ("Oh I wish I was in that wind again," Midna thought as the fan continued to speed up), didn't matter if he was beginning to stagger on his own two feet… at that time, Midna wanted nothing more than to get the fused shadows to kill the usurper King. The Hero was more or less a tool in a an entire mean to get what she wanted; that all changed when the rain finally stopped and Link, the strongest little light boy she had ever seen since she got there, collapsed without warning onto the wet grass. She remembered that she went into sort of a stupid banter about him being tired… remembered kicking him in the ribs slightly; shook him with every last fiber she had in her, but the boy would not get up.

"Midna," he had groaned after she was done, "Please… stop…"

"What for?" Midna, the snooty imp had replied, "So you can sleep? I simply can't allow it for a slave of mine."

"Midna…," he had replied weakly, the hero closing and opening his eyes slowly. He did look pretty tired, "Please… I can't go on… I need to rest…"

The imp had raised an eyebrow at this and then audibly questioned what was wrong. Link then promptly began taking off all of his equipment and clothing, save his pants.

"I have a fever…"

"What the hell is a fever?"

Link had promptly told her that he was burning up from the inside, and the imp actually touched the hero's brow like he asked.

She felt quite shocked to say the least. She didn't know men could die from something their own body conjured up.

The Queen always wondered what it was like for Link… of course, now she was promptly forgetting that as the nausea brought the poor twili out of her distant memories of the light world back into her own with a sickening lurch that almost gave her a sense of vertigo. That's the moment she decided she needed to go and lay down.

"- and the house of the moon will be assisting in the whole reconstruction project. We'll have more bodies willing and able within the… your majesty?"

At Skypher's address, Midna looked up to find that all six heads of her council were quietly looking at her in mild concern.

"You're majesty, you look deathly pale… are you alright?" Skypher asked, furrowing his dark brow.

"I… uh…," Midna stuttered, "I-I think I need to lay down."

The queen was appalled at the sound of her voice; it ebbed and flowed with weariness that she was not willing to show. She wondered if this was how Link felt back in that part of the eastern field. Her mind slowly began to drift to ideas of her laying in her bed sleeping.

"I'm sorry my council," Midna said, swallowing down a weird substance that was bubbling in her throat, "I… I am not well at the moment… I… I need to go and rest… perhaps we should… post pone…"

The queen of the Twilight didn't even finish her order before she stumbled out of her chair. The Twili attempted to get to the door of the council chamber but found she simply did not have the strength to do it, her knees buckling under her light frame. Her body wanted to do something completely different.

Now, Midna had seen Link through thick and thin… and remembered a situation like this in which the hero had completely keeled over and made the most horrible noise she had ever heard. It almost sounded like he was pulling out one of his own organs. In Midna's memory, Link had been stabbed by the great King of bokoblins in a pretty rough spot and once he had brought the little boy Colin back, he promptly fell off of his horse and crawled to all fours, spewing out blood from his insides in an act so violent, Midna couldn't call it anything but heinous.

She wondered what that had felt like too… but she was soon finding out.

Her body had put all of it's efforts into her abdomen and she, the Queen, suddenly felt the urge to throw up.

She thought bitterly in her head that if Link was there, he would be rubbing her back gently, watching in modesty, and not addressing the act at all. However, the Twili, considering they never got sick, watched in stunned silence as the Queen emptied her already empty stomach.

"Get… get somebody!" Warren's voice called out as soon as the wretched bile hit the floor.

Midna's body didn't seem satisfied, and she continued to heave…

For some strange reason, she felt undeniably famished.

Guards had burst into the room, probably from Warren's request, and gently lifted the poor Queen from the floor, the strength in her legs slowly returning and the nausea going down slightly. Though she felt a little better, the room still spun in a disarray of dark colors with random bright blue and red lights.

"You know," Midna said, someone beginning to gently wipe her mouth with a soft, wet cloth, "Now would be a really great time to invest in a Twili doctor…"

"We'll send for one immediately your majesty… just try not to do that thing again…"

Whosever voice it was, Midna wasn't sure. She decided to just close her eyes and wait for the soft sanctuary of her bed. As they moved around the castle, she swore she could sense other Twili's eyes on her, probably wondering why she was in such a sad state. She didn't know herself why, but she couldn't get over the fact that the event was a little embarrassing, and could send any man's pride down the river. Link's pride certainly did that after he had spewed his inner fluids mixed with stomach crap onto the ground. At that time, Midna had been so confused as to why he did that, but in the ways of the world of light, people who did not know quickly learned what needed to be done in situations such as those.

Midna began to wonder in her delirium if Link had felt this empty after he had thrown up… this tired… this vulnerable.

Knowing the hero… he probably had.

"It was the day he almost died…," Midna thought as her dream began to turn into a vision of the past. She dreamed about her past experiences often, fondly remembering the days Link and hers truly adventured to save the things that they loved.

"By the gods I was such an idiot…"

The scene down below her was an all too familiar one as she saw her now past Imp form swarming around Link's practically lifeless body in one of the many abandoned rooms in Kakariko's decimated inn. Colin, the little boy that Link had recently saved was in another room, his wounds nothing compared to the now naked hero. Renado was treating him as best he could; various instruments were strewn about him… most of it was cleaning supplies. Midna's nose flared at the smell of alcohol and blood, and she decided quickly that she did not like the combination.

Link seemed to be in a dazed stupor as Renado slowly worked his doctor prowess on the tired young man. Almost every part of the hero seemed to be covered with bruises and minor scrapes… but the biggest wounds where arrow punctures and the wound that Renado was treating near his gut. Midna could still see half of an arrow stuck in Link's bare thigh, the twisted and dark looking thing digging itself deeper into the leg every time the boy twitched with the burn of alcohol. However, Midna knew somehow that the arrow was the least of Link's problems.

The Shaman had already taken out two more arrows from Link's left arm and right shoulder, the holes in his skin already covered up by bandages that had heavy cleaning herbs underneath them. Now he was working on the one that was really giving Link grief… the slice across his middle. Midna had remembered when he got the wound. He sustained it right before he made the King of the boar riders topple off into the abyss that was known as the Death Mountain Fissure. Either way, the wound had cut Link deep, leaving a nice fissure of his own, oozing blood with every second it took to get the unconscious Colin back to the ravaged village.

Midna looked down at herself once more as her shadow form hovered over said wound, inspecting it curiously and even worriedly. Link tiredly blinked up at the unseen image of the imp, wondering what she was doing. The Queen sat in the air, now fully beginning to reminisce in the memory.

The imp's little fingers slowly touched the angry flesh of Link's the same time Renado decided to get more cleaning alcohol, and the hero winced at both touches; however he gave no audible indication he was in pain. In fact, the entire time they had been there Link didn't utter a word to anyone. Whether he was too weak to cry out or not, nobody was certain.

However, the imp Midna knew that the wound had taken it's toll on her one and only helper.

The memory seemed to fast forward a little bit now, showing that Link did slowly recover, but the Queen knew what was about to happen. Link had left Kakariko without a word, sending the children and Renado into a panic as to where the healing farm hand went off too. Of course, no one knew that Link had been taking orders from a pompous little imp who was really the Twilight Princess. Although, Link didn't know she was a princess either, but she followed her anyway, knowing that he still needed to save one of his friends from the village of Ordon. Poor Ilia was still missing, and the cruelty that the imp played on the hero was tenfold when he taunted him in his bed over and over about how she was still in the depths of the Twilight infected Hyrule.

So, the Ordonian decided to leave Kakariko behind, his wounds still healing.

Then that's when the storm hit.

It rained for three days and two nights, making the path they followed turn into the worst kind of mud possible, making the idea of riding Epona the impossible. Link had no choice but to walk on foot as the wind and rain battered him on all sides. He had thrust his hands into his armpits in an attempt to stay warm, but nothing seemed to help when one was soaking wet and already chilled to the bone. The storm had taken it's furry and battered it on Link, making him fall in the mud several times before they finally reached the end of the field, closer to the wall of twilight that loomed over the horizon.

That's when Link plopped down to the ground like a discarded rag doll; then the fever set in.

For the longest time, the imp Princess didn't know what to do.

"I was such a fool…," Midna thought as she watched herself trying to bring the Hero's fever down.

It wasn't until Link was practically dead that Midna had discovered the source of his sudden illness. The wound in his gut had gotten infected with mud and dirt, and the bandages were soaked to the brim, making an odd stink in the back of the imp's throat. Midna had been too scared to unwrap the bandages, fearing that she would see something she didn't ever want to see.

Instead, she all but dragged the hero to the Twilight portal. There was no way to get Link back to Kakariko in his condition, and horse whistle grass was nowhere to be seen; therefore, all Midna could do was hope that the sacred wolf sleeping within Link would take care of the rest.

Midna smiled as the memory ended…

Link was not very happy when he woke up that next day. But he was grateful non-the-less.

The Queen's eyes fluttered open from the dream, her vision now collecting the images carved into the ceiling of her royal bed-chamber. They were intricate and beautiful; the carvings themselves held no meaning to the Twili queen, but they calmed her with their eerie blue glow that matched the markings on her own body.

The first thing she noticed was that she was no longer feeling the nausea that she felt earlier. In fact, she felt quite fine. Midna half expected that she would have woken up in the same sorry state, but someone must have gotten a doctor.

The Queen decided to slowly sit up, holding her head as she did so to remain steady, and was very quickly greeted by many pairs of eyes, anxiously staring at her. She raised one of her thin eyebrows at them, wondering why in the world that many people were in her quarters. The spectacle would have been rather amusing from another perspective, but Midna was not in the mood to be amused. In fact, she felt quite violated that her personal space was being occupied by the six heads of the council, who she guessed was a doctor, and a few maids who decided to join in.

"Well, I'm very happy you all decided to stay and see if I'm well, but you've really wasted your time," Midna said curtly, her eyes narrowing in annoyance, "I'm sure it's just something minor anyway… I can go back to the meeting."

"Your majesty…," Maria stated awkwardly, her voice quivering with a strange quiet reverence for the queen. Knowing Maria, everyone knew she was rarely that formal with Midna. The queen found it rather odd.

"What?" Midna asked bluntly, "Am I on my death bed?"

"Your majesty," Maria continued, the council hanging on her words as well, as if they themselves were dying to tell her the news. Their expressions varied from happy to curious. The Queen thought for a moment that they were all happy that she was going to die… but needless to say, Maria continued, "You're far from death my dear… in fact it's quite the opposite."

"Cut to the chase Maria… what's going on?"

"My dear… you are pregnant."