Title: A Helping Hand
Author: Woodburner
Challenge Word: Steady
Word Count: 105
Disclaimer: Even though I put them on my wishlist, nobody gave them to me this year (again!)
A/N: I'm sorry this is late. My birthday kinda got in the way :) Thank you for all the drabble presents – I will get round to reviewing them sooner or later.

Sam curses the weather as he flings the Impala round another windswept corner. He hopes he's going to be in time to prevent Dean doing anything stupid.

He knows he's failed when he spots his brother stagger out in front of the car. He slams the brakes on and, for one heart stopping moment, he thinks he's too late. Dean stumbles and almost, almost, falls to his knees.

Sam is by his side before he hits the ground, reaching out a hand to steady his brother. Dean looks up at him, eyes glazed.

"Let's get you home, dude," Sam shakes his head. "You're so drunk."