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A Rift In Time

Prologue: Terrible Timing

In another dimension, surrounded in mist, the Gate of Time sat, surreal and mysterious. A few feet in front of the gate stood a slim woman. She was dressed in a Sailor Uniform that was a dark green colour and her hair matched it. She was Sailor Pluto, also known as Trista Meio, the guardian of the Gate of Time and she took her job very seriously, even if it was boring.

Pluto sighed; it was a normal day for her as the guardian of the Gate of Time and she was sick of the routine. It had been at least a month since the Sailor Scouts had settled their differences and saved the Earth from the deadly silence and destruction that had been planned by Mistress Nine and Pharaoh Ninety; they had even destroyed those two evil beings. Hotaru was living her life as a baby again and the rest of the group had begun to enjoy their normal lives as regular humans for a change, while she was still guarding the Gate of Time. Life had been pretty boring for her since all she had to do was make sure that no one messed with the Gate and destroy anyone if they so much as tried, which was not often as her reputation as a strict guardian and powerful Sailor Scout preceded her so no one even dared.

Just as Pluto was about to sigh again, a bright pink pillar of light shot down from the sky mere feet from where she was standing and Sailor Mini Moon dropped out of it, landing on her face at Pluto's feet.

"Small Lady!" Pluto cried out in surprise, running over to help Mini Moon back to her feet. "What are you doing here?"

"I was going to ask you that." Mini Moon said, brushing herself off and standing up. "Mom felt a strange aura and when she went to investigate, she discovered that it was coming to the 21st century from a different time frame. She said something must have happened to the Time Gate because she thinks that there is a time warp somewhere."

"A time warp?" Pluto asked, confused. "You mean that there is a rift in time?"

"I guess so," Mini Moon said, shrugging her shoulders. "Mom found out and thought you were in trouble and wanted to send me to the 21st century to get Serena and the girls as back-up, but somehow I wound up here instead."

"Strange," Pluto said, "I have been guarding this gate since before I talked to you about Hotaru and I haven't felt any sort of aura indicating a time rift in the 21st century." No sooner were the words out of her mouth then she felt a strong, powerful, mysterious and dark aura ascending towards the two Scouts at an incredibly fast rate. The mist around them grew dark and Pluto could tell almost immediately that it was a powerful miasma.

"Ugh! What's that smell?" Mini Moon asked, being smart and covering her mouth.

"That would be my miasma that you are inhaling." A male voice said, whispering through the mist and seeming to come from everywhere at once. "Do not fret though, it won't kill you, I have no interest in weaklings like you, I just want that power."

"What power?" Pluto demanded, looking around for the source of the voice. "Who are you? What do you want with us?" The voice just laughed at her.

"The power to travel between time frames of course! What else? I don't want anything with or from you except that power as it is the only way for me to deal with those who stand in my way. As for who I am, I feel no need to withhold the information from you for, if you are smart, we shall never meet again." At this point, Pluto had inhaled too much of the miasma and had doubled over coughing.

"Pluto!" Mini Moon managed to choke out.

"Now that you have taken in enough of my miasma to be paralyzed, I shall open the Time Gate and take its power for myself!" The voice cackled.

"Over my dead body," Pluto said, managing to stand up despite the slowing effects the miasma was beginning to have on her body. "PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM!" She yelled, twirling her staff in a circular motion and sending a purple orb of light straight through the darkness of the miasma. The voice only laughed more.

"Keep that up and you really will die."

Without even knowing what happened, something hit Pluto, hard, and sent her flying backwards and crashing into the Time Gate. Then, an invisible force grabbed her around the neck and began to choke her. As Pluto was being choked, Mini Moon too had now doubled over onto hands and knees and was coughing from the miasma. A strong wind blew and the grip on Pluto loosened and dropped her to the ground only semi-conscious. The next thing she knew, there was a sucking sound, followed by a crack then a crash. When she was conscious enough to stand up, she noticed three thing: Mini Moon was unconscious, the miasma was gone and the Gate of Time had crumbled with a man floating inside a barrier standing in front of it.

"PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM!" She yelled as she sent another purple orb towards the man. He just smiled wickedly as his barrier absorbed her attack and sent it careening back at her. It hit Pluto directly and sent electric-like shocks throughout her body and she fell to her knees. As if that wasn't enough, the man transformed his hand into a bunch of tentacles and sent them out of his barrier towards Pluto. Every single one of them impaled her body, nowhere where she could die or be in danger of death, and he drew them back as she fell to the ground, bleeding and only just conscious.

"Bastard." She said, spitting out blood as she did so, as the man walked over to stand just feet away from her.

"The name is Naraku," the man said, looking down disdainfully at the bleeding Scout. "And you would do well to remember it, for you will not live the next time we cross paths." With that, he disappeared through a time rift and was gone, leaving a bleeding Pluto and unconscious Mini Moon to deal with their fate.

*That bastard,* Pluto thought, *so much for my routine day…This is going to be a problem…He's too powerful…This time, we're going to need her.*With that thought in mind, she passed out, knowing that when she woke, she would have to gather her friends together once again. The Sailor Scouts just found their new enemy.

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