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Chapter Ten: Kouga

Sakura woke up to the bright early-morning sunshine, only to realize she wasn't in bed. In fact, she wasn't in her room at all. Taking a good look at her surroundings, Sakura realized she was sitting in a cave that appeared to be the den of some kind of animal. Stretching herself out, Sakura stood up when she heard voices coming from the front of the cave, near the entrance. Hoping she could get some answers, Sakura followed the voices until she was close enough to distinguish what was being said.

"What should we do with her?" The first voice questioned.

"Well she can't stay here," the second voice stated, "she's not the one we were supposed to get."

"That reminds me," the first voice said, "why did we end up with this one in the first place?"

"That was because you-know-who got himself confused by how similar they looked and, because of his cold and the number of different smells, didn't realize she was a different person and took the wrong one." The second voice answered.

"Where did he take off to anyway?" The first voice asked, sounding exasperated.

"He went back, of course," the second voice replied, as if it were obvious. "He needed to go get the other one."

"Then why did he leave this one here? If he was going back anyway, he should have taken her with him so that we wouldn't have to deal with her."

"Well that's the boss for you, he's always…"

Sakura backed away from the voices so she could focus on her own thoughts. Obviously whoever took her had mistaken her for Kagome, as the two of them looked very similar, and had thus taken the wrong person, but who would want to take Kagome here, and where exactly was here anyway? Sakura took another look around the place and her eyes fell upon paw prints, wolf paw prints.

Okay, so she was in a wolves' den, but why were wolves talking, and why could she understand them? Then it dawned on her; the wolves were talking because they weren't really wolves, they were wolf demons, which meant that she was back in the Feudal Era and that a wolf demon had brought her here. Since it was a wolf demon that took her, that meant that it was a wolf demon that had been after Kagome, which meant that only one person was responsible for this mess.

Shaking her head in exasperation, Sakura returned to the spot she had woken up in to hang out and wait. If she was right about who was behind this, then it would only be a matter of time before Kagome and the others showed up. Besides, waiting in a cave for her friends to come get her was a lot more appealing than trying to leave on her own and ending up lost where it could take days for either someone to find her or to get back to the well herself, nope, better to just sit and wait, so that's what she did.

InuYasha froze, ears twitching, as he made his way to the Bone-Eater's Well with Sango, Miroku and Shippou.

"What's the matter InuYasha?" Sango asked, turning around when she realized her friend had stopped following her.

"I smell something foul," InuYasha growled.

"A demon?" Shippou asked from his place on Sango's shoulder.

"Yeah," InuYasha nodded in affirmation, "and one I'm not particularly fond of."

"Naraku?" Miroku asked, already getting into a battle stance along with Sango and looking around.

"No, someone much more annoying," InuYasha huffed, "but the scent's somewhat old, he's already come and gone, wait!" InuYasha sniffed the air some more. "There's another smell mixed in with the first, one I recognize, but can't name."

"A second scent?" Sango asked, confused.

"Yeah," InuYasha replied. "There's also another trail, newer than the other one and without the second scent, its heading toward the well, come on, we gotta go see Kagome."

With that the foursome ran to the well and jumped down, transporting themselves into the future.

"So you're saying that the wolf demon behind Sakura's disappearance is the one that sometimes works with you?" Kikyou asked, giving her reincarnation a sceptical look.

"Yeah, basically," Kagome replied, leaning back on the couch in exasperation. "He probably saw her and thought she was me so he took her instead of me."

"Why would he do that though, get the two of you mixed up?" Amy asked, confused. "From what I understand, he can discern the scents of people and each person smells different so no matter how much you and Sakura may look alike, you would smell different from each other. How could he mix up your scents?"

"Probably because Sakura's been living with me for a while," Kagome explained, "we've been using the same shampoo and laundry detergent for months so we probably still smell fairly similar because of that."

"A better question is, why would he want to take you in the first place?" Rei asked. "I mean, what's the point of sneaking in here in the middle of the night to take you away?"

"It's because I love her," a male voice said from the doorway.

Everyone immediately turned around, the Scouts getting into a battle-ready stance, Madison pointing her camera at the door and Kagome and Kikyou remaining quite calm, to face the newcomer. He was well-built and wearing armour and brown wolf pelts that matched his tail, his jet-black hair was tied up in a high ponytail and he looked rather sheepish for walking in uninvited.

"Hello Kouga," Kagome said, calming everyone down. "Mind explaining to me what you are doing here?"

"I came to get you obviously," Kouga replied. "When I realized I could get through the well, I followed your scent all over the place and ended up here."

"Uh-huh," Kagome said, nodding her head, "and what exactly did you do with the girl you mistook for me last night?"

"You knew about that?" Kouga asked, surprised.

"It took us a while, but we figured it out, yes," Amara said, "now answer the question. What did you do with the girl you took from here?"

"I took her back to my den of course," Kouga stated. "I thought she was you, Kagome, and when I realized she wasn't, I knew I had to come back and get you before the mutt returned."

"Too late for that, idiot," InuYasha said, appearing in the doorway behind Kouga. "I knew there was a reason I hated that stench around the well."

"Well too bad for you, mutt, but now that I can get to Kagome here just like you, I'm going to make the most of it." Kouga stated, turning around to glare at InuYasha.

"What the hell does that mean?" InuYasha growled.

"It means that Kagome is coming with me, and you, mutt, are going to have to live with it," Kouga replied.

"Oh no you don't, you damn wolf, Kagome is mine and she's not going anywhere with you," InuYasha stated, getting ready to take down the wolf-demon.

"Alright that's enough," Kagome said, getting in between the two hot-heads before things got out of hand. "Kouga, I am not going back to the Feudal Era with you because there is a lot of trouble we have to deal with here. Also, I want to know where exactly my cousin is and if she's safe or not."

"I already told you," Kouga said, "she's at my den, which means that she's perfectly safe."

"I'll believe that when I see it," Amara muttered, having had enough of the wolf's attitude, earning her an elbow to the ribs from Michelle.

"Kouga, just save all of us a lot of trouble and bring her back please," Kagome asked, ignoring the Scouts behind her.

"Fine, but only because you asked me to, Kagome," Kouga stated, and with that he was off.

"He'll be back with her soon," Kagome assured everyone as the group relaxed and InuYasha, Miroku, Sango and Shippou joined the group as they waited for Kouga's return with Sakura.

They didn't have to wait long before a whirlwind blew through the door and stopped, revealing Kouga and an unconscious Sakura in his arms.

"Sakura!" Michelle cried, standing up and running over to take her out of Kouga's arms.

"What did you do to her?" Lita asked, helping Michelle support Sakura's weight.

"Nothing, I swear!" Kouga exclaimed, putting his hands in the air at the glares he was receiving from many of the females in the room, including Kagome. "I went back to the den, and she was awake and sitting up where I left her. She told me she figured out what had happened, she seemed pretty amused by the fact actually, and when she introduced herself formally we shook hands. When she touched me, her eyes glazed over for a second. When they cleared, she looked at me strangely and said 'so you're the west wind' before fainting. It wasn't my fault!"

"West wind?" Mina asked, "What does that mean?"

"It means he's one of the other three people from my dream," Sakura said, having become conscious during Kouga's explanation without anybody noticing.

"You mean the dream you had the other day?" Madison asked.

"Yeah," Sakura said, nodding her head. "While I was waiting for someone to come and get me, I did a lot of thinking about my dream and I finally figured it out. In my dream I was standing in the middle of a compass and at each end there was a person. There were two girls at the north and south ends, one was playing with a stream of water and one was holding a flame. At the west and east ends were two boys, one was running around a whirlwind and the other was molding clay. They told me that I had to find them, even though I couldn't distinguish who they were."

"Madison had the exact same dream," Kikyou said.

"You did?" Sakura asked, turning to her friend.

"Well, not exactly," Madison explained. "I was standing at the south end of a compass holding a flame, there were two boys at the east and west ends and two girls at the north end and in the middle."

"Well, that just proves that my theory about what it means may just be correct," Sakura said thoughtfully.

"What exactly is your theory?" Amy asked.

"Well, remember what Kero said the other day, about bestowing the powers of an element onto four different people?" Sakura asked, when the others nodded in affirmation, she continued. "I think that the four people in my dream are the four people that Kero is supposed to give the elemental power to." Sakura explained. "The girl at the south end holding a flame was Madison, who controls the fire element and the boy at the west end with the whirlwind was Kouga, who, if I'm correct, will end up controlling the wind element."

"It does make sense, in a way," Trista said, examining Madison and Kouga closely.

"However, it doesn't tell us who the other two people are," Mina stated.

"Or tell us why they are so important that you are having dreams about them," Rei added.

"I guess it's just one other puzzle we have left to solve before we can get around to dealing with Naraku," Sakura mused.

"Speaking of which," Kagome said, turning to InuYasha, "did you guys find anything at all to indicate where Naraku might be?"

"Well we know for sure that he's not in the Feudal Era," Miroku stated.

"How can you be so sure?" Darien asked, speaking up for the first time.

"Simply because Naraku's offspring, like Kagura and Kanna, have not been seen anywhere and that there is nothing unusual going on anywhere at all," Sango explained. "For all intents and purposes, Naraku and his followers have disappeared from the Feudal Era."

"Which means that he must be somewhere in this era," Trista concluded.

"How can you tell?" Hotaru asked.

"The Time Gate," Sakura stated simply.

"What about it?" Rini questioned.

"Well, think about it," Sakura said. "Naraku wants power, which is why he took that of the Time Gate to begin with, but the Time Gate exists in this era, though in a dimension different from ours. Therefore, it is highly probable that the power Naraku stole is strongest in this era, which is probably what allowed him to gain enough power to travel so far back in time as to gain Clow Reed's power in order to create his Demon Cards that are more than likely going to come after us more frequently now that Naraku knows who dealt with that first Demon Card of his."

"That actually seems very likely," Amy said, giving Sakura's logic an approving nod.

"However, that still leaves us with a bit of a dilemma," Trista said.

"What kind of dilemma?" Sango asked.

"A dilemma of time," Trista replied. "We are running out of time to take the power back from Naraku, if we don't do it soon enough, then time is going to rip apart and then it will be almost impossible to return everything back to a state of normalcy."

"Which is why we have to find the other two people from Sakura's dream as fast as we can," Madison said. "The faster we find them, the faster the four of us will be able to help Sakura deal with these Demon Cards."

"Which means the faster you deal with the Demon Cards, the faster we can track down Naraku and the faster we can take the powers of the Time Gate back from him." InuYasha concluded.

"Exactly," Madison said, nodding her head.

"So does anybody have any idea as to who those other two people are?" Miroku asked.

"I do," Sakura said, "I think I know exactly who they are."

"Really?" Serena asked. "Who?"

"Two people I hoped I wouldn't have to call on for help again," Sakura sighed. "Madison?"

"Yes?" Madison asked, wondering what her friend was thinking.

"Send Kero and Yue to China," Sakura instructed. "We need Meilin and Li."

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