I'm Sorry

I don't usually do dark fics, even though I want too. Here is my first try. I've wanted to do a Gin Ichimaru story for a while, he's one of my favourite characters from Bleach. Please tell me what you think. Enjoy.

Cho let out a sigh of relief when there was no enraged cries of pursuit, although she could still clearly hear the battle rage on. She glanced at the silver-haired former captain, his grin still plastered on his face, even though he was dying.

A sad smile stole across Cho's face, Gin hadn't changed a bit.

Cho reverted her gaze back to the uneven ground, her leg had been injured in the fight, tripping over an upturned tree root was the last thing she needed.

"Why ya helpin' me?" Gin's familiar voice asked. The voice brought back the happy memories that Cho had desperately tried to forget, she shouldn't feel compassion or affection for the enemy. Although, she still found it an up hill struggle to think of her childhood friend as the enemy.

"Don't know," Cho replied, not looking at him.

Gin's smile dropped, but only for moment.

He knew why she was helping him – she still loved him, always had done – but she wouldn't admit to herself. She used to, before she learnt about his betrayal.

Cho leant Gin on an old Maple tree. He slid down, Cho following his example.

He studied her face with narrowed eyes.

Her face was dirty and chestnut hair stuck to her forehead with sweat. Her soul reaper robe was torn, partly stained with blood.

Cho wasn't bothered by his stare, he'd often looked at her like this when they were children.

Now that she thought about it, Gin's presence had never intimidated her, she'd always enjoyed his company.

Cho sighed, wiping the sweat from her forehead.

Gin knew he was going to die, the wound Cho had inflicted was fatal.

Cho looked up, her brown eyes meeting his slitted ones.

Her emotions overwhelmed her. Gasping out in emotional and almost physical pain. Tears poured out of brown eyes, blinding her. All the memories she had hidden played in her head, making her dizzy. All the boundaries she'd set up around her heart shattered. Cho crushed her body to Gin's, gripping his robe, he was her anchor.

He kept her stable.

Her own sobbing drowned out the battle cries and pain filled screams of the remaining fighters left on the battle field.

Gin wrapped one tired, heavy arm around Cho's trembling body, his usual smile non existent.

"I-I- I'm s-sorry, G- Gin." The words sounded choked and her voice weak.

Shinso ripped through her body, soaking both Cho's and Gin's robes.

A weak, soft and peaceful smile took over her lips – they'd die together.

"So am I..." Gin whispered as their lungs heaved for the last time.

Hope you liked it. Should I do some more dark fics? Constructive criticism more then welcome.