A/N: Well my idea of wanting this story to be finished by Easter is down the tubes, but I have estimated there are only about four chapters left in this story including this one so hopefully it won't take me too long to finish the story.

A few hours after Erin got home, John, Olivia, Erin and Chad are sitting in the living room of the Olivia's aunt Kate's house in Virginia Beach.

"So Chad, I see that we meet again." Olivia said with a smile.

"Yes ma'am. I am even more determined now than ever to marry your daughter." Chad replied.

"You do know that she's in business school right?" Olivia questioned. Chad nodded.

"Yes I do. And I'm not dissuading her to go to school. I encourage her to attend her classes and get her degree." Chad responded.

"It will make that a whole lot harder if she's married and has children, Chad." John exclaimed.

"John." Olivia scolded. Erin stood up.

"Daddy, you aren't here to try and discuss why I should or shouldn't get married. You just aren't going to let me do it at all, is that right?" Erin asked.

"I'm just worried about you Erin. In this world today you are going to need a college degree and it's too expensive for you to fail and not get that degree!" John raised his voice.

"I am not going to fail! Mary Ellen went to school when she had John Curtis." Erin said.

"I fought tooth and nail that she shouldn't be in school and raising a child. She wouldn't listen to me. She's too determined to do her own thing." John said.

"And if that's how I feel? I'm going to do this with or without your permission?" Erin asked. John looked at her with disappointment in his eyes, but hers were stern with determination in them.

"If you are positive that you and Chad are going to get married, than go right ahead and do that. But you do not have our blessing or our support on this marriage." Olivia said. Erin's jaw dropped.

"Mrs. Walton, I can assure you that we don't need your money, I have plenty of my own." Chad replied and looked at John. "I'm sure that you and Mrs. Walton would like to visit, so I will take Erin back to the mountain with me." John looked at him.

"You just remember Erin that you aren't married yet!" John exclaimed as they walked to the front door of the house, walked outside and closed the door behind them.

"Chad, I'm nervous. No matter what I've done in my life; I've always had my parents blessing. I feel kinda nervous not having it now." Erin said looking down at the ground.

"Erin, do you love me?" Chad asked. Erin looked up at him with slight tears in her eyes.

"Of course I do Chad! With my whole heart." Erin said.

"I love you too Erin. I want to marry you. That can get us through. We don't need blessings from anybody's parents." Chad replied. He kissed Erin and then got into his truck and they drove back to Walton's Mountain.