A/N: Just information for my readers.

It's been a little while…OK…A long while….

Just letting all of my readers know that I am currently working on the next chapter and I expect to have it posted within the next two weeks. I know…that seems like an eternity…and I send you my deepest apologies. Your patience has not been deserved. I feel like a mother that has abandoned her children…UGH. Since I have been away, FF has set up new rules and all that, and I want to make sure I don't create a tear in their red tape. So, feel free to email me or PM me any ideas you may have…what you would like to see happen, OR NOT (lol)….maybe introduce a character I have yet to use in any of my stories… (Lauren and Riley have been on my mind lately)…etc.

I miss you all…and your reviews, good or bad, and look forward to reading the many that are sure to come. So, I must go now and continue my research and basically… hurry the hell up!