(Chapter 25)

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He snarled, fuming that he was so close. He had the child, the exit was open. How could it have gone awry?

The demon, now huddled inside a lonely motel room, sulked and pondered, sitting on a musty bed. Biting his thumb nail, pissed off, he wondered just what exactly had happened. First there was an electrical surge, and then next the room was black. He felt an incredible force bore down upon him, jerking him painfully, then suddenly he found himself inside this room.

He was so angry; objects around him were levitating off the ground. Catching sight of a bible floating off the dresser, his eye twitched and the book was torn asunder. He had no knowledge of what powers-at-be transported him from one place to another, and he wasn't dumb enough to go outside yet, in case the perp were around.

No, he'd bide his time, give the little darlings a bit of time to cool down and forget about this little experience before he would come back and take what he deserved when their guard was down. He only hoped it was soon, because he wasn't sure how much longer his vessel would keep in tact. In the mean time, he would have to settle for lonely adults or drifters—their energy wasn't as invigorating and pure as a child's—but nevertheless it could keep him going.

A knock sounded at the door. It startled him. Everything floating around him fell to the floor. Careless, he ignored the knock, until it turned into a harsh pounding. Gritting his teeth in annoyance, he went to open it, feeling the urge to kill someone. Might as well be this asshole.

The asshole turned out to be the motel's manager, according to the nameplate on his shirt. He was a large, greasy and sweaty man with dark balding hair, and was wearing a dirty apron. The demon was disgusted, but let him in. Well, it was more the man barged in. He spoke in a gruff bark, "You're over a week late in payment, pal. Now either you get out or you hand over the bucks."

A scowl worked its way on the demon's face. He was so not in the mood for this. "I don't have it yet."

"Not good enough. I want it now," the man extended out a meaty paw. "Come on. Or you get out."

Yep, time to kill the porky bastard. The demon smirked. "Yes you'll have it. It's in my vehicle out in the parking lot. I'll follow you out."

The greasy man eyed him suspiciously, before giving a curt nod. "Fine," and he walked towards the door. The tiny smirk was instantly replaced with a grizzled sneer. He had no intention of walking out the door. Taking a knife out of his back pocket, the demon released it, the knife levitating in the air. Tilting his head up, he sent the weapon hurtling at the back of the manager's head.

Suddenly the man raised his arm up in time, the knife steering away, shooting at and embedding itself into the wall. "Uh uh uh Renostro," the man said, now speaking in a smooth accent. "It wouldn't be wise to kill the man in charge. People might talk."

The demon's eyes widened at hearing his main name being called. He backed up in alarm when the greasy manager turned his head, revealing pale yellow orbs. "Azazel."

The manager turned completely around. "Good evening Renostro. It sure has been a long while. How have you been?"

The demon refused to answer. His growing apprehension reached sky-high when the demon leader began to walk towards him.

Azazel smiled. "A bit shy on the tongue there? Your current meat-suit appears better. Of course, it would be better for you if you were able to leave it. But due to that lovely little mark on your neck, you are unable to," he laughed, "That's what happens when you scorn a witch. Even demons of the highest rank are not so immune to the deepest of black magic."

Renostro backed all the way up to the wall. Deep down, he knew there was no escape in this one.

"Still a little quiet, eh? How quaint?" Azazel folded the man's meaty arms, "You may be wondering why I am here, or why I took you from that hospital and placed you here. I'll be glad to tell you. So not too long ago, a little birdie flies to me and tells me of a traitor wiggling in on the circuit. And that apparently he tried to pull a few tricks up his sleeve in order to find out what I've been up to. And funny that word has it that this so called melodramatic traitor finds out all about my children and wishes to use them to plot against me. Hmm, rumors now-a-days, they are interesting. As well as their sources."

Desperate, the demon spoke, "Sir it is silly of you to believe such rumors. You never can rely upon who leaks them. You never know who holds a grudge."

The yellow eyes glinted with amusement. "Indeed, you are right. But the great thing about my fellow sources, when you put them in the right position, it is incredibly difficult for them to lie. And word has it that you nearly took all my children and tried to awaken their powers ahead of schedule, in either attempting to gain their power for your own use or to ruin their purpose…either way it puts me at a great loss and all my hard work goes for nothing," he glared. "But I questioned it. Why would a demon, who already has the gift of foresight, try to acquire more powers…and then it came to me. He wouldn't, unless there was another goal involved. One that intends on destroying the main plan."

"No," the cowering demon shook his head.

Azazel continued. "So I looked into it. And using humans to do your work, making deals with them- that way to fool hunters. Must say I was impressed. You had thought this one through."

"I beg of you, that is not how I intended it to be—"

"Ah, but I beg to differ," Yellow-eyes cut in, "See I made a little visit to the kids you let loose, the ones you drained completely. Is it not indeed that you feel much stronger than before, taking their life-force, in hopes of acquiring their soon-to-be talent?"

The demon turned away.

Yellow-eyes nodded in conclusion. "I figured as much. But luckily for them, the effects were reversible and they can go on with their peppy miserable lives until I need them again. You, however, is a different matter. You're like the worm in the middle of the apple. Once inside, the apple is ruined. But that's perfectly satisfactory. Do you know what happens to that worm once it is found?"

Renostro whimpered in fright. "No sir please. I had no intention—"

"You need to understand there is a price when it comes to meddling in my affairs."

"No sir, please I beg of you. I shall never attempt to disdain you ever again."

Azazel glowered. "I know." His eyes suddenly grew bright and swiftly he bore down upon the demon. All that could be heard through the lonely motel was the dying screams of the demon, never to be heard or seen again.

One month later:

Jared had been home for less than a week, and already he was inching to get out of bed and back to work in his basement. It was a slow recovery, one that he already had experienced before, but that didn't lessen his anxiousness any more. Hannah kept him in line, however, forcing him to remain in bed or otherwise she'd take away the TV in their bedroom. To which he acquiesced to defeat, knowing the attitude his wife had been in lately, she would have carried out the threat without a second thought.

The hospital had been his sanctuary for the past three weeks. He had awoken sometime within the first week, exhausted and weak beyond relief. Even though now, he felt rejuvenated, he still had a long way to go. Sometimes, it was bothersome as simple tasks like coming down the newly steam-cleaned stairs would tire him out and he'd have to take a nap immediately afterward.

Since his memory was on a long vacation, he asked his wife what exactly happened after they last departed in the basement. He should've known not to ask, because only Hannah would be sarcastic about it, telling him "I told ya you needed all the help you can get. It's a full time job being the damsel, isn't it?" To which, he figured that meant 'don't ask'. Since he trusted Hannah with his life, he didn't.

The boys had stayed with them the entire time. The father was MIA as usual, but according to Hannah, he and his buddies were rebuilding and cleaning parts of their home as repayment for all they had done and endured. He didn't believe it, until it was time to come home and he saw all that had been done. Though exhausted, he made sure he thanked the father good and proper.

Sam and Dean continued to stay at the house, keeping Hannah company when he couldn't. His aunt and uncle came by often to help out, caring, cooking, and overall spending time with them. It was a nice change. And for once, Uncle Ted didn't go into his fishing stories. Billie hadn't bothered to come since Hannah was still not in a good mood. She often scoffed whenever his name was mentioned.

It was awhile before Hannah finally struck up the courage to confront John. Instead of harassing him, she sucked up her pride and thanked him for all that he had done. And then she did something he never once thought it would happen: she forgave him. Though she continually glanced at Sam while speaking to him, giving John the clue that she had a long chat with his boy. He didn't expect it, so he was thankful. For once in his life, he was thankful for the kindness of some people. It was a hard thing to find in most places now-a-days.

Soon it came time to part ways. Once the big news frenzy about all the rescued children being safely delivered to their family, and the miraculous event of all the previously found children back to normal, as if nothing had happened to them, died down, it was time to get back on the road. The authorities wasn't able to get anything out of the kids about who had taken them and to where; they only had a little boy named Andy's word saying 'It was Jesus who saved us, and he bought us a happy meal'. With no evidence or any suspects, the case was closed.

His fellow hunters Bobby and Caleb had taken off, probably back home to rest and recoop. John told them to be on call, no doubt he'd have another hunt ready for them. Only when they turned their phones off that gave John their answer on that one. John was appreciative of it. It was time to settle down for awhile and spend time with his boys. He thought it was going to be another battle in taking the kids away from the Winslow's, but it appeared his son came through yet again.

Standing by the porch, it took Hannah the longest time to stop hugging Sam. First she hugged Dean and kissed his cheek. "We'll see you around Dean."

Dean gave his snarky smile and turned around mumbling, "Thank God no cheek-pinchers."

"Oh you little puttam there," Jared bent down and cheek-pinched him with his free hand. The other one was still in a sling.

"Man, you suck," Dean scowled, rubbing his cheek and walking away.

Jared laughed, clutching his sore side. "Goodbye to you too Dean. Don't forget, if you ever need any mechanic advice, you know the number."

Dean smiled, waving. "You betcha. Bye man!" and hopped in the car where his father was waiting.

Sam didn't want to let go of Hannah. It was until his father calmly stated, "Sam it's time to go" that he let go. He sniffed. Even if it was his decision to leave, he didn't do well with goodbyes.

Hannah smiled. "Oh Sam, it's not going to be goodbye forever. You have our address. You'll write to us every single day, right?"

He stepped back wiping his eyes nodding.

"You promise?"

"I promise," he replied.

"Good. We love you Sam. Always will. And if you ever need a place to go, you know where to find us."

Still nodding, he gave the couple one last hug. John called his name one final time, and then he ran off, hopping in the muscle-car alongside his brother. The couple stayed at the door, teary-eyed until the Impala drove away. It wasn't a grim goodbye like it had been before. It was a cheery good-bye, and one they would never forget.

Thirteen years later:

Stanford University Campus.

Sam Winchester sat on a bench, his legs shaking nervously. The sun shined down on top of his back, giving him a splendid feeling of warmth, and a nice gentle breeze blew through roughing up his already messy hair. It felt nice, but it did nothing to quell his nervousness. He wasn't even this nervous when he opened his acceptance letter to Stanford, or when he had to reveal the heart-breaking news that he was leaving to his father and brother. He checked his watch, reading five minutes til four in the afternoon.

His leg bounced up more violently. Standing up, reaching his now 6'4 height, he checked around the campus, admiring the groups of students walking, laughing, and overall enjoying themselves. It was something he had wanted for a so long and finally he could have it: safety, friends, and possibly a social life-one where no one would view him as a freak because he had to carry a butterfly knife. That was the main reason he left. He hadn't wanted to—but a sense of normalcy was what he craved for the longest time. He couldn't have that growing up with his father and brother, not with what he knew about the supernatural world. The three had grown so tight-knit, it was practically suffocating. His father hardly allowed him to do anything on his own. It was time to get away.

And that's why he had wanted to meet them again. He hadn't seen them since he last left their porch, the memory of their last encounter a little hazy, but he could never forget them. It was nearly Four o'clock and his anxiety was about to put him into a convulsive fit. It was hard being patient.


He froze at hearing the familiar sweet voice. Turning around, he was suddenly filled with joy as he once again was reunited with the couple Hannah and Jared. A big smile crossed his features. "Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Winslow."

Hannah pursed her lips. "Sam! What did I tell you about calling us Mr. and Mrs. Winslow? You know it's Hannah and Jared," she laughed rushing forward and gave him a big hug. She came up to his shoulder now, and she hardly seemed to age at all. There were a couple wrinkles around her eyes, but for everything else she seemed entirely fit. Once Hannah released him, Jared shook his hand and then gave him a big hug. He too seemed to have hardly aged at all. He still supported a limp, but he still supported that handsome smile.

"It's been such a long time."

"I know."

"Sam. It's so good to see you again. My God, have you gotten tall!" Hannah exclaimed, running a hand through his hair, "hmm, and handsome."

"Thank you," he replied modestly.

"It's so good you're going here. From what you told me all these years in your letters, I think you're going to love it. I've been here for five years and I absolutely adorn it, so does Big Stuff here!" she pointed an elbow into her husband's waist. "He's actually taking a couple course, can you believe that?"

Sam smiled feebly. "Yeah! Well, I hope to come love it here. And I have to thank you so much. If it wasn't for your recommendation, I probably would have never gotten in here."

"Sam," Hannah admonished, "You're too modest. You would have gotten in here by a landslide, that there is no question about."

Sam smiled sheepishly.

Jared turned around and waved for someone to come over. "Hey Sam, hope you don't mind, but we sort of invited someone. Definitely someone you need to meet. You might like her."

The twenty-year old developed an interested expression, then caught sight of a stunning blonde ambling towards them. Rather shy, his jaw fell slightly agape, shocked at how beautiful she was. She had long curls, a tall slender body, and the one thing that caught his attention was her eyes. They were as blue as the sky and he sort of felt all warm and fuzzy inside. He was unaware of his behavior until Hannah nudged him in the side. It was then he noticed the blonde was already standing next to Jared, staring at him. He cleared his throat, running a hand through his hair.

Hannah caught his fidgety antics out of the corner of her eye and smirked. "Sam? We'd like you to meet Jessica Moore. She's been a student here for about a year, so far the top in my class."

The young girl smiled sheepishly, and Sam felt his legs begin to buckle. He caught himself in time, though.

"I try," she replied modestly.

"Oh come on, you're just too modest. See you two have something in common. And Sam, I hear she is an excellent campus tour guide."

"Oh really," Sam said, giving a smile of his own.

"Yep. So how about it Jess, ya want to give Sam a tour of the campus?" Jared asked.

"Uh sure, I don't mind," she responded, "Come on."

Sam didn't say anything, just nodded his head like a lost puppy, gulping when she took his hand.

The couple stood back, watching the two carry on. They couldn't hear them conversing, but from the look of it, the tall geek and the beautiful girl got along perfectly. Jared smirked, wrapping an arm around his wife's shoulders. "Told ya. I always knew they were made for each other."

"Hmm, you always were the matchmaker, weren't you?"

"And don't you forget it."


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