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"Mr. Sulu, are we ready for warp?"

"All systems ready, Captain Ca-Kirk," he caught himself, barely. Jim's eyes narrowed.

Some of the other personnel on the bridge looked at each other knowingly.

The youngest captain in Starfleet history sighed. He should have expected it. "Okay, go ahead. Mr. Sulu, punch it. Who has the first question?"

"Captain!" Uhura said insistently. She actually had her hand up. He raised an eyebrow, and the hand sank, a little sheepishly. "Why did you conceal your identity?"

"Because I wanted to achieve whatever I could on my own terms. And did it not occur to you that George S. Kirk is pretty darn big legacy to live up to? This way, I didn't get the whispers, the snide remarks, or the high expectations on account of a man I'd never even met."

There was some murmuring after that.

"Keptin, vould you prefer Kirk or Carrigan?"

He smiled at Chekov. "Well, from my friends I'd prefer Jim. But yes, I suppose it's silly to go by Carrigan now. Besides, I think the old man would be proud."

"I was unaware that Admiral Pike was your godfather," Spock stated.

"Well, you joined, what, five or six years ago?" Jim asked. "He didn't talk about me with cadets. And by the time you were personnel, I was probably a Cadet. We had an agreement. Besides, that's not really a question."

"Nonetheless you have answered my query," commented the XO.

"Anyone else?" Jim asked the room. "Speak now or forever hold your piece."


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