A/N: So I wrote several little drabbles, sad attempts at creativity but I rather am fond of them. I decided it was time I dig them out of the memorybox of my computer files and write them into little stories. Each little drabble has a little drabble surrounding it. All will be Channy. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy and take something away or get something out of my poor little drabbles as I have.

One: A Penny in the Fountain

The surface, the stage upon which the glittering light dances, grows further and further

I fall quickly, quietly through the void

Before silently taking my resting place, corruptible on the bottom, green with algae and copper

A wish

"What is this, Chad?" Sonny asked, pulling away from his kiss, his lips lingers above hers, thirsting.

"What do you mean?" He asked gently, as if speaking too loudly would shatter the moment into oblivion and he would wake up, aware that it was just a dream, or a nightmare if he knew it could never be real.

"I mean, are we together or not? We can't just keep pretending and drifting around. This has to be something – mean something."

"It does."

"Chad," Sonny sighed, exasperated with his aloof attitude, "We've been doing this for weeks – almost a month – meeting in secret, sending discrete smiles to each other in the cafeteria and in passing. We hide what we are and then build up to one moment where everything, all the passion that has been pent up, is released in a single, parting kiss. I need something more, Chad. I need to know what we are," Sonny pleaded.

"We are a wish, Sonny Munroe, a wish of a something more."

"What does that even mean?"

"It means, we are something faint, something that will fade in time, but something we must grasp and hold onto as tight as we can right now. Don't lose us, Sonny."

"A wish," Sonny repeated, "Something so frail and so mortal. I just want to know that what we have isn't a game – that it is real and that it is true."

"It is real and it is true, Sonny. I love you and I love what we have. Just enjoy whatever it is while we have it, Sonny."

"I will," Sonny vowed, "I promise."

"And someday maybe this wish – our wish – can grow into something more."

"Someday," Sonny nodded, agreeing.