Chapter One:

Ashoka was miserable. She'd waken up yesterday morning with a cold, and it had developed into an illness bad enough to hinder her work. She and Master Skywalker had just arrived back at the camp base after a long mission on the field, and she felt like she wanted to crawl into her bed and stay there for the rest of the day. Her eyes were watering, her nose was running, and she felt so tired that she had hurriedly sat down every single chance she got. She started getting achy, and she was really, really cold, even on this warm fall day. Her head felt like it was going to explode.

That's what she felt like.

But her mind told her different.

Ashoka would not, under any circumstances, allow a stupid cold to ruin her missions with her Master. She always gave her best and did everything that was necessary to their victory of a battle. She was slowly gaining everyone's respect and good opinion of her. When she had first arrived as Anakin's Padawan, everyone had believed that she was just a little girl and didn't belong out in the war. But she had quickly proven them wrong with her skill and quick thinking. She was trying to keep that view of herself, and that would be very hard if she was stuck in bed all day. Plus, she hated missing all the action. If only her body would listen to her mind.

Master Anakin was debriefing the troops. They were all starting to break camp. He and Ashoka had been called back to the Temple and the troops were packing up to move elsewhere. They were being given seven days of R&R, and then they were being assigned to a new planet that desperately needed a Republican victory if they were to be convinced not to join the Separatists. Ashoka was sitting down on one of the compact benches, wishing her head would stop pounding.


The troops around Anakin fell away and began carrying out the things they needed to do. Anakin turned and looked at Ashoka. His poor Padawan looked terrible. She'd gotten a cold and it had turned for the worse today. She thought he didn't know, and until he realized the state she was in at lunch (she didn't eat anything,not even the bashokon pudding, her favorite) she'd done a good job of hiding it. He walked toward her bench with a determined mind. She could be stubborn, but she was going to rest whether she liked it or not.


As Master Anakin sat next to her, Ashoka tried to make herself forget her headache. And her runny nose. And the aches all over her. If her Master knew she was sick, he wouldn't let her go with him into the battles. Not that battles were her favorite things, but she hated missing all of the action and, besides, what if something happened to him while she wasn't there?

"Are you feeling okay, Snips?" He asked.

She nodded. "Just fine." As if in protest to her response, her head began to pound even harder.

"Because you don't look that great." He continued.

"Well I'm fine!" Ashoka snapped.

"Ashoka, I know you're sick."

She paused. She should've known her Master had figured it out. He always did. "…You do?" She asked reluctantly. He nodded.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked.

"Because it's not important. What's important is our mission here. I have to finish it with you."

"But you're no good to me or the mission when you're sick. Killing yourself like this is pointless. I'm amazed that you're still going, you didn't even eat anything today."

"I wasn't hungry." She said in a pathetic excuse.

"I want you to rest."

"I'm fine, Master. I'm not tired." She argued.

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not! And I'm not even that sick, either. I can deal." She said, getting up and crossing her arms.

"Oh. I see." Anakin said dryly. "Along with an illness comes attitude."

But he knew exactly how to deal with her attitude. He watched her reaction to this rebuke and knew he'd gotten his point across. "I'm giving you the opportunity to rest. If you won't take it willingly, I'll order you."

He could see her annoyance building and knew he'd won. She would not refuse a direct order. "Now get going." He said in a tone that ended conversation and she couldn't argue anymore. She reluctantly began to walk away, but not before giving her Master a look that she would most likely be lectured about later. Anakin just shook his head, wondering if he had been this difficult when he was her age.

Then he laughed to himself as he remembered that he had been worse.

He and Ashoka really were the perfect match as Master and Apprentice.

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