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"Ahsoka, if you keep this up I'll glue you to your bed," Anakin threatened.

Ahsoka glared at him. "Master, I'm fine."

Anakin sighed and ran a hand over his face. She was being stubborn. Again.

It had been a few days since she had gotten sick, and already she was trying to make herself get better when she clearly wasn't ready. Why couldn't she see that? But he had to admit – she was doing a lot better than the night they'd come home. But she still wasn't ready to go out, although that was what she was trying to do at the moment. Anakin had to leave to check on the status of Masters Kenobi and Plo – they were expected to contact the council this afternoon. Ahsoka insisted she go along.

"Listen Snips, it's not like this is an actual mission. It doesn't even concern you. You won't be missing anything." He tried.

"I don't care! I'm tired of staying in!" She retorted, lacing up her shoe.

"And I'm tired of your arguing." Anakin stated with a scowl. "You're going to stay here, and I don't want to hear anymore about it."

Ahsoka opened her mouth but was silenced by her Master's glare. She begrudgingly watched him walk out the door.


Anakin walked back into the apartment an hour later to find Ahsoka in a deep sleep. He smiled, satisfied. At this rate, she would be better in a few days time. But if she kept fighting it, it would only get worse. He didn't understand why she was being so stubborn…

He laughed to himself. It was probably for the same reason he always was.


In less than three days, Ahsoka was back on her feet again. Anakin was relieved. Ahsoka was well rested and in the time they had off from off-planet missions, her body had reset itself and she preformed as well as before. Her health returned, bringing with it her witty sarcasm, and after a few remarks Anakin knew she had made a full recovery.