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Summary: Bella Swan, secret agent, hates Edward Cullen, secret agent and Bella's ex-best friend, for only one reason, and they know why. When they're paired together for a mission, will their old feelings ignite or will they just keep the hate? AH, AU, a little OOC, rated T for language and just in case.

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{She's cold and she's cruel/But she knows what she's doin'/She pushed me in the pool/At our last school reunion/She laughs at my dreams/But I dream about her laughter/Strange as it seems/She's the one I'm after/ ~Just The Girl, The Click Five~}

Chapter One

It was another day of waking up. My alarm clock was the radio, and the time was 5:45 in the morning. I rolled over, turning off the radio, which was playing 'When I Grow Up'.

The people of the normal world were so lucky. They didn't have to worry about nearly anything. Sure, they had petty worries, like, "Did I remember to record the new episode of The Young And The Restless?" or, "Did my son remember to wash his gym uniform?" My worries, compared to theirs, were not petty at all.

Kids my age-17-were usually applying for colleges, were dating, and driving. Me, I wasn't able to go to a college on a regular basis, so I would take online classes, or go undercover as a student if we suspected something unusual happening on a college campus. I couldn't date-at any moment, I could be shot, stabbed, beaten to death, or taken captive by the enemy. If I learned how to drive, I'd need an ID. I knew how to, but I was insured a temporary license-if I ever were to go on a mission, I could easily change my name and look.

My full name is Isabella Marie Swan. That's what I go by at the time. It's my birth name, therefore being the name I usually listen to. If someone calls me "Bella", I turn my head.

Right now, I live in Forks, Washington. That, along with my name, can change at any moment. I've lived in several places-Buffalo, New York, Miami, Florida, even a famous city like Los Angeles. But the location and the name do not matter. It's always the mission that comes first.

I have been a range of ages, from 15 to 25. The first time I pretended to be someone I wasn't, my name was Summer Lancers, and I was 21. I had to dye my hair blonde, and wear blue contacts.

My real hair color is reddish-brown, my real eye color is dark brown. I'm 5'4" and I'm proud. My skin is pale, but that can easily be altered-it's called fake tan.

My full purpose in life is to save people from the "bad guys"-if you've ever seen a movie like the Dark Knight, then the "bad guy" is the Joker, and I'm Batman. (Weird analogy, but it was the only movie I can think of. Being me, and all, I don't get out much.)

You're probably wondering what I'm talking about. I'm saying, I am Secret Agent Swan. I work for the FBI, but the young adult version. I've never gone out with a boy for real (once, I had to pretend to be married to this one guy, Mike Newton. He's a jerk.)

But the biggest jerk out of all the guys in the YAFBI is Edward Cullen. He's rude, arrogant, and even worse, perfect. His hair is a bronze color, and his eyes are the most startling color of green. Emerald, almost. I have to admit, he's hot. I've seen him without a shirt on, and he's got abs. And his arms aren't half-bad, either.

I hate Edward Cullen. No one can anything change that.

Want to know why? I thought so. I mean, who wouldn't love him? (That, my dear friends, is my idea of sarcasm.)

He and I used to be best friends. And this isn't the stupid, clichéd version of, "We were friends and then he went out with some whore" and blah, blah, blah.

First off, we're not allowed to date anyone, at all. It's stated clearly in the rule book. Second, we've both been agents since a young age. His biological parents were killed in a house fire by some crazy guy who was seriously out to get anyone with an 'M' in their last name. (Edward's last name before now was Masen. His name is Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.) My parents were agents, and they were killed. It's bad if you get personal with your partner. Really, really bad. Because, instead of looking out for yourself, you're looking out for your partner, because you care more about them then your own self. *snort*

That's beside the point. Carlisle and Esme Cullen, two prominent figures in the agency, adopted Edward. I flew solo. Edward and I were so young, though, that Carlisle and Esme took care of both of us.

I really loved Edward-more than a brother. Way back when. But, of course, then it happened.

I shook my head, removing the thoughts of the terrible, life-altering accident. After that happened, Edward and I couldn't talk to each other-it was prohibited.

So here I was, seventeen years old, and out of the ordinary.

What could I say? It was my only choice-other than die.

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