Hello! This is the first time I've actually posted a fanfic on… uh… anywhere. While you're reading this, please keep in mind that I wrote this at about 7am. I woke up with the idea floating around in my head. I do hope you enjoy this.

I don't own anything but the imaginative plot… which is probably a good thing

Beetlejuice had begun to notice something. He wondered if Lydia had, also. He didn't think so. She seemed so… oblivious at times. But how could she not notice? He loved the way she always ran to his arms. Usually she gave a squeeze in terror or a grateful embrace. Both were good in Beetlejuice's book. He enjoyed them. He enjoyed how Lydia fit so perfectly in his arms. And, he loved how even though he was the ghost, she was the one who really weighed next to nothing. But, very recently he had begun to notice something new, strange building inside of him during each hug. It would start at the pit of his stomach and rise through his chest to his throat. And it wasn't him throwing up! But, it made him feel so weak all over.

Beetlejuice had really begun to really notice this feeling during his Sappy Ghoul Cookie scam. He did something really stupid (isn't that how most of his scams turned out in the end?) and little Lydia ran to his arms for protection. For the first time, he really noticed everything about her. She smelled… nice. It was a flowery aroma, very light and very pleasing. He noticed how soft her hair was against his cheek. He even noticed how silky her clothes were. Then he noticed he was holding her for just a little too long and wondered if she would notice, too.

Things only seemed to escalade from there. Eventually, the ghost with the most began to simply make problems just so he could be close to her. Not that he wouldn't have made problems anyway. But, more and more, and it was becoming evident that not only did Beetlejuice like Lydia's company, he liked… her. He really, really liked her. He was coming up with excuses to visit her.

He finally decided - he had to tell her.

It was late in the "real" world. Just about midnight. Lydia hadn't called Beetlejuice all day. He didn't mind too much - it gave him time to plan out what exactly to do and say - but he still would have liked to see her. He perched himself in Lydia's mirror and watched her sleep. She made the cutest noise while off in dream land. Mostly sighs and soft groans. This wasn't the first time Beetlejuice watched her sleep. In fact, he usually watched her sleep. This was, of course, just a precaution to keep her safe. You never know when a prowler would come to attack. But, this was the first time he watched her with a real intention. If she woke up, he'd ask her to let him Out so they could talk.

Of course, Beetlejuice could always trick his little Lyds into saying his name by going into her dreams, but one of the last times he snuck in her head she was having a very hot, very naughty dream about some celebrity he had never heard of. And, though he knew it was just a harmless crush. It was just a little upsetting to see how handsome and… well, clean this guy was.

"Mm… uh…. Nn…" Beetlejuice heard Lydia shuffle around in her bed. He ducked to his left just as Lydia sat up, rubbing her eyes. She stretched and yawned and crawled out of bed, probably to get a glass of water.

Beetlejuice peeked around the corner. She was gone. He rested his elbows on the edge of the mirror and placed his chin in his palms. He was going to patiently wait for her to come back. If he'd had a heart, it would be pounding right now. He was going to say something that could completely ruin their relationship. He knew the problems. She was fourteen, he was six hundred and… something… she was alive, he was dead… minor details that could add up and destroy everything. Of course, their friendship had survived these hurtles. Why couldn't… well… whatever he was aiming for?

In trotted Lydia, her tired feet dragging across the floor. Beeltejuice leaned in a bit and cleared his throat. He didn't want to startle her too much.

"Psst! Lydia!" he whispered.

Nothing. No response.

"Hey! Lydia!!" he said a little louder, but still she didn't acknowledge him.

"LYDS!!!" Beetlejuice finally shouted.

Lydia jumped and fell out of her bed. She had just settled back under the covers…

She walked over to Beetlejuice, again dragging her exhausted feet. She looked in the mirror, giving a slight glare.

"What?" she said with a grouchy tone.

"Aww.. C'mon babes. You didn't see me all day and that's the 'hello' you gimme?" Beetlejuice crossed his arms and gave a real show of his displeasure.

"Sorry, Beej. I was busy today. Prudence and Bertha took me shopping. This boy asked me out and they wanted to make sure I didn't scare him away with my weird fashion."

Beeltejuice's jaw hung open and his arms began to fall to his sides. "..oh." was all he could muster to say.

"What did you want?" Lydia said, this time with a much sweeter tone.

"uh… Nothing. I just saw you come back to your room. I figured you were awake or… something…"

Lydias expression changed. she started to frown a little. Apparently, she was trying to figure out what was going on in Beetlejuice's head. He was worried she would.

"Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!!" Lydia finally shouted, throwing the poltergeist throw the mirror, into her bedroom. She sat down on her bed and patted the spot next to her. "C'mere, Beej"

Beetlejuice floated slowly towards the bed. His hands were folded in front of him and his head tilted down. He weightlessly plopped down next to the girl and gave a small sigh.

"What's wrong?" she asked, patting her tiny hand against the ghost's back.

"I… uh…." said ghost wasn't entirely sure what to say.

Lydia waited patiently, rubbing and patting her ghostly companions' back, trying her best to sooth his troubles away. Until - at least - she noticed something… odd.

"Beej, did you… wash your clothes?" the small girl leaned in a bit to get a better look. Her tiny nose started twitching as she sniffed. Not just his clothes!

"uh… yeah… I thought you might.. I'unno… appreciate it or… something…"

"Beej, did you… brush your teeth?!" Lydia jumped up so she could stand in front of him and get a better look.

Beetlejuice was silent. He watched the girl watching him, eyeing him like a vulture.

"ok, BJ. What's the scam?"

"no scam. I really just thought you'd appreciate it." Beetlejuice was giving a sincere attempt at being sincere.

Lydia sat down next to her ghostly friend once more. She gave a look of genuine concern that would have killed Beetlejuice if he wasn't already dead.

She was so patient with him. That's probably what he liked best. Everyone else would be yelling at him or nagging him to just spit out whatever he was going to say. Not Lyds, though. She would wait till the end of eternity for him to speak. But Beetlejuice didn't want to speak. He looked over at the girl, watching her for a second. Slowly, he leaned in, giving her more than enough time to dash away if she wanted to. His eyes fell shut as his lips lightly pressed again Lydia's.

Soft… that was all Beetlejuice could really think. Lydia was simply all around soft. Her lips were like two rose petals against his. He raised his left hand to Lydia's cheek, gently caressing her skin with his thumb. He couldn't help it. He cracked open his eyes, slowly.

Lydia's eyes were wide. Beetlejuice realized she wasn't kissing back. He quickly stopped what he was doing and pulled completely away. Lydia looked completely stunned.

"Lyds..? Babes..? You ok?" Beetlejuice waved his hand in front of her eyes, trying to get her attention.


"Babes, wait! Nnn-" but it was too late. Beeltejuice was back in the Netherworld, gone before he could finish his sentence.