Note from the author -

Thank you to everyone who has supported me. I was surprised when I got one fan, but now I have a good sized little handful. You guys really made me want to keep writing! I do hope no one was disappointed with the last chapter. The last chapter is as important as the first in that people have to feel like they're satisfied. Are you? I hope so.

The original plot was actually much different. I suppose that you can tell when I was influenced by other things. I did want to bring something new and different to the Beej we all know and love. Do you think I did?

I was once asked by a fan, "I'm dying to know what Lydia is thinking. Will we ever get to hear her thoughts?" Well, I suppose we have our answer now that the story is over - no. we never once hear her thoughts. I've always been a fan of writing stories from the perspective of characters. And, as far as I've seen, no one has ever written from just Beetlejuice's perspective. He's such an interesting character, it's almost a crime.

I wanted people to feel the same frustration our poltergeist friend was going through. Throughout, we have no idea what Lydia is thinking or why she's acting the way she does. Beetlejuice can't read her thoughts. Neither, then, shall we.

What was most difficult about this story was the consistency. I've never written a story quite like this. I'm sorry if it seemed a bit choppy. It's certainly taught me a lot about how to keep a plot going.

As a side note, I'm writing another Beetlejuice story. This one will be pretty short (at least in comparison). It'll be about how Beej died. It's more based on the movie than the cartoon. It's also kinda dark. Aaaaaaaand… a whole lot easier to write!

So, if you liked this, keep an eye out for my other story. I'll be posting it in… mm… I'd say a few weeks, tops.

Pocket loves you and is grateful for all your support! Bye bye!