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Thalia and Luke

She stood there speech less, not sure what to do...or say. He stood there not sure what he was doing here. Thalia shuttered. In front of her was Luke. It had been months sines she seen him. She thought she was over him but seeing him now...she didn't know. Luke knew what he had done. He wanted her to forgive him...for everything. But how could he ask of this of her. She had been hunting with the hunters. Once she was alone he came. But to do what.....

They stood there in silence of what seemed like forever. She longed for someone to speak up and when she tried to the lump in her throat clogged her voice. Her suffering stop when Luke stepped forward.

" Hey" He said. She almost wanted to cry out. She had heard that wonderful voice of his a long time ago and now she had heard it again. She still didn't know what to say so she stood there struck silent.

He hated this. He wanted her to say something back but she just stood there. Then he mustered up the courage to say what he had planed to say when ever this happen.

" Look....I'm sorry...for everything...I...I...." He faltered. Hot tears began to form and run down his cheeks.

Seeing him cry was like hell. She too began to weep then surprising her own self said " Why"

He looked up startled. She asked him the question he had dreaded to answer. " Power" He said. Yeah that was right he had wanted power.

" What are you doing here?" She asked him disgusted.

He was the traitor...the backstabber...the enemy. But looking at him know only brought back memories. Part of her wanted to run up to him and kiss him but part of her held back.

" You" He answered me.

" Me! Why me? I didn't call you here. You left me to go with the Titans!" She said feeling the anger rise up inside her.

" Thalia the gods took your life...not me" He said.

" Look if you loved me then you wouldn't have become a Titan" She was silent.

" I missed you...I need you" He said. Why wouldn't she understand.Why did he need me?

" Look you are not wanted here...leave...go home" She spat out.

" Thalia, please" he said running forward. Luke grabbed her by the shoulders as if to hug her.

My heart stopped. Luke hugged me. The hug that I wanted for a long time. Then I thought to myself...I'm hugging a traitor. He let you down. I pushed him away. Uncontrollable tears flooded my cheeks.

" Thalia" He whispered.

" Luke...I think its a little to late"

Then she left.

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