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Luke's POV

What is this girl doing? I thought. I crouched in between two bushes and watched this black hair, fair skinned girl fight a Sphinx. Now, now, I know what your thinking. Luke what the hell are you watching for. Get up and save this chick. Be the hero. Come on you can do this. Your the master at sword play. Save her!!!!!!! Yeah yeah I know....but, still something made me just want to watch.

Gods....was she pretty. Her black hair, plain, but still beautiful at the same time. Her eyes a shocking blue, different from his own, icy blue. She was small and lean but she had this sort of thing that made her feel bigger than what she really was. Yup, he thought, she's a half-blood. Well, duh, I mean she's not only fighting for her life from a Sphinx. She held a metal shard, broken off from something to fight with. It wasn't the bast of tools but it was something. Luke noticed that she wasn't very good at sword play. She was only defencing when she could of sticked that monster. He watched the monster kick the girl on the chest and she subsided backward.

Oh, alright....I'll save the day. Enough of this...let's go. Just as the lion-lady jumped on the girl I leaped into action. Covering the girl, I struck my small dagger into the monster's chest. Yellow powder exploded everywhere as the sphinx scream faded away. The little girl coughed.

" Are you alright?" I asked.

" Dude, get off of me, jeez" She screamed pushing away. I stood up on my knees and offered my hand out for her. She only pushed it away.

" Why in hell did you do that" she yelled in my face. I was close enough now to see small pink lips, a blushed nose, and tiny freckle's on her cheeks. Man, she is cute.

" Um, I call that saving your life" I said.

" Yeah,well, I didn't need your help. I was doing fine before you showed up" she snapped.

" Yeah you did sooooo well. You almost got shreeded out there. You should of sidestepped, jumped, then strike" I said standing up.

" Oh and your such an expert on fighting you had to kill that thing instead letting me do it"

" yeah and seeing you fight like that you had it all under control...sure" She gave me a death stare. Man, she was good at it. But instead of creeping me out it looked kind of....cute. She stood up and faced me. She was taller then I expected. The top of her head reached my nose. I laughed to myself.

" What!" she demanded.

" Nothing" I said. She just rolled her eyes.

" Well....I must be going". As she turned away I felt scared.

" Wait" I called ", what's your name"

She turned around and crossed her arms over her chest.

" Why" she said.

" Well...um....I just wanted to know"

She hesitated then said " Thalia"

" Cool, mines Luke" I said shaking her hand. Her finger's were cold.

" So...." I didn't know what else to say ", Um where ya going, Thal"

" Thalia" she said quickly.

" What"

" It's Thalia. Not Thal, or Thaliy, or whatever kind of names you might think of. My name is Thalia"

" Oh, sorry....Thalia" It grew quite.

" So, where are you going?" I asked again lightly.

" I don't know"

" You don't know?"

" I....I....look its none of your business"

" Ok....well, I just thought it was kinda strange not to know where your going"

She looked down.

" Well....I....ran away"

My head shot up.

" Why"

" Look, I don't even know why I here talking to a complete strange so I must go" She said running off. I knew I was a fast runner so it took nothing to catch up to her.

" Thalia...sorry" I said grabbing her arm. To my surprise she didn't yell for me to let go but, looked up with wet, glassy eyes. I let go of her.

" How do you know? Why did you save me?" she asked in between sobs.

" Because...I'm a half-blood" I said. she looked up at me.

" A what"

" Half-blood. I'm the son of Hermes"

She just stared at me.

" Do you know what a half-blood is?" I asked her. She nodded.

" Yes, yes....but I've never met one"

" Well how do you know about them?"

" My mom...." she faltered. I awkwardly pulled in for a hug.

" Do you know your godly parent?" I asked.

" No"

" Ok well,we have to get to camp"

" Camp? what camp"

" Camp Half-Blood" I said." Come on I know the way" I head north when she grabbed my hand.

I turned around and looked her in the eyes.

" Yes?" I said.

" ...Thanks" Then for the first time she smiled at me. I smiled back. I notice her cheeks flare up then laughed.

" Come on, Thalia" I said then we both started up street,side by side.

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