A series of completely weird events

Just a comedy, adventure, romance thing…it should be funny at parts I dunno if this first chapter will be funny…hope you like it, read and review (but no flames).

Asuka tapped her bitten down nails on the tabletop restlessly.

She hadn't had any action for ages!

Last time she'd got to beat somebody up had been months ago and they had only been thugs.

She wanted a fight and she wanted one now.

"Excuse me miss?"

"Yes?" Asuka snarled aggressively, gearing up for a fight, her face dropped as she turned to see a quivering waitress whose eyes were fixed on Asuka's clenched fists and were as wide as saucers.

Asuka breathed out and her hair fluttered briefly.

"Yes?" She asked again in a calmer voice.

"Are…are you ready to pay?" The frightened waitress asked, inclining her head towards Asuka's drained cups of coffee (4 cups to be exact. What!? She was on edge!)

"Uh yeah sure" Asuka sighed before extracting her wallet out of her shorts.

"Come to the till please" the waitress smiled as she regained her composure.

Asuka sighed again before heaving herself out of the seat.

The waitress had a fat arse Asuka noted gloomily to herself as she followed said waitress to the cash register she noticed a strange sight: and orange haired guy dismounting from a motorbike in order to beat the living tar out of a group of lads.

"That's £4.00…"

"Here" Asuka threw a ten pound note at the lady before rushing outside to survey the action…But there was no action, all that was left was a group of thugs knocked out on the ground.

"Dammit!" Asuka cursed, stamping her boot onto the floor, she was about to go into full huffy mode when she heard a snort, she looked up to see the orange haired guy; it didn't take her long to realise it was Hwoarang a Tae Kwon Do fighter who had been in the King of Iron fist tournament just a year ago.

"What?" She asked stonily.

"Oh nothing" Hwoarang grinned and looked into the distance.

Asuka glowered at him then turned away; she hated guys like that; trying to be all mysterious.

"Hey watch ou…!"

Asuka turned back to look at Hwoarang only to feel a great weight crashing into her, she fell to the ground and looked up dazed…just in time to see a fat guy running off with her favourite purse.

"Are you alright?"

Partly out of annoyance and partly out of embarrassment Asuka smacked Hwoarang's outstretched hand out of the way and stood up to watch the fat mugger running away, rage began building up inside of her.

"HEY GET BACK HERE!" She screamed before hurtling at full speed after the guy.

Hwoarang watched amazed as Asuka Kazama from the King of Iron fist tournament five raced after a random, fat mugger on a generic street.

"Of all the days and all the odds" he smiled to himself before kick starting his motorbike to join the chase.

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