A series of completely weird events

So Asuka and Hwoarang are after a mugger! O.o What other characters will get involved in this plot of crap!

Nina watched as Anna checked her reflection yet again in her compact mirror.

"Yeah you better check up on yourself, you hussy, I'm sure you wanna die pretty" She hissed as she clutched the sniper rifle.

Her position on the bridge was the perfect place to stage her revenge, a bullet to the head a perfect way to end it all, Anna wouldn't even have time for a snappy comment.

Nina squeezed the trigger and the bullet went careering towards her sister.

"Hey watch out!" Anna shouted as a fat man barged past her, knocking her back, the bullet went screaming into the pavement.

"Dammit!" Nina cursed.

Anna glowered at the fat man as he scurried away. "Ow!" She yelped as yet again somebody came careering into her. This time it was Asuka Kazama.

Nina sniggered as she watched her sister begin to argue with the other girl.

"That really hurt!" Anna yelled.

Asuka looked momentarily distracted as a motorbike zoomed past but then she turned back to look at the other woman.

"I'm sorry; it's just that guys got my purse!" Asuka explained backing away in the direction of where the man had gone.

"Oi come back here!" Anna shouted as Asuka ran away.

"Haha" Nina cackled from her vantage point before resuming aim, but just as she shot Anna took off after Asuka.

"God dammit!" Nina shouted to the skies, before jumping of the bridge and taking off after her sister.


"Look I said I was sorry!" Asuka shouted over her shoulder at the fiercely pursuing Anna.

"You ruined my make up!" Anna hissed as she rushed after her.

"You're make up looks fine!" Asuka shouted.

"No!" Anna screamed.

Asuka turned again but as soon as she did she banged into someone, someone with shocking orange hair!

"Hwoarang!" Asuka shouted.

"I can't find the guy anywhere!" Hwoarang said as he turned around.

"Come here!" Anna shrieked.

"Ah crap!" Asuka groaned before dodging behind Hwoarang.

"Come here!" Anna yelped again clawing at Asuka.

"Hey, hey!" Hwoarang complained.

Anna suddenly noticed Hwoarang and immediately stood up straight; she flicked her hair and smirked.

"Hi there" She drawled.

"Uh…hi?" Hwoarang replied.

Asuka glowered at Anna from behind the boy.

"Where you from sweetie?" Anna asked, placing her gloved hands on Hwoarang's chest.

Asuka felt herself going red.

"Uh…Ko…Korea" Hwoarang stuttered.

"Hmm I like exotic" Anna whispered.

Suddenly a fist came flying out and connected with Anna's face.

"Asuka!" Hwoarang shrieked turning round to face the younger girl.

"What!?" Asuka shouted.

"Jesus Christ Asuka you punched her!" Hwoarang yelped.

"Uhhh" Anna groaned from the ground.

"Who cares? Anyway you're helping me right now!?" Asuka barked.

"Sheesh, yeah, yeah, ok" Hwoarang nodded.

"So where did the guy go?" Asuka asked.

"He ran down that alley but…I dunno where he's gone from there" Hwoarang explained.

"Let's go!" Asuka shouted beginning to run down the alley, she stopped when she realised Hwoarang wasn't moving. "What's up?" she asked.

"Asuka we can't just leave her here" Hwoarang said nodding down at Anna who was groaning on the ground.

"Sure we can!" Asuka laughed.

Hwoarang stared at her, Asuka stared back.

"Fine just pick her up!" She shouted before stomping off down the alleyway, arms crossed.

Hwoarang sighed and picked the woman up just as a bullet came careering towards where it had just been.

"Dammit!" Nina shouted.

Hope you liked it, if you read it :)