A/N: This is the sequel to another story I wrote called Loving an Angel. It is the story of another Cullen named Casey. The first story was pretwilight now this will be Twilight and New Moon and the third installment will be Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I highly suggest reading the first story before this one so you will know the backround information on Casey. You might be able to get away without reading it, but it might be hard to pick up on somethings. Also I want everyone to know that I am not going word for word from any of Stephenie's books! I am making this my own so pretend that Midnight Sun, Twilight, and New Moon never existed! I will follow the same plotline, but with my own twist, which I think is a good thing! ;p ENJOY!!!

Love Goes On


Casey's POV

"The future is always changing no matter how hard you try to make it go a certain way" I had experienced this not only through my childhood with the Cullen family, but through my new life as a vampire. The changing future had been a curse through my life before the change, managing to take one of my closest friends with one fatal blow. I now lived with the changing future everyday due to the visions that were still unpredictable flashing through my head and by the voices of others I heard, the voices that shouldn't be there.

The future came rushing by again and left an unexpected surprise in all of our lives. When she walked into our lives there was no turning back. The future then showed us the meaning of true love; something familiar to us, but something I knew we had all lost along the way. The future gave us a new reason to go on with our lives and then it tried to take that reason away. The future showed us true evil. That we were able to change

The future destroyed us all that day with one tiny drop of blood. The day we had to walk out of her life. Then the future wouldn't move, no amount of pain could make it move enough to go back to her. That of course was changed eventually too with one giant leap into a spinning wild ocean. Then the future dragged us to Italy where our lives would forever be changed.

Through the whole journey she took us on I know one thing that I know will never change. The lesson I learned. The moral of the story. Nothing is greater than love and the simple perfect fact that love goes on.

Tell me what you think of that I think I spent more time writing these 300 words than two whole chapters of Loving An Angel! I was just soooooooo excited to post it up for all of you!