Hey guys! Miss me? I know I know it's been oh 8 and a half months since I've been on and writing! Things just got in the way school, swim, friends, horses. Just LIfe! Well the reason I am coming back iis this! SUMMER BABY! yep it's almost summer for me so that means school go bye bye! atleast for now! and I am considering coming back to fanfic and finishing my little internet saga Loving an Angel and Love Goes on! It's going to be hard to get my creativity and fans back, but I'm willing to try! I'm not as much into twilight as I was before, but I would really like to re enter the twilight zone for a while! Hopefully I will atleast be able to finish Love Goes On before school starts again, so atleast you feel you can all have some closure!

I'm going to need a bit of a push to do this so please if you are interested in my coming back comment and motivate me to start writing again soon!

-The Rediscovered Talent