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Remy sat up slowly, head still pounding steadily. Wincing, he buried his face in his hands, shielding his eyes from the bright lights. It felt like he'd spent the night drinking and then gotten his head run over afterwards. Repeatedly.

Groaning, he pushed himself to his feet, leaning heavily against the wall and suddenly very aware of the throbbing gashes in his stomach. What on earth happened?

He squinted, concentrating and trying to remember what happened. Only the professor's two words still resonated though his head. Strange Demon.

Suddenly realizing that he was probably not the only one effected, Remy clenched his jaw, walking resolutely towards the men's suiting up room where his staff and uniform hung behind glass.

Moving slowly to avoid aggravating his wounds, he stripped down and donned the surprisingly comfortable leather costume. The Intricate X pattern across his chest was highlighted with a deep purple, and similar patterns ran down his arms and legs, also emblazoned with the color. Shrugging into the heavy leather duster, he grabbed his silver fighting staff and ran from the room, pupils ringed in scarlet.


Tony blinked furiously, trying to see the figure in front of him, still somewhat unsuccessful. He was able to tell that the figure was a man, but he was dressed exotically and a cape obscured most of his body. Struggling to his feet, Tony absently helped Pepper up as well, still trying to clear his vision.

"So sorry, one of the drawbacks of inter dimensional teleportation, one tends to blind everyone at your arrival." The man came forward and offered a hand, helping Tony the rest of the way up. "Dr. Strange, sorcerer supreme, at your service. I would have come sooner but I was terribly caught up with a nasty empath demon in another dimension and just now got Charles' distress call." He turned around, looking at the still in shock Logan. "Tsk tsk, this is a mess." He clucked, suddenly outstretching a hand and binding Logan instantly with what looked like a glowing gold rope.

Tony watched him in disbelief. "Next thing I'm going to find out is that vampires are real."

"Oh, they're quite real. Though I don't think most species sparkle like that new movie seems to think." He looked amused. "They're actually quite nasty creatures."

Tony sighed. "Naturally. So Dr. Strange, that was what the Professor ment by Strange, not strange as in descriptor."

"That's me. I specialize in fighting the demonic and supernatural. I've been in contact with your Professor for many years. Your friend Logan here has been possessed by an old foe of mine. We are going to have to perform a very complicated exorcism. Good thing for Logan he's a healer, or we wouldn't have a prayer of getting him back afterward."

Tony swallowed. "What exactly are you going to do to him?"

"That." Strange said, suddenly levitating Logan off of the bed and walking out of the room with him. "Is for me to know and you to find out. You may want to get Xavier comfortable, I'd hate to call him back and have him find that he's still left in squalor on the floor."

"Wait." Tony demanded, grabbing Strange's forearm. "Where are Charles and Logan exactly?"

Strange sighed like he was explaining something to a small child for the hundredth time. "Their souls have been stripped out of their mortal bodies and sent to the astral plain where death will attempt to claim them until they can either fight their way out or get pulled back. But for that, we need to clear both bodies of the demons that are inhabiting them."

Tony looked puzzled. "The Professor is possessed too?"

"Just by a small holder demon, nothing too serious." Strange waved the comment away with his hand. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get Logan somewhere I may combat the spirit once it is extracted. The danger room should do quite nicely."

Realizing that it was possible that Logan could wake up before the exorcism was complete, Tony turned to Pepper. "Pepper, it's me and him against Logan for now, can you get the Professor somewhere safe? I've got to suit up and stand by in case he needs help."

Pepper nodded, swallowing her fear so she could think clearly. "Ok, just-" She hesitated, kissing him quickly " Be careful."

He nodded. "I will."


Gambit strode down the halls, quickly coming to the same conclusion Tony had, it was him alone. Everyone else was knocked out. Taking the elevator into the upper levels, he crept around cautiously, his thief's experience making him very good at it.

That's why he was keenly and immediately aware when Pepper came down a flight of stairs, trying to haul and unconscious Rogue after her.

Her hands slipped as she shuffled down the last few stairs, and she struggled to keep her balance, cursing her heals all the way.

"I can't believe I didn't take these off, and oof!" She exclaimed, trying to keep Rogue's head from hitting the railing.

Gambit, in spite of himself, couldn't help but laugh.

Pepper's head snapped up and she gasped. "Who! Oh, Remy."

He smiled, striding forward, leaning his staff against the wall. "Here, let me help you cherre."

Pepper's face showed enormous relief. "Thank you… we need to get her to the med bay, she touched Logan and passed out."

Gambit was in the middle of heaving Rogue over his shoulders when he looked up, surprised. "What on earth did she touch him for?" He asked, settling her over his shoulders and straightening up, wincing as his stitches burned.

Pepper sighed. "Long story, I'll tell you on the way down."

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