"Oi! Not fair, not fair! Stop that!"

Remus laughed and allowed his fingers to delve deeper into the flesh of Sirius' naked abdomen. The covers were thrown to the wooden floor and a scattering of pillows littered the otherwise bare matress. Sirius squirmed underneath him and laughed uncontrollably.

"Moony! I say—ah ha ha—stop it this—ha—this instant! I mean it!"

With a careless flick of his head, Remus ignored him and went for the more sensitive area above Sirius' collarbone. Sirius shrieked in a peal of laughter.

"Hush, Padfoot. The neighbors will hear!" He dug his fingers in deeper nonetheless.

"Alright, you asked for it!"

Sirius bucked his hips up and flipped them over so he was straddling Remus against the bed. Remus laughed even harder, his hair unkempt and spread like a rumpled halo around his head. Sirius panted from the laughter, his hair falling loosely around his face. Neither of them had bothered to cut it since graduation.

Still flushed and grinning, Remus pulled his lower lip between his teeth and chuckled up at Sirius, who had his hands manacled around Remus' wrists. It took him a moment to take in the suggestion of their modified position.

"Alright, you've pinned me. What's your next plan of action, eh?"

Sirius smirked. "Well, first the neck." He pressed his nose into the curve between Remus' neck and shoulder, snuffling his way towards Remus' earlobe. Remus shrieked and tried to jerk away, but Sirius just nibbled until Remus quieted down. "Then perhaps the feet…" he ran a rogue toe along the arch of Remus' foot. Underneath him, Remus gasped from the tickling, pleasurable sensation. He jerked his knees upward, but Sirius remained firm. "Then, of course the stomach."

Sirius brought Remus' wrists together so he was clutching them in one hand—more for show than anything else—and ran the other hand down the side of Remus' stomach. He dipped his head to delve his tongue into Remus' navel.

"That's," Remus gasped, "not tickling."

Sirius grumbled and went lower. "How about this?"

Remus' hips bucked up, "No, definitely not."



Sirius bit on the knob of Remus' hip. Hard. "Have we consummated this room of the flat yet?"

Remus laughed. "Several times."





"Living room?"

"Today was the fifth time."

Sirius hummed, apparently in thought. "Hm, still doesn't feel quite like home though."

"That might be because we just moved in yesterday and we still haven't unpacked."

Sirius grinned. "Gotcha. Well, I know something I'd like to unpack…"

"Sirius, really!"

Sirius bit Remus' hip again, then kissed the reddened skin. "Really."

He gasped again, one of Sirius' favourite sounds from Moony. "Sirius, get on with it!"

"Whatever you want, love."


Author's note: Alright, so there you have it. It's finished. Two updates in one night. What service, eh?

I'll admit that it's nearly six in the morning here and that, yes, these rapid fire updates were done partially because I've had my first fag all day and I really wanted to get this over with.

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