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I woke up, stretching a little before looking around me in confusion. This wasn't my room. Suddenly, the events of last night came back to me and I couldn't stop the small little grin that took over my face. Me and Edward weren't just a dirty little secret anymore, we were actually together.

I heard a knock on the door. "Come in." I said softly, still a bit drowsy from sleep. Alice walked in with a huge smile on her face.

"Wakey wakey sleeping beauty. It's time to get to school." Her chirpy voice rang through out the room."

"Okay, I'm up." I said laughing slightly, climbing out of bed.

"But wait Alice… I didn't come with a change of clothes, what am I going to wear?" I said exasperatedly.

"Oh silly Bella, don't you have any faith in me? I've already chosen the outfit I want you to wear. Come on, I'll show you!" She skipped to the wardrobe, opened it and pulled out a nice pair of shorts, a beautiful blue blouse and bent down to pick up a funky pair of wedges. I looked at her in confusion.

"You want me to wear those?" I said, looking from the clothes, to my body and then back again.

"Yes of course Bells. Who else?" She laughed, throwing her head back a bit. My breath caught a bit as I realised the true beauty Alice held. I paled in comparison to her.

"Come on, get dressed and come downstairs for breakfast." She turned to leave the room but paused mid step, then turned back again.

"Look, I just want to say that I am sorry for some of the things I said last night. I mean who am I to judge love right?" I looked at her, mildly surprised, then hugged her little body in my arms.

"Thank you for understanding, I'm happy we are still friends." She grinned at me and then ran out of the room.

I quickly put on the clothes, not wanting to waste any more time. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and apply a little make up and after buttoning up my blouse, I turned around to face the wide mirror in the corner of the spacious room. I gasped at the sight, not even recognising myself. I looked almost… pretty, I wondered what Edward would think when he saw me. At that that thought, I walked downstairs, biting my lip nervously.

After eating a slice of toast, Edward finally walked down and when he saw me, his eyes almost bugged out.

"Wow Bella! You sure clean up good!" He said winking at me before, kissing my cheek lightly. I blushed, unsure what to make of the compliments.

"Well, we had better be getting to school. That is, if we don't want to be late." Rosalie said smiling at me.

As we drove to school, Alice sang along to a little hip hop song that came on the radio and I couldn't help but join in, she was just so infectious.

The Geography lesson passed by so slowly and I was jerked awake when the door opened. A new student walked in. He was quite tanned and was quite tall. Another striking thing about him was his muscles and the way his brown eyes, seemed so welcoming and at the same time quite entrancing. I knew he would be a hit with most of the girls at this school. He stood around awkwardly, coughing loudly before the teacher finally stopped her ranting to notice him.

"Oh, hello Jacob. You are our new student, please sit down in any available seat." She said before addressing the class once again.

Jacob looked around the room before his eyes landed on me. He smiled warmly which only enhanced his dimples. He sat down next to me and we whispered to each other a little during the lesson.

"So where did you move from Jacob?" I asked curiously.

"Oh I don't live too far from here, it's just that is easier for me to get to this school than my old one." He said quickly. His explanation sounded a little forced but I decided to let it go, he was probably just nervous, being new and everything. I could relate to that, I only arrived a while ago myself.

The bell went, signalling the beginning of lunch and for that I was grateful. I was missing Edward and the others.

I packed my things eagerly, wanting to get to the lunch hall as soon as possible but I stopped when I felt someone touch my shoulder. It was Jacob.

He cleared his throat. "Could I sit next to you at lunch? I mean I think we get on quite well and I don't know too many people yet so…" He allowed his sentence to drift off as he waited for my answer.

I smiled happily. "Sure, I would like that a lot Jacob."

He beamed back at me. "Oh, just call me Jake." He put his arm around my shoulder as we walked to lunch together.

I spotted Rosalie and Alice so I walked towards them.

"Hey Bel-" Rosalie's gaze landed on Jake and her face hardened. I frowned at this, feeling slightly confused. I felt Jake tense beside me, as if preparing himself to launch at Rosalie but I knew he would never do that so I shook my hea, feeling a bit paranoid.

"Who's this?" Alice asked in what seemed to be quite a harsh tone. I wondered what her problem was.

"I'm Jacob Black." He said in an equally harsh tone, staring at Alice, as if daring her to say something.

Before their staring contest could become any more tense, I saw Edward, Jasper and Emmett approaching. I heaved a sigh of relief, hoping they would break the awkward tension.

Edward saw me and held me close to his chest as he whispered into my ear.

"How is my beautiful princess?" I giggled a little before he ruined the effect. "Feeling a little horny?" I slapped his arm away from me and he pretended to be hurt while everyone just laughed at our little display. He was about to speak before Jasper tugged his sleeve.

"What is it Jas?" He asked. With out answering, Jasper simply nodded his head in Jacob's direction. When Edward finally noticed Jacob, he snarled slightly, frightening me. However, Jacob simply winked at him.

"Edward Cullen. We meet again." He said cockily. This only managed to anger Edward more. Alice simply shook her head at Edward and it seemed as if they had a silent conversation, one that I couldn't understand.

"You two know each other?" I asked Edward, looking into his eyes.

"Yes, we go way back." I was quite surprised at this news as they seemed quite cold to one another, unlike how two good friends would behave.

"It has been nice talking to you again. It seems as if it were so long since we last spoke Eddie. I think we should catch up." Jacob said in a condescending tone.

Edward simply laughed. "It has been ages. What've you been up to you little dog?" Edward asked, with a raised eyebrow.

Jacob's shoulders tensed and everyone else seemed worried about what would happen next.

"You know what, I think I need to piss, I'll be back soon." He said while sending Edward an obvious glare which Edward retuned eagerly.

"So do I, how odd." Edward spat out while following Jake. I gulped, hoping they wouldn't start a fight or anything stupid like that.


I that idiotic mutt thinks he can just swan into our territory and behave like nothing was wrong, well he's in for a shock. When we reached a quiet place we stopped walking.

"What do you think you're doing here? How dare you touch my Bella with your fucking filthy hands?" I shouted at him, feeling myself becoming more angry.

Jacob leaned in closer towards me. "I can do what ever the hell I want and with who ever the fuck I want to." He answered in a patronising tone. I just laughed before punching his jaw and bashing him into the hard brick wall.

"Tut tut tut Edward, what would your daddy Carlisle say if he heard you beat up a werewolf?" He grinned at me, finding my anger funny.

"Listen, I don't give a shit because if I find you any where near me again, you will pay dearly."

"That really wounds me Eddie, I thought we were such good friends." I scoffed at his words, shaking with rage. He quickly flips it around so that he has me up against the wall instead of the other way round.

"Now you listen Edward. I didn't come here for Bella, I came here for you and if it takes stealing her away from you to get you then that is what I shall do." He said this and pressed his lips against mine.

Shocking? I know, I was a little shocked when I wrote it too. Haha, an unusual take on the typical love triangle but I think it spices things up a little bit.

Edward: Of course it is shocking! How could you make me stoop so low as to be kissed by a mutt?

Jacob: Oh you know you wanted it babe. *wink*

Bella: Hey, back off my man! But, if I have to be honest that kiss was just a little hot! *giggle*

Me: Haha, Bella, I can always rely on you have a sense of humour even when a sexy werewolf is trying to steal your boyfriend.

Edward: What are you saying, you little bitch? Jacob isn't sexy… I'm the sexy one. *pouts*

Jacob: Eddie you silly boy. I'm not sexy. I'm super sexy. Oh yeah! *sings along to LMFAO's 'I'm Sexy and I Know It'*