Well, I have never done a Bleach fanfic before… so here it goes. It is about a Hollow.

Disclaimer: I don't own it.


Rage. Power. Hunger. Immense hunger. That was all I felt. Every part of me experienced it, until the point that I felt like I was going to explode.

And so I started to satisfy my hunger.

It was easy—so easy. They were miniature in my hands, if you call them hands anymore. Humans were fragile, and I rejoiced that I was not one of them anymore. All they did was scream, for in fact, they had no idea what was happening.

All the while, I was taking their souls.

I had hoped that I would feel better when I was done, but my hunger had only grown. I wanted more. I needed more, and nothing was going to stop me. I knew that I was strong, that I could take on the world.

But I was not going to take the world; I was going to destroy it.

People were everywhere—and none of them could see me. All I had to do was reach out and then they would be gone. I did exactly that. But after a while, it became a hassle. Too much attention was on me, and the Reapers were getting closer and closer to annihilating me.

But I would not stop—I would never stop.

Instead, I stalked the stronger ones, and waited until night. When they thought that they were safe I was looming over them, jaws dripping. The moment that they felt my presence—I loved that. Occasionally they saw a glance of me: fifteen feet tall, mask smiling sadistically. That was the moment I loved the most.

All the while, I was taking their souls.

My life was almost perfect. I did not have to worry about my life before, when I was nothing but a human, doing whatever I could to stay alive. I am strong, I thought; I am fierce; I have power.

I was a monster.

I did not care. I was sucking power from the innocent, and running away from the Reapers. Nothing was wrong. I stole what I could, and my power grew. I was becoming invincible.

Then it was gone.

They caught me. The Reapers fought me, held me fast. With all of the power that I had collected, all of the souls that I had taken—it did not matter. And as the sword fell, straight for my mask,

all I could think of was the power that I had wanted so badly. I still wanted that power, even at the last second. But I could not have that power, never have that power again. I would not take any more souls, no matter how much I wanted to.

All the while, I was taking their souls.

Oh, how I wish that I was.


I tried my best on this. I guessed on how big a Hollow would be. :}

The Hollow even wants power when he is defeated. All he wants is their souls. How manic.