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7pm, A couple weeks later, Hayate's House

"Ladies and Ferretface, if you will all now be seated, the video will begin shortly. Sorry for the delay."

Yuuno blinked and turned to look at Nanoha. "Who is she calling 'ferretface'?"

"Shh, sit still, Vivio, it's going to start soon." Nanoha brushed Vivio's hair away from her eyes before turning to look at Yuuno. "Doesn't she mean you? You do look a bit like a ferret…"

"Fate-mama, what's a ferret? Can I eat it?"

Fate smiled as she looked down at Vivio sitting on her lap. Softly, she answered, "Ferrets are little animals, Vivio-chan. You can eat them, but they're better for skinning alive."

"Fate!" Nanoha slapped at Fate's shoulder in soft disapproval. As Yuuno shifted as far from the couple as the couch would allow, Nanoha explained, "Ferrets are like giant rats, Vivio. You can train one to keep as a pet, but they're better off left alone in the woods."

"Aww… Mommy, can I have a pet ferret?"

"Oy," Vita growled, "What part of 'quiet down' did you guys not understand? Listen to Hayate."

Shamal walked into the room with a tray of tea and snacks. "Calm down, Vita-chan, Hayate never actually said to be quiet. Anyone want some tea? I just made some strawberry and honey tea."

There was a short silence, and then someone stuttered, "Oh, I'm good, thank you, Shamal."

"You know what, I just had something before I got here…"

"That's okay, maybe later…"

Just when Shamal thought no one would try her tea, Signum cleared her throat. "I'll take one, Shamal."

Shamal, and secretly everyone else in the room, watched nervously as Signum took the first sip. After a moment, Shamal asked, "How is it, Signum?"

"It's tastes horrible, Shamal." Signum didn't meet Shamal's gaze as she took another sip from the cup. "It's too sweet. I don't like sweet things."

"Oh… Then you don't have to drink it, I understand." Shamal reached for the cup, but Signum effortlessly moved the cup away and took another sip. "Signum? If you don't like it, why do you drink it?"

"Just sit down, Shamal."

Shamal looked at Signum for a long moment before smiling and sitting next to Signum. "Thank you, Signum."

"Mm." Signum continued to stare ahead like a soldier as she sipped the tea, her face never changing. If the tea was truly bad, her face did not give it away.

Hayate's voice chirruped again, "Thanks for waiting! I know you would all agree that this would be so much better acted out live on stage, but certain actresses refused to cooperate. But I still believe this movie is one of my masterpieces, so without further ado, I present, 'Little Vivio and the Seven Princesses'!"

11pm, Fate and Nanoha's Apartment

"Hey, Fate? Can I ask you something?"

"What is it, Nanoha?" Fate looked through her dresser and picked out a babydoll that she remembered showing to Arf that first day so long ago. 'Now I have someone to wear it for.'

"How did Signum know what to look for with Reito? I mean, how did you fill her in on it without tipping them off?"

"You're still thinking about things like that?" Fate sighed, finished dressing, and sat down on the side of the bed. "I told you before, Signum and I have been partners for a long time. And we've been in this business for a while. We've adapted something like a code for telling each other information in plain… well, I mean in case we're being watched. Also, I told her about it while she was still overseas, so she had time to look into it before she reported home. She didn't know so much what to look for but she's used to that sort of assignment."

"Hmm…" Nanoha looked down lost in thought as she joined Fate under the covers.

"What's on your mind?"

"You didn't do anything illegal to get that information so fast, did you?"

"What? No, of course not. We have legal access to a lot of information networks. We just tapped a few sources and did the detective work."

"You sure? Even with Vivio's adoption papers? You didn't pull strings or anything?"

"Nanoha, I promise, your record is clean now. You don't have to be haunted by your past anymore." Fate sealed the promise with kiss.

Nanoha returned the kiss and then smiled quietly. "I'm sorry, it just feels weird now. I mean, getting promoted like that? And then seeing the new adoption papers for Vivio… Can you blame me?"

"Of course not, honey. But…" Fate rolled over so that she had Nanoha pinned underneath her. "How 'bout I give you something else to think about?"

Nanoha raised an eyebrow and took the bait. "Yeah, like how?"

"By…" Fate whispered in Nanoha's ear while giving Nanoha a perfect mental image of what she was about to do to her.

Nanoha moaned loudly.


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