Chapter 3: A Steamy Night

For Chance, the world ceased to exist as those lips he had craved for so long gave him the most fantastic kiss he couldn't have ever imagined.

For Jake......he was flying higher than his beloved jet! It felt so good to be able to express the real love he'd held for this burly tom and now he had Chance right where he'd wanted and dreamed of him being for so long.....in his arms.

Suddenly he paused.....'Was he dreaming this even now?' He wondered worriedly. He pulled back and stared a moment into that kissable face. Brilliant green eyes stared back at him questioningly.

Jake quickly kissed him again before saying, "Sorry! I was afraid this was a dream and I just had to look to make sure."

His friend grinned in relief. "Believe me, this is no dream and before dawn comes, I'll have proven it to the both of us, quite thoroughly," he said, a wicked grin pulling at his lips and a dark promise glinting in his eyes. The big tom leaned in again to drag the cinnamon tom back into the sensual web he was weaving.

He must be succeeding if the groans of pleasure were any indication. His paws explored the lean body pressed against his own. Chance grabbed the firm pant covered cheeks in his paws and squeezed. Jake was a perfect pawful as he had known he'd be but there was something more he wanted and now was the time to take it.

The big tom pulled away from the kiss gently, grinning at the lust-filled gaze of his partner as he dropped to his knees slowly while his paws slid down the slim body in a long sensual caress then stopped at the pants to undo them slowly, one torturous button at a time until Jake was nearly whining with intense desire. Smirking at the reaction he was getting, Chance pulled pants and underwear down in one sudden jerk.

Jake gasped as his proud hard cock was hit with the cooler air of the room. Chance eyed it with anticipation. Turning his eyes upward so that he could watch Jake's expression, he approached the mushroom head with his tongue. He flicked the tip making the smaller tom jerk and growl.

Next he swirled his tongue around a couple of times before suddenly swallowing it whole. Jake cried out, his fingers grasping his friend's shoulders and digging in. Chance growled at the small pinpricks of pain from Jake's claws. He proceeded to 'punish' his lover by sucking the steel pole hard and fast, making rapid head movements up and down to pull Jake over the cliff to orgasm so quickly it left the smaller tom's head spinning and his knees weak.

Chance grinned around the tool, licking every drop off before giving it a final kiss and pulling away.

"T-t-t-that was incredible!" Jake managed to stutter, barely able to stand upright.

The big tom just smirked as he climbed back to his feet and gave his partner a hard, passionate kiss, allowing him to taste himself. That made Jake nearly hot again. Panting he pulled back and laughed giddily.

"Now it's my turn," he growled happily.

Chance gave him a wolfish look and spread his arms that said silently, 'here I am....go for it'. Jake took him at his word. He paused a moment to remove his pants and shoes, then dropped to his knees before his long time friend. He undid the zipper and pulled down pants and shorts in the same way his friend had.

The big tom's cock was larger than Jake's and thicker around. It was red and glistening already with pre-come. Excited, Jake leaned forward to nuzzle the tom's crotch, inhaling the intoxicating male musk odor.

Chance shuddered at the feeling of Jake's whiskers hitting his sensitive privates and making them tingle in reaction. He nearly jumped when Jake suddenly swallowed the huge tool completely into his mouth. His tongue began a teasing dance around the cock's head and sides increasing the tingling sensation making it hard for Chance to stand still.

As it was, he had to hold onto Jake's shoulders just as the cinnamon tom had to do to him. Jake teased and sucked Chance for several minutes until the tom was begging him to finish him. Pleased by the response, Jake continued to tease the tabby for several minutes more before moving to an even maddening step.

While his mouth worked the large tool, his paws had been busy. One was fondling the heavy ball sack while the other slipped up to the furless pucker under the tail and flicked his finger rapidly across the opening causing a fluttery, eletrified sensation that drove Chance completely over the edge. He roared as he spilled himself into his friend's waiting hot mouth.

"Ohh, that was amazing, buddy. Who knew you had such a talented mouth," Chance panted, trying to catch his breath. When he was reasonably sure he wouldn't fall over, he reached down and pulled his smaller companion to his feet and murmured hotly in one ear, "I think its time to take this event to another location.....one that's more comfortable. What do you say?" He nibbled the ear as an incentive to his suggestion.

Jake shuddered from the tabby's touch.......who knew the ear was an erogenous zone?

"I agree, so whose room?" He asked breathlessly, waiting until his friend pulled his pants up and held them to climb the stairs.

"Mine's got the bigger bed!" Chance said, huskily, leading the way.

"Hmm, good idea," Jake murmured, loving the way his friend's ass move as they hurried up the stairs.

Entering his room, Chance walked toward the bed and began to strip his clothes off. Jake stood in the open doorway and watched with his tongue nearly hanging out. He shook himself and stepped further into the room, closing the door behind him without looking.

Chance looked over his shoulder and grinned. "Like what you see?" He rumbled playfully.


"Your turn."

Jake blushed as he realized he was just standing there with his shirt on but no pants. Hurriedly, he removed what was left of his clothes and tossed them into a corner.

His friend gave Jake's body a heated once over. The lean cinnamon tom was well muscled without an ounce of fat anywhere. They were both familiar with each other's body simply because they were forced to take care of each other's injuries but this was a more intimate look over......staring with a lover's eyes rather than that of a concerned partner.

'Oh yes, everything I've been waiting for,' Chance thought heatedly, licking his lips in anticipation.

The sight of that pink tongue flicking out made Jake hot all over again. He walked with a more sensual movement to his partner and placed his paws on the broad chest of blond fur. Leaning forward he pulled one of the fat brown nipples into his mouth and sucked hard.

Chance groaned, pleased at Jake's willingness to take the initiative. He raised his paws and caressed the lean tom using just the tips of his claws to enhance the sensation. Being sure to skritch the base of the tail before grasping the twin globes of the firm ass.

The firm sucking on his nipple made his cock take interest. He wanted more and when Jake raised his head to move to the other nipple, Chance make his own move. He pulled his friend's head up and kissed him passionately then pulling their bodies toward the bed. He dropped to his back holding Jake firmly in his arms.

Not letting the smaller tom regain his breath from the fall, the tabby began a roll and rub motion. Jake gasped when he could catch his breath and moaned at the feel of their bodies rubbing passionately against one another. He loved this type of action but not many of his former lovers did. Leave it to his partner to love the same thing.

They rolled and kissed and writhed against each other until they were hard and needy.

"I want you in me first," Jake panted, rubbing their cocks together between them making sparks of fire erupt even more between them.

Chance's eyes were deep wells of desire as he grinned in anticipation. He reached out to his night stand and pulled out a tube from the drawer. Holding it in his paw he gave his friend a questioning look.

"Knees or facing?"

Grinning excitedly, Jake rumbled, "Facing! I want to see you take me for the first time!"

A broad smile on his face, Chance lifted up then raised Jake's legs over his shoulders then applied plenty of lube to his hard, ready tool as well as his soon to be lover's twitching hole.

Tossing the tube, he moved his body closer and pressed his cock against Jake's entry then stared down. "You ready?"

"Always!" Jake growled.

Eyebrows raising at that, Chance grinned as he thrust forward a little until the large head cleared the muscled ring. Jake made no sign he felt any pain, if anything he pressed closer to draw the head further in.

Taking that as a signal his partner wasn't worried about his size, Chance plunged in all the way until they balls slapped together. They groaned in unison at that first joining.

Chance leaned forward to give Jake a hard kiss, holding them still to drive up he tension before leaving that delicious mouth to get down to pounding his friend into oblivion.

Jake adored the size of Chance's tool. It hit the sweet spot every time sending sparks of intense pleasure up his spine. This was going to be the ride to remember.

Chance groaned with hot pleasure as Jake's inner muscles squeezed him tightly. 'Wow! He's so hot and tight. I don't know if I'll last.'

Jake wasn't certain he was going to last either the way his partner was drilling him so hard that he was nearly seeing stars.

After nearly ten minutes of fierce pounding, the room filled with grunts, groans, and pleas of 'harder....Chance....harder' and 'oh God...Jake..you're so hot' they began to reach the end.

Electric tingles raced up his body from where they were joined and Jake knew the end was close as he felt Chance's movements stumbled and his cock swelled bigger.

He screamed helplessly as his cock exploded between them and was nearly drowned out by Chance who roared loud enough to shake the walls.

They held that position for several long seconds before Chance fell to his friend's chest, heaving for breath.

Despite the tabby's weight, Jake felt wonderful. His cock was still throbbing and he could feel Chance's do the same within him. It almost made him hard again but he was too spent yet. He felt their heartbeats drumming through their chests and Chance's panting breath was heating the side of his face. Contentment filled him.

Chance felt incredible. He'd finally taken Jake as he'd dreamed of doing for years and it had been much better than any of his dreams. He felt himself still pulse inside his friend nearly making him hard again. Before this night was through, he was determined to have his friend as many times as they had the strength to keep going.

When he could speak, Chance raised his head and look down at Jake's smiling, contented face.

"Was it good for you as it was for me?" He said goofily.

Jake couldn't help but snort in amusement. "What a cheesy line. Of course, it was good! We came nearly at the same time." He raised a paw to Chance's face and caressed it. "You're fantastic buddy," he added tenderly.

His partner smiled happily back. "So were you but then I knew you would be." He leaned down again and kissed his new lover deeply.

After a long moment of mutual kisses, Chance rolled to his side, his cock slipping free of its warm nest. Jake sighed at its loss.

"Don't worry, Jake. I'll be back there really soon," the tabby smirked.

"Not right away you aren't. It's my turn next," Jake darkly promised, beginning to nuzzle his friends face and cuddle closer.

Chance just grinned and nuzzled him back. They lay there companionably, enjoying each other's heated body.



"What made you decide to go to that club to sing?"

"Well.....I was just feeling a little down. I'd broken up with a tom I'd been with for a few months and was feeling lonely and depressed. I'd come across the place some time ago and thought to go there to drown my sorrows. I met the guys you saw me with and one thing led to another and they talked me into singing once they learned I could write songs and play guitar. Ever since that night, I've been going rather regularly. It's helped me deal with the stress of our rather non-normal life and the lack of a significant someone in my life," Jake said slowly, caressing Chance's chest.

Chance felt his face burn with embarrassment. "I'm sorry I was such a coward and made you wait so long......" he began to say.

Jake placed a finger over his mouth and said, "shhh, it's not all your fault....I was just as guilty not letting you know how I felt so we're even. I don't want to waste anymore time with regrets. Right now.....what we're doing this minute.....is all that matters to me."

Chance sighed with relief and grinned. "That's good because I intend to keep you forever after this."

"Really? That sounds like a commitment and we've only just come together," Jake said eyeing him uncertainly.

The tabby's face took a more serious expression as he took Jake's chin gently in his fingers. "We may have only just come together intimately but we've been close for years. I'm certain this will only make us stronger and closer than ever before.....so, yeah, this is a commitment.....one I'm making to you for the rest of our lives."

Jake's eyes watered with emotion. "I....that's what I've always hoped for despite the danger of our lives. I want a forever commitment to you too," he whispered sincerely then sealed it with a kiss.

Chance sighed and tightened his hold on Jake. No matter how difficult their lives might be in the future, he would always have his best friend, partner, and mate by his side.