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Bella and Rosalie Swan have lived In Maycomb Alabama since they were little. They are best friends with the Cullen's and the Hales. When their parents get a divorce it is decided that they will live with Renee in New York City. Now it's time for them to return. What awaits the city girls?

Rosalie-18 Alice-17 Edward-17 Family: Swan- Rosalie, Bella Cullen- Edward, Alice

Bella-17 Jasper-18 Emmett-19 Hale: Emmett, Jasper

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Chapter 1

"I say noooo if you wanna take it slowww, catch up now let's goooooo together we run the shoowwww!"

Kat Deluna was all I could hear blasting through the speakers of club Que Paso. It was one of the biggest clubs in New York City. I was here celebrating my sister, Rosalie's last exam of the year. She was absolutely wasted at the moment.

She better enjoy herself now because we will be in some deep shit when we go back home.

To get here we had to sneak out of Phil's enormous flat. That wasn't the hard part though. Neither was the part of getting in the club. Rose and I have had fake I.d.s since she was 16 and I was 15. She did look 21 and I apparently looked 18. That or the bouncers just wanted to get paid, and as long as we had an id we got in.

The hard part was me walking 8 blocks in 4 inch heels without tripping. Ahhh! As much as I loved fashion, I still couldn't walk in it to save my life.

As I was dancing on the dance floor, when I noticed Rose flirting with this really cute guy. He had long shaggy brown hair with a gorgeous smile and really white teeth. He was wearing the cutest outfit also.

He was wearing a nice tight fit D&G shirt that showed his every ab! Is that a 6 pack? And also a pair of washed Prada jeans. That ones a keeper! Nice looks and good sense of style!

He didn't even seem to know that Rose was full on wasted! He must be too.

Rose was a lucky one. She had inherited all the good genes. Now, I'm not saying that I'm not pretty. I'm just saying that Rose is god damn gorgeous!

She has long blond hair about 3 inches of her shoulder, piercing blue eyes and the fullest lips you have ever seen. At school people practically drool at her 5inch stilettos. She wasn't mean like half the people at our school though. She could be rude at times when she doesn't like you… and she will speak her mind anytime anywhere anyplace, but over all she isn't a bitch.

I on the other hand had wavy brown hair about the same length as Rose. It has blond highlights and it would, for some weird reason, turn like a reddish color in the sun. I have heard that my hair is to die for.

My eyes were a sparkly brown that glittered when the light hit them. I was never rude to people and wouldn't exactly speak my mind, but people still liked my sister better. I mean I did have quiet a few boyfriends and everyone always wanted to talk to me, but nobody drooled at my feet. (This is totally fine with me)

At school I was always with Rose, Rose was always with me. (Except for in classes. She was one year ahead) we were like one another's security blanket. We ok the guy before we went out n a date with him, or even just a kiss. It was a rule. Another rule was that we had to always rate our outfits.

If the outfit was below a 5, then we had to change. That of course rarely happened. In the morning before school, I went into my walk in closet and picked out an outfit according to my mood that morning. After I took a shower I would do my hair and then put my outfit. Once it was rated we would go to school in either Rosalie's red corvette or, my baby, my white BMW m3.

I loved my baby. I got it for my 16th birthday. It goes so fast and yet it doesn't even feel like you are moving unless you have the top down. It seats four people and has tan leather seats. Installed is my GPS system, for I tend to get lost a lot… and my satellite radio.

The first year my parents divorced was hard. Sometimes I would end up crying myself to sleep at night. I wouldn't really talk to anybody in Elementary school. Neither the less my own mother. I was mad at her for leaving my father. For some reason I thought it was all her fault, I later learned that it wasn't. So, throughout the school year my mom kept getting calls from my teacher and the consolers' saying that they are worried that I won't make any friends and they want to know why and all that stuff. After so many phone calls my mom finally gave in and made me go to counseling.

The first time was awkward. They would introduce themselves and then try to get me to talk. I said the bare minimum. After a while they were beginning to thaw their way through my act. They eventually found out about the divorce and how my mom made me move away from my family and friends. I then realized that I was mad.

After holding everything in, I walked up to a wall in the counselor's wall, and before I acted I said "I'm sorry about this" and I punched it. I punched it again and again until my fists started to bleed. Then I slumped to the ground and started to bawl. I just let everything out. Then Jane (counselor) walked over to me and sat next to me. She hugged me and said don't worry about.

She got everything out of me. I told her about Maycomb Alabama and the Hales and the Cullen's and my family down there. I told her that I was mad at my mom for letting this happen.

We then called my mom and Rosalie in, for she too had been having trouble coping with everything. We all had a family discussion and learned what had really happened.

MY mom and dad had been bickering for a while but one night it got really bad. I don't remember clearly but apparently Charlie's boss had given him a pink slip and then his parents got in a horrible car crash. He became really depressed. He wouldn't come home until late and he would smell like smoke and beer. He would forget to pick Rose and me up from school and he wouldn't snap out of it. Renee just snapped.

She demanded that he go to rehab or else she would pack up and leave and take the kids. The second she said take Rose and I away, he straightened up and called rehab the next morning.

For the next few months he would go to rehab for 6 days a week. After 6 months they deemed him ready to leave. Although he had straightened out he wasn't like himself. He acted distant and awkward.

They had both realized that they need to leave one another. They filed for a divorce and they agreed on everything but two things. Rosalie and Me. They would argue and scream. They would try different ideas but in the end it would cist to much or it wouldn't be fair etc. etc.

They had to leave it up to the court. Charlie knew that he was doomed from the beginning. The second the judge saw he had been in rehab he would immediately give us to Renee. It turned out to be true.

We then left and move to New York City. My mom's dream. I was 9 and Rosalie was 10.

As we grew older we learned everything there is to know about makeup, clothes, cars, clubs, hotels and Fake ids. My mom also meet Phil who happened to be a millionaire living in the city. He owned his own record company. Therefore he spoiled us and usually got us whatever we wanted.

Now, back to the amazing club, it was know playing fire burning and I was dancing with this random dude who I didn't even care about.

Across the room I saw Rose trying to catch my eye. She was asking permission to kiss that cute guy she was dancing with a minute ago.

I nodded and she dragged the guy over to the couch.

Even though she was wasted she still remembered the rule!


I was done for the night. After partying for 4 hours straight I was ready to go home.

I started to push my way through the crowds to find Rosalie. I couldn't find her on the dance floor, the couch, or at the bar.

I knew where she was. Probably barfing her guts up in the bathroom. I rushed into the bathroom and what do you know? There was Rosalie head against the toilet breathing heavily.

"Rose? Are you Ok?" I asked

"Well do I look ok" she was interrupted by her stomach. "OH"

I ran to her and pulled back her hair. How much id she have? I could smell some Abercrombie cologne coming from her hair and her dress.

When she was done she was super pale.

"Let's go home now. You don't look so good."

"Really? I know let's go. I need some Coffee and a whopper."

Once we had made it out of the club we walked the 8 blocks to the car and I placed her in the passenger seat. She handed me her keys and I pulled out of the parking lot. I didn't care for drinking much, and I knew what Rose would do since her exams were over.

As the city lights passed by Rose had conked out against the car window. I turned the radio on to country music and set it on a low volume.

Even though we had left the country I still had some in me. Taylor Swift was playing Teardrops on my Guitar. I loved this song. I was softly singing as I was speeding down the highway to go stop at Burger King.

"Cause you're the reason for the teardrops on my guitar

The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star.

He's the song in the car I keep singing I don't know why I do"

I started humming to myself when Rosalie whispered "You know you are really good. I have always wanted your voice."


"Yea" she had nodded off to sleep again.

Wow. It was huge to get a compliment from her. I always thought she had a good voice, but she would never sing in front of me. One time I snuck into her room and she started singing. I was scarred for life. I never told her that I had heard her nor was I planning on telling her.

When we reached Burger King I went inside and got two coffees and two whoppers.

I got back in the car and woke Rosalie up.

"Rose? Hun get up! I have coffee and meat!" she groggily woke up and snatched a coffee and a burger.

"Get anything on my seats I will kill you" she reminded me.

We ate silently and had the radio playing in the background. I know it may be weird but I loved moments like this. Just the two of us eating junk food with no worries, it was like the old days when know one cared what you ate or what you looked like at 2 in the morning.

"We better head home" Rosalie mumbled

"I know, knowing our luck we will probably get caught."

"Yup! I have already gotten 10 missed calls from mom" she replied

"Great, me too. I wonder what the punishment will be."

"I have no clue" she dozed off and I hit the pedal and speed back to the huge flat.

I pulled into our own personal garage and woke Rose up again.

"Get ready to knock on the devil's door" she said.

We walked slowly up to tenth floor. Phil owned the whole building.

I put the key in the door and slowly pushed it open. Rose stood up as tall as se could and kicked off her heels. I did the same. I knew we were in deep trouble when I saw Phil dozing off on the lazy boy and Renee pacing frantically around the room. She stopped dead in her tracks when she heard the floorboard creak as we walked into the living room.

At first she looked totally relived to se us then totally pissed. She just stared at us and then punched Phil in the arm.

"Oww!" he mumbled sitting up "what was that for?"

"Look who has finally decided to join us!" she told him

"Oh" he replied he liked to stay out of the drama between us.

"Now please tell me why you weren't in your beds at 2 in the morning? Oh, I mean 3 now."

We just looked at the floor not saying a word

"Do you not know? "She asked.

"This is the 3rd time this month 8th time this year! I have had ENOUGH! YOU HAVE US WORRIED SICK THE WHOLE NIGHT WONDERING WHERE YOU ARE! We usually just let it pass. Thinking oh this is just a phase they will grow out of it or it's only a one night thing!

Apparently it's not. I am done with the two of you! I love you both to death but I can't stand this." She scolded.

"What are you going to do?" I whispered

"Phil and I have discussed many options. Taking away your cars, your cell phones, TV, shopping privileges and other things but we know that won't really do anything. We have tried it before and it teaches you nothing. So, instead of the two of you going to Hawaii for the summer, you will be spending the whole summer with your father in Maycomb."

"WHAT!" We both screamed at the same time.

"You heard me" she said firmly

"But what about the tickets! They are non refundable tickets. You can't just take our whole summer vacation away from us!" Rose defended

"Watch me girls."

"That's so unfair! What are you going to do with the tickets!?" I whined

"I will be using them. Phil and I will go on a second honeymoon." Know I would go shower and pack you will be leaving in two days. Oh and Rosalie? I need the keys to your car."

"Why just mine?" she screeched

"Your sister didn't come home wasted, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't her idea."


I sulked to my room and went to go take a shower. What good was going to come out of this? I haven't been to Maycomb since I was 9. It's been 8 years since I have even talked to anyone from that part of the country.

I turned the water off and wrapped up in a towel.

I tiptoed across my carpet and scooped up underwear and some sweatpants and a t-shirt. I threw them on and pulled down my covers. I lay down and pulled them up to my chin.

I could still hear Rose and Renee going at each other. I looked at the clock once more and closed my eyes, being lulled to sleep by the swift hum of the air conditioning and the argument going on between Rose and my mom.

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