Hey Guys =)

So I am coming out with two new stories and I know that many of you are thinking wtf woman? You already have three stories that you are working on.

Well, I know and you are right, but these to ideas just won't GET OUT OF MY HEAD.

So I decided to post the two summaries here, and then you pick by sending me a personal message or reviewing to tell me which one I should load. I will load the other one after I finish a story on this website; I just need to load at least one.

It continues to nag me until I tell someone about them.


The first one is called…. (DRUM ROLL)

Presidential Exchange

Charlie Swan is one of President Carlisle Cullen's most trusted secret service agents. When the President and his family are threatened and put under attack, they must be hidden. So what happens when Edward Cullen is sent to live in Forks with the charming Bella Swan and forced to live a life he has never known?

And then the next one is one that has been stuck in my head for a while.

I am not positive of a title but I am thinking

"If this were a movie" Idk once you read the summary's let me know if you can come up with a better title.

Alice Brandon is in Critical condition In Forks Memorial Hospital after a tragic accident. Her best friend Bella is forced to return to the place she once called home to be with Alice in case these are her last moments. Alice was the only one Bella kept in contact with after she left straight after high school having to be reunited with old friends may bring out old feelings she thought she once left behind.

SO those are two ideas running through my mind. I also want to let people know that my other stories are my MAIN FOCUS right now. These are at the bottom.

Oh and the story where my mind is just on fire with right now is 'Back to the country'

For some reason that story has details and ideas just crowding into my head.

Thanks Guys :))