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Chapter 1

I always knew she loved him. From day one. Sure there was bickering, but there was always a sparkle in his eye, and a small smile forming on her lips. I saw it in his eyes, and sometimes, I heard it in her voice. And yet, they still didn't see it. They must have been blind. They at least did something. First they said they were "just partners", then, "just friends", that's progress, sort of. Time and time again, I thought they were almost there, almost said those three small words, but they didn't. They had no use for words, it was like they were on the same brain link. And now, just when they were so close, the worst that could happen, happened.

She's sitting in the same chair that she has for four days. He's awake now, and he doesn't remember her, yet she doesn't leave his side. We all, me, Hodgins, Cam, and Fisher, have all offered to take shifts, so that she can get some rest, but she refuses to budge. She says she doesn't believe in love, but the way she looks at him, says differently. She leans in, and whispers something in his ears. I can see her lips moving. She said, " I love you." She thinks I'm not looking, but I can't stop the tears flowing from my eyes. I slip into the room, and wrap my arms around her. She turns to me, and starts sobbing. "He'll be alright, Angela." She says, but there is doubt in her eyes. I rub her back.

"Of course he will Sweetie, he's Booth."

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