Green is the Color of Love


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Summary: Pips has never seen a guy without wings before and he is intrigued by his best friend's magical little mishap. What dangers will this alien creature bring to their tranquil forest? Will a forbidden love be able to bloom where venomous hate is not too far behind? Language, MM, Violence, WD, WIP


There was the distant sound of rolling thunder as gentle drops of liquid sunshine began to sprinkle down from the emerald green canopy. The sounds of the forest were tranquil and full of energy. Beauty was all around, colorful and flourishing.

Pips was lounging on a vibrant pink petal, overlooking a pool of crystal clear water within the center of the dewy flower. A large green leaf was over him, keeping the rain off his head. He stuck his feet in the water and looked up at the veins in the leaf above him. He closed his eyes, listening to the magic pulsing within it.

He could hear the flower's song within his mind. It sparkled behind his closed eyelids, all green and yellow. It was pretty and felt like warm sunlight on his golden skin. He couldn't help but smile and tap his foot in the water, making little ripples. The music had a beat, making him want to move his strong and supple limbs to its seductive rhythm. He pulled out his wooden pipes and began to play right along with the tune in almost flawless harmony.

A loud boom of thunder crashed over his head, making him jump out of the spell with a slight yelp. He had not been expecting that. His fiery hair danced around his handsome face in the warm, scented air as he sat up with a start, looking this way and that. It began to sprinkle just a little harder. He could hear the frogs singing. He envies their musical voices.

He suddenly yawned, realizing just how bored he really was. Crysta was off with Magi no doubt, learning how to make the forest grow stronger and even more beautiful with her growing powers. Another yawn snuck upon him, making him wonder where the Beetle Boys were. They were probably off somewhere, tormenting a poor lizard or snake out of a yummy meal, just so they could fly off with it, laughing in glee.

He slipped into the warm water with a plop and floated on his back, splaying his shimmering wings out. He had been blessed with the fastest wings in the whole forest. Nobody could out fly him, except for maybe Crysta. The dark headed beauty was getting to be really fast. It made him frown. If she could use magic and out fly him, then what good was he? Would she become like Magi, leaving him behind?

He suddenly felt really sad. Would Crysta really leave him for that kind of life? The two of them have been friends for ages. He didn't like where his thoughts were running off with him. He didn't like them at all. He wanted them to stop dead in their tracks and be silent for a really long time.

"Shouldn't you be off causing trouble and annoying others with your really bad music?" A voice asked, causing his head to go under the water, making him come up spitting and gagging for air.

He threw his wet hair out of his eyes, narrowing them to acidic green slits. Crysta was floating above him, upside down. She was doubled over with laughter. Her kind voice was like the twinkling of silver starlight.

"That's not funny," he snapped, floating up out of the water, dripping with sparkling drops. "You scared me."

"I'm sorry," she giggled, righting herself, smiling at him with really white teeth. "But, you're wrong. It was really funny."

He rolled his eyes, spinning around in really fast circles, making her cry out as she was splashed with water. His wild mane floated around his face, and he smiled. That was payback enough.

"You're really mean," she whined, looking at him with false anger in her blue eyes. They reminded him of moonlight on the surface of water. "Do you know that? I bet you do."

He shrugged his shoulders, smirking. "I guess."

She shook herself off and he dodged the droplets with graceful ease. His flowery skirt danced around his narrow waist as he fluttered above her.

"How were things with Magi?" He asked, cocking his head to the side.

Her eyes lit up like glowing mushrooms in the dead of night.

"Oh, it was wonderful, Pips," she said, doing flips in the air, rising up to flutter before him. "I learned how to make a seed almost grow."

"Wow," he nodded, betting that would have been something to see. He never got to see magic. He only got to hear about it. It was because he was a male. Only the females had the gift of Blooming. "I would like to see it sometime."

She smiled, nodding her head very enthusiastically. "You can, but only when I master it. I really embarrassed myself today. The tree started to fall and Magi had to save it for me."

Pips blinked his lime green eyes. He would have liked to have seen that. Magi was hardly ever seen outside her enchanted grove where she lived. He remembered seeing her a few times and he knew she was very powerful. Rumor had it she could make the tallest of trees bow before her.

"Do you want to race?" Crysta asked, taking off before he could even reply.

He just floated there, seeing her glittering sapphire trail slowly fading in the distance. He rolled his eyes with a laugh, taking off after her in a blaze of jade. Nobody was going to out fly him, especially a girl.

But, the seed of sadness was still buried within him. Would they always be able to do this? Would they always be able to see each other and have fun?

The little seed began to sprout.


Zak looked out the window as the city was slowly passing him by. He was being banished for the entire summer, because his parents had discovered his dark secret. It was something they were not supposed to find out about until they were six feet under. That had been the plan. But, plans always seemed to have their way of falling through on him.

"How could you?" His mother had shrieked as he hid his sorrowful face behind his golden waves. "Do you know how dangerous and embarrassing this is? What if my friends find out? What if the rest of our family finds out? We'll be a laughingstock, Zak!"

"I always knew there was something different about you, boy," his dad had sneered with hateful poison. "I just never would have guessed it to be this disgusting."

"Who is it?" His mom had yelled, advancing on him. "Who is the boy?"

He looked at her with defiant eyes. "I'll never tell you."

It had been the bravest thing he had ever done. He had stood up to his mom.

He rubbed his cheek. He could still feel that painful slap. It had hurt him, but the wicked words had hurt him most of all. They had called him wrong, disgusting, and an embarrassment.

They had taken away the car they had bought him last year and his driver's license. He would never be free of them until the end of summer when he turned eighteen. At the moment, he was at their mercy. Right now, he was being sent to his uncles, where he would be helping with his business of chopping down trees for market.

He could still hear his dad on the phone with him.

"Work him to the bone!" His dad had told Uncle Tone. "I want you to make a man out of him!"

"Don't worry, kiddo," Uncle Tone smiled over at him from the wheel of the truck. "I won't work you too hard."

That made him smile a little bit. He had always been a little scared of Uncle Tone. He was a really big guy. But, he did always buy him the best birthday and Christmas presents.

"I see you brought that portable radio player I bought you last Christmas," the older man smiled. "I take it that you have used it a lot."

Zak nodded his head, flicking a loose strand of platinum hair from his dark eyes with a tan hand. This little player let him drown out the voices he didn't want to hear.

He could still hear his father's harsh voice.

"No son of mine is going to be a faggot, you hear me, Zak?" The man had yelled, making the very walls rumble. "You will either learn to like girls or you will be out of here come your eighteenth birthday!"

Well, you won't have to worry about that, dad. I'm not planning on ever coming home again.

He never said goodbye to Jake. He hadn't wanted to. He had discovered him on the arm of another, older blond. It had hurt. But, it had told him the truth.

People will always let you down, even the ones who are supposed to love you unconditionally.

To Be Continued.

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