Green is the Color of Love


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Summary: Pips has never seen a guy without wings before and he is intrigued by his best friend's magical little mishap. What dangers will this alien creature bring to their tranquil forest? Will a forbidden love be able to bloom where venomous hate is not too far behind? Language, MM, Violence, WD, WIP

Chapter Nine

Pips was lounging about in his tree, playing his magical pipes. The music soared through the air on the wings of fluttering butterflies. Ever since learning that he could make seeds bloom, his music had become much happier in note, even though his dreams still left lingering hints of depression. He was just about to hit a high note when Crysta came blazing in all glowing and fiery blue. She stood at his feet and he removed his lips from his pipe, and sat up on his makeshift bed of colorful feathers. He was about to say something when something else crashed into the other side of his tree. Both faeries cried out and tumbled out of the tree, quickly flapping their wings to keep from falling to the forest floor below. They both looked up and they both looked down.

"What was that?" Pips asked. His heart was racing.

Crysta shook her head. "I don't know," she said, and pointed. "But, I think it went that way."

She darted off and Pips quickly followed. "Wait!" He yelled after her. "We don't know what it could be. It could be hostile. Crysta!"

She looked over her shoulder. "Don't be so scared!" She called back to him. "We're faeries after all." She gave him the type of grin he absolutely hated.

"I'm not scared!" He snapped at her, loathing the way she had grinned at him. "I just know when to be cautious."

"Over there!" Crysta pointed, darting towards a large tree with lots of holes in it. A bunch of startled birds were racing to get away. "It went in there!"

Pips rolled his eyes and quickly caught up to her. "And we're just going to go in there and take a look around, huh?" He asked.

She nodded her head. "Of course! It'll be fun."

Pips shook his head. This was not his idea of fun. They had no idea what it was they were chasing after. For all he knew, it could be something that viewed faeries as something tasty.

"Listen," Crysta said, holding up a hand, as she landed on a small branch, peeking her head inside.

Pips stilled himself and listened as she instructed. He poked his head inside as well and they could both hear a voice.

"Medicate me!" The loud voice yelled, coming from somewhere above them, and a more feminine voice came from somewhere below them. "The medication seems to have no effect, Doctor."

Pips pulled his head out just in time to see Crysta dart inside. He growled under his breath and quickly followed after when he heard her scream.

His green eyes widened. There was a giant bat right in front of them and it looked madder than a jaguar with its tail caught in a snapping turtle's mouth. Crysta was muttering something unintelligible and flickering blue lights sparkled from her fingers, encircling the bat's head and entering its weak eyes.

"Oh, my goodness!" The bat said, blinking its large black eyes. "There is a little tiny person right in my face."

Pips cocked his head to the side and Crysta smiled.

"Uh oh," the bat said, gripping its chest with its left wing. "Narcolepsy." Both faeries watched the winged mammal drop like a falling berry to the forest floor below. They both cringed when they heard the thud and more birds scattered with wild chirps of disdain.

They both quickly descended to see if the bat was all right. Luckily it had landed on top of a bunch of piled up leaves. Crysta was the first to touch ground and she ran up to the fallen animal. "Hey!" She said, kneeling down beside its head. "Are you okay?"

Pips stood beside her, noticing how some strange vines were coming out of the bat's head. There was two of them and they were all crisscrossed and weird looking. They didn't look at all natural. One was red and the other was blue.

Crysta poked one of the wires and they sparked violet. The bat's eyes widened and it jumped up looking around all paranoid.

"Hi," Pips said.

The bat screamed right in his face, which caused Pips sunny hair to be blasted back. His ears rang something terrible and he shook his head.

"HUMANS!" The bat shrieked, hiding under its wings.

"Where?" Crysta asked, quickly spinning around to look behind her.

Pips kept shaking his head, trying to get his hearing back.

"Tiny little humans right in front of my face," the bat went on, trembling under its enormous wings. "Mama always said I'd go batty one day. She told me not to eat the glow in the dark berries. Said there was something funny about them."

Crysta took Pips by the arm. "I think this poor guy is confused…"

"WHAT?" Pips asked and she pushed him away.

"Excuse me," Crysta said, poking her head within the folds of the bat's wings. "Are you okay. What's your name?"

The bat lifted its wings and Crysta stood up again. The mammal towered above them. "Um," the bat said. "Batty. Look what I can do!" And he fell over backwards with another thud, wings sprawled.

"Amazing…" Pips drawled, giving Crysta his annoyed look.

Crysta floated up into the air. "You mentioned humans earlier…"

"WHERE!" Batty yelled once more in Pip's face, causing the faerie to fall over backwards.

Pips eyes rolled around in his head and his ears rang again. His anger was starting to get the better of him. He was just about to sit up and give the bat a piece of his mind when he suddenly noticed that the air was full of faeries and they all appeared to be laughing at him. He growled up at them, and a few darted away in fear.

"What in the blazes is going on here?" An older, white bearded faerie asked.

"Oh, Father!" Crysta jumped for joy, floating up to where he is. "This is Batty. He was about to tell me about humans."

"Humans?" The older faerie snorted. "You know there is no such things, Crysta. They're just myth."

"Extinct," another, much older faerie male spoke up. He had to be over a thousand years old. "Died out long ago."

"Right," Batty drawled, rising to his full height. "Where have you midgets been? Humans are all over the place. They're big, loud, obnoxious, and always yelling when they're angry or want something for free. But, I'm a platinum member!"

"A what?" Pips asked.

"A platinum member," Batty continued. "You know? They get all this free stuff if they complain loud enough and act mean enough. There is a bug in my room. This towel is dirty. My alarm clock didn't go off and now I'm late. I refuse to be served by a homosexual. Oh, you black people sure are funny, but I'm still angry. AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!"

"What in the forest is he going on about?" Crysta's father asked.

"Homosexual?" Pips asked, cocking his head to the side. "America?"

Crysta's eyes lit up. "Black people…"

"This is what I get for coming to the country," Batty sighed, shaking his head. "I'm surrounded by hillbillies."


The spray can hissed and another crimson X was born. Zak took a step back from the tall tree and looked it over. Hopefully his X's were big enough for his uncles to see from the Leveler's hub. He'd been told not to make his X's too big because it would waste paint. Apparently it was really expensive to ship in equipment from the city, so they didn't want to run out of paint before the job was totally done.

His cassette player clicked off, which meant it was time to take the tape out and flip it over to Side B. He now wished he'd brought out more tapes than just his Abba one, but he'd make do with what he had. There was just a few more trees that need to have X's sprayed onto them and he'd be done for the day.

"God," he whispered, moving between the dancing trees to the beat of Waterloo. "This is just as boring as I thought it would be."


Several hundred feet from where Zak yawned, the enchanted tree stood in whispering shadow. Deep within, the spirit of destruction raged and howled.


To be continued…

I am so sorry it has taken me forever to update. I have just finished with my studies. I am now a Registered Medical Assistant. YAY! I hope you all enjoy this chapter. I did my best to make it somewhat funny. We will see some more of Zak in the next chapter. Blessings.