Odd Idol is a kind of "Anti-American Idol" fan-fic that I'm going to write. This is a list of contestants, judges and prizes, plus our host. Sasuke, I've decided will be hosting against his will, but I won't reveal anything so soon! ^_^

Odd Idol

Hosted by: Mr. Sasuke Uchiha


Luke Castellan – "One Girl Revolution"

Demyx – "If You Were Gay"

Hinata Hyuuga – "2.B.A. Master"

Lord Voldemort – "Slaughter Your World"

King Galbatorix – "Viva la Vida"

Bonzo Madrid – "Barbie Girl"

Mansex – "I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today"

Axel – "The Internet is for Porn"

Kyle Broflowski – "It Sucks to be Me"

Larxene – "Witch Doctor"

Lois Griffin – "A Star Is Born"

Steve-O – "The Llama Song"

Herbert – "Barbie is a Bitch"

L – "Strangers Like Me"


Simon Cowel

Stewie Griffin

Eric Cartman

Bam Margera

April Margera


1st Place: Chester, Sitar, Chakrams, Tattoos, Unlimited Sweets, Aerial Blades, Backbiter, Voldemorts wand, Galbatorix's Dragon, A coffee can with a salamander in it, Herbert's dog, Lightning Knives, Kyle's hat, Hinata's coat and Peter Griffin

2nd Place: Free pie coupon

3rd Place: Simon Cowel bobble head

4th Place: 2$ iTunes gift card

5th Place: A kick in the pants