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The camera focused in on Sasuke Uchiha, the crowd cheered. Sasuke held up his hands. "If you'll remember, before the break, Galbatorix performed Viva la Vida by Coldplay!" Boos from the crowd. "Apparently, he didn't do so well!" He invited laughs, and he got some. "If you'll also remember, before the break, our spinner landed on Xemnas, who'll be performing I'm not Wearing Underwear Today, from the hit musical, Avenue Q! Come on out, Xemnas!"

Xemnas didn't come out for a minute. Finally, an eerie blackness slunk onto the stage like smoke. A figure materialized onto the stage, but it was a little too close to the edge of the stage. The figure tripped over his feet and onto the judges table. The figure, now revealed to be Xemnas, toppled onto Cartman. Cartman's fat bounced him over April, and onto Bam.

There was an uproar of squealing and fangirling, coupled with a rousing chant of "YAOI! YAOI! YAOI!" led by Robin Williams, who was conducting with a Yaoi paddle.

Bam and Xemnas blushed furiously, their faces as red as Axel's hair. Xemnas climbed off of Bam with his hand behind his head, still blushing. Bam fixed his chair and sat back down, with a look of pure embarrassment on his face. April grabbed her son's head and held it against her chest, repeatedly yelling out typical motherly phrases, amid gales of laughter.

Bam looked over her shoulder, only to see the faces of his best friends, Johnny Knoxville, Ryan Dunn, Weeman, Preston Lacy, Ehren Mcghehey, Dave England, Chris Pontius, Spike Jonze and Jeff Tremaine, plus his father and his uncle, Phil Margera and Don Vito. Almost all were pointing and laughing, except for Vito, who was sitting in his chair, completely oblivious to his nephew, yelling for some veal scaloppini.

Xemnas, still blushing, walked onto the stage next to Sasuke. "Can we just get on with it?"

Sasuke nodded. "If you think that's bad, I once kissed an idiot."

"Oh, I saw the on TV. It was on the Fail Network!" Xemnas said gleefully. "It was a prime-time news bulletin!"

Sasuke bitch slapped him so hard, he fell on top of Bam once again. Maybe he used chakra to make it more powerful.

There was another roaring chant of "YAOI! YAOI! YAOI!" led again by Robin Williams, again conducting with a Yaoi paddle.

Tsunade, the Legendary Sucker, who had won the bet with Sasuke, stood up from her place. "You weren't nice!" She made a hand sign. "PAIN NO-JUTSU!"

Tarzan swung down from the lights and yelled. "Me Tarzan. Me kick you in pants now. You no have babies!" At the moment when he and Sasuke were nearest, Tarzan kicked him in the pants. He flipped twice in the air and landed on top of Bam and Xemnas, which caused an even bigger uproar of "YAOI! YAOI! YAOI!" This time, Bill Cosby, Chuck Norris and Richard Simmons joined Robin Williams with their own Yaoi paddles.

When Bam, Xemnas and Sasuke were all where they needed to be, Shigure Sohma stood up in his place. "Hey Xemnas, I thought Saix was your lapdog!"

Xemnas blushed furiously. In a squeaky voice, he said, "Oh yeah? Well…well shut up!"

It took a few minutes for everyone to calm down.

Soon, Xemnas was singing.

I'm not wearing underwear today

No, I'm not wearing underwear today

Not that you probly care

Much about my underwear

But still, none-the-less, I've gotta say

That I'm not wearing underwear todaaaaaaay!

Before Sasuke could say a word, Mikan Sakura stood up and said, "Oh, get a job!"

Xemnas blushed furiously again, this time out of anger. "Just shut up!" barked Xemnas.

Before it got too serious, Sasuke announced that it was time for the judges to do their thing.

Simon leaned forward slightly. "You know what that was? That was the worst piece of garbage I've ever heard."

Xemnas' face flushed.

Stewie had fallen asleep during Xemnas' performance. Bam hit him in the forehead. "Huh? What'd I miss?" He looked out of it.

Simon spoke up again. "Does the fact that Stewie fell asleep tell you anything?"

Cartman, meanwhile, had busied himself with a bag of his favorite Cheesy Poofs. "I wasn't listening, you douche."

Bam had been sharing the bag with Cartman. "Hey! You stole my line, you fat bastard!"

"Bam! That is no way to talk to an innocent little fourth grader!" yelled April.

Cartman burst out laughing. "If I'm an innocent little boy, then you're Miss December!"

April went red faced. "Why you little-" Seeming to get a hold of herself, April stopped where she was and turned to Xemnas. "Come on honey, even I can't sugar coat it for you."

Xemnas walked off stage with drooping shoulders.

Sasuke stared at him for an instant, then came back to his senses. He spun the wheel, saying, "Let's get on with it! Who's our next victim?"

The spinner landed on Lois Griffin.

"Looks like our next performer will be Lois Griffin, singing A Star is Born, from the favorite Disney movie, Hercules!" Sasuke announced. "See you next time!"


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