A/N: This is the first fic I've written for any TV show and it just happens to be a crossover. Go figure. I'm trying to keep everyone in the story and in character enough, and hopefully I'm succeeding. The exception may be Reid in later chapters but . . . you'll see why. *evil cackle* Enjoy.

Oh yes. And I own nothing. Nadda. Although I sometimes wish I did. . .

"It's Painful. It really makes being a psychic seem boring."

- Daniel Fiendberg


Santa Barbara, 1987

"Dad, who are those guys?"

Henry hadn't wanted to bring Shawn down to the station. Especially not in the middle of a high-profile serial killer case. But it hadn't really been a choice when he'd been called to the school and informed that he needed to actually pick up his son for this month's particular suspension. That had resulted in Shawn taking refuge at Henry's desk and sitting sullenly. So the appearance of two men with guns in full suits had been a great distraction. Henry stopped as he was walking by the desk.

"They're the FBI, Shawn. That doesn't mean you can move."

"Oooh. What do they do?"

"They're what're called profilers. They look inside peoples' heads and try to figure out who they are." For emphasis, Henry poked Shawn's forehead. "So don't make me bring them over here and profile you."

"You'd do that dad?" Shawn seemed ecstatic.

"Absolutely not." Shawn's face fell. "Now sit there and if I see you out of this chair . . ." he left the threat hanging as he hurried off to the duo of agents.