As soon as I woke up I sat bolt upright not knowing were I was. My heart was going faster than normal. Flashbacks of what happened flooded my head. I was going to kill them. I clenched my fist that was hidden under the blanket. The blonde haired boy in front of me was very pale and smelled of a vampire had spoke "You're safe." I could feel my emotions simmer down and an unnatural calm come over me. What power was that? It was similar to Luca's. Hmmm I would have to investigate once I stopped hurting like hell. I ached everywhere and the burning in my side told me that the curse kicked in again. Lovely! I looked around the room. They were all vampires that explained the strong scent of them. Most supernatural creatures didn't like the smell of vampires. Too sweet but that's a way to be sure the vampire weren't hunted. I had gotten used to it when you date a vampire you sort of tend to miss it. My gaze landed on another blonde guy the one who was exactly like my dream. Then it fell on the brunette chick Who spoke next her voice was fun to listen to most vampires are. "What's your name, honey?" Hmm My name that's right they didn't know my name I had to stop myself from giving a smirk when I said it but that didn't stop all my confidence from shining through. Confidence that could make a panther waver. "I'm Raven Shields." I didn't know there's and it was only right that I did. Before I could ask A dark boy with shaggy hair who was shirtless and holding a little girl who looked like the age of six came in the room. After them a large loud buff guy with dark hair followed by a thin blonde woman. Another woman with caramel colored hair came and fussed over bronze boy. "Damn Edward what did you hit?" I flinched when buff dude spoke which wasn't smart because that made me hurt worse. Bronze boy was going to speak but I beat him to it "that would be me." I gave a wave with the arm that hurt the least when there wasn't much of a difference. "Hi." He looked at me taking in my eyes and my appearance. "Edward Your car is beyond fixing and I thought you would have been more careful." Blondie told bronze boy. The mother type person stopped fussing over bronze boy, whose name I guess is Edward, and looked at me when I spoke. She then took in what I looked like. "Who's this?" She asked. "Um who are you?" I asked back "Oh I'm sorry this is terribly rude of us. I'm Esme this is my husband Carlisle, This is Edward and his wife Bella and that's their daughter Renesmee and holding her is Jacob Black. This is Emmet and Rosalie and those two are Alice and Jasper." I nodded "I'm raven shields Ok Mother type person your Esme, Doctor dude who was friends with my dad is Carlisle which I knew that one already. Wide-eyed chick is Bella Bronze boy who hit me is Edward " I noticed a small gasp escape from his daughter her heart was like a flutter kind of like mine. My heart was faster than a human's but slower than a demon's and kept a steady beat. "The wolf is Jacob the hybrid is Renesmee, Pixie chick is Alice, and stiff boy is Jasper. Buff dude who makes me ache worse is Emmet and model girl is Rosalie. Did I miss anyone?"

"How did you know Carlisle's name? How did you know he was a doctor?" Bella asked me. I considered carefully how to answer. "I had a dream last night after the ball and I had dreams about my parents before but this one was different. My dreams always consisted of little things mainly memories that I have of them and the few things I remember or learned about them but this it was of the past before I was born. A conversation between Carlisle and my father had taken place." Carlisle seemed intrigued by this "would you care to tell us something your father said?" I nodded slowly but it still hurt "He said 'I'm going to be having a family of my own soon Orenda looks like she about to pop and don't tell her I said that or she might send me flying into a wall or worse.'" Raven gave a perfect imitation of her father even to the carefree tone he always used. "I see. Should you have been able to have that dream?" Carlisle asked me. The question was a tad confusing but I knew what he was getting at. "No I inherited my power premonition not being one of them." I was starting to get numb now from the constant ache but the usual spasm of pain hit me reminding me that I was never going to be free of it. "My goddess that hurts" I gripped the side of the sofa almost ripping a hole in it. I fell back on the sofa my breathing a tad ragged.

"Are you ok?" Was the main question from Carlisle I got asked "what hurts?" I replied to both through clenched teeth "I'm fine and my side." Neit had jumped on the back of the sofa "Wondered where you were Neit." She sat tail swishing watching the Cullen family closely. "You couldn't have sustained that injury from a car crash. Where did you acquire it?" Edward asked seemingly curious. "It's a curse placed on me when I was three years old." I said bluntly "it reopens every once in a while and thanks to you its open now." Edward continued to watch me closely and Bella looked apologetic. "Raven you have a nice kitty can I hold her please?" Renesmee asked me her voice like little bells. I gave a smile then looked to Neit. 'The child interests me.' " Well, let me help." I told her. The others looked at me "Help you can barley move with out being in pain" Jasper said to me. I started to laugh Neit giving her equivalent as well. "Don't make me laugh it hurts too much. Jasper who said I was going to move?" Carlisle had a fascinated look on his face and Edward looked intrigued the others mainly curious. "How do you plan do move her without moving yourself?" Bella asked from her spot beside me "that's quite simple. Watch and learn." I moved my head and pictured Neit floating. It wasn't hard I do this often it was more like a second nature to me. I moved her over to Renesmee. Renesmee laughed and clapped her hands excitedly. "Telekinesis " Edward asked "Yes what's your power?" I asked him. I knew at least he had one and Jasper too. "What makes you think we have any?" He asked it in innocent curiosity I couldn't pick anything defensive or guarded from him to give away that they did have powers. His actions spoke to me though. "Your always watching me carefully and you always have this calculating look in your eyes and something else not exactly sure how to explain it but I've seen before. You Edward are a telepath. I grew up with a telepath so I'm not sure how yours works but I'm guessing you can't... What's the word I'm looking for oh that's right dig into someone's mind like she could. I would feel it if you did." I looked to Jasper. He was in front of me so this didn't' hurt at all. Thank the goddess. I knew his power the moment he used it on me "Jasper's power is empathy. I know that he can control emotions and not sure what else." I saw Jasper blink in surprise. "Well done." He said. I smiled. I knew I was good though his wasn't hard to guess. I glanced at Neit who was purring loudly under Renesmee's touch. She looked at me and her words entered my mind "Don't get cocky Raven!" I scowled and Edward gave a snort of laughter. "What is it?" Bella asked him. "It's nothing" He told her looking at Neit Jacob looked at the cat. "Is there a reason you named her Night or is it because she's as dark as night?" He asked me. I smiled "No not N - I - G- H - T" I spelled it out "Its N - E - I - T" I spelled it correctly for him. "Spelled differently pronounced the same. Neit is Egyptian." Carlisle had said something next "The goddess of the hunt." "That's right." I told him. My aches hurt less and it was numb again. I should have at least been able to stand. "I think I could stand now" I said as I tried getting up. I stood and the room spun and the numbness was gone. "Crap this hurts" I fell forward Edward was the one to catch me. I felt a pang in my heart remembering the times Cade had to catch me like that. "Carlisle we can't keep her on the sofa it must be uncomfortable for her with those injuries why doesn't Edward take her to his old room the bed is still there she can sleep there for now." Esme suggested the ever-helpful mother hen. "Fine thought. Edward is that fine with you? " To me it seemed to Carlisle that was still Edward's room and he was the one to carry me up there so it was polite to ask permission. "That's perfectly fine." He fixed me in his arms better. "Bags" I told him. He smiled "of course" he grabbed my bags and ran me upstairs. Once up there he set me in the large bed and I covered myself telekinetically.

He looked at me and stared back." Can you get me the black backpack please? Hand me the lightning patterned book." He took the book out and handed it to me. I endured the pain in my arms to take it. "You shouldn't move if it hurts you that much You'll never heal right if you keep pushing yourself." He scolded me. "Don't worry so much." I replied back. "Who's the raven-haired boy with the green eyes that keeps appearing in your thoughts?" He asked me. I knew this was coming and Cade's sweet face flooded my vision. I felt the pang in my heart again. "That would be Cade." I told him honestly. The photo album switched automatically to the pictures of the two of us. I had to stop myself from sighing. That would have hurt if I did. "You love him very much." That wasn't a question but I wondered how he knew well the pictures showed that we were very much in love but how he said it displayed a different meaning "Yeah I do is it that obvious" I said sarcastically "I see your thoughts and that look in your eyes I see it briefly every time his face crosses your mind. It's brief because you don't want to think of him but its there I know what that look implies because I see it in my own wife's eyes every day and I'm sure I've given the male equivalent of it to her." I gave a small smile "If you don't mind me asking I wanted to know what was it you were dreaming earlier?" It wars nice that he was polite about it "No its fine The February after my third birthday wasn't a pleasant one. I lost my parents and received this scar which is only a reminder of the curse that left it there. The curse is a sacrificial demon one nearly impossible to break. My parents being the sacrifice and I had gotten away with a large gash in my side my parents were able to protect me for as long as they could I had gotten away with a rather large gash were that wound is now. He had used the last of my parents as the sacrifice and written the curse in my own blood, I don't remember much about my parents just the little memories I do have and what's in Mom's family spell book and that photo album." I looked at the ceiling fighting back the tears that were coming They were stopped at his next question. "Why did you run?" Hm that was a good question I left the castle because I was fed up with not getting the truth why I was running from that demon and troll I didn't know. "Why I ran from home or why was I running right in the middle of the road?" He looked thoughtful probably contemplating which one to go with. "Both" His eyes held such intensity it shocked me. Those eyes could probably put anyone under its power. I was already the victim of a vampire's spell as he was under mine and neither of us was really complaining. "Well from home that one is simple I want answers and no one would give them to me. They always had an excuse things like 'what are you talking about ' or ' It's not important.' And my absolute favorite 'Your not ready to know yet.'" One of the pillows flew across the room reacting to my anger at remembering Rowan's words. "In the woods I'm not sure why I ran but there was a demon and a troll that had cornered a girl and I tried to stop them. The girl got away and one of them tried to touch me I bit his hand and I ran. His blood tasted funny." I made a face as I remembered the way his blood tasted. It wasn't right. "Not sure why I ran, I could have taken them, but I did."

A knock at the door sounded and Edward called "Come in." At the door was Bella and Renesmee. "Edward she would like a bedtime story." I smiled at this. "Did she show you her present?" He asked. I saw Bella frown "No she wants Raven to be better first." I looked at Renesmee and thought of something. I saw Edward cock an eyebrow at me. "Renesmee do you want me to tell you a story?" Renesmee looked at me and a huge smile crossed her face. "Yes, please" She climbed on the bed beside me and got herself comfortable.

"Once upon a time there was a small kingdom in am oasis nestled in the deserts of Egypt. Unknown to the kingdom their queen was a demon and so was her son the crowned prince. The queen was loved by all in her kingdom well almost every one. They had this other demon that resided in this kingdom that wished to rule and take the seat of power."

I heard Carlisle outside in the hall he was listening but I paid no mind to him and never hesitated in this story, "The crowned prince had decided to take a trip and try making his luck at sea. Upon the prince's leave the other demon decided to attack. The queen thinking she would be weakened. But when he reached the castle the queen was no where to be found. She had given the castle to him freely or so he thought. The queen knew of his plans and of his identity. He was the father of her child the prince, after her kingdom. She knew the people would revolt against him. So she waited in the shadows till that day came. When it did she led the revolt against him taking the throne once more. The queen has been ruling her kingdom for many years and still continues to rule. Every year the crown prince will go back home to his kingdom. Now the kingdom is one full of demons. The prince had found a bride many years later and when he returned home with his bride the queen was not happy to learn that his bride was a human. She was not just any human a witch at that. The queen had showed welcome to her son's new bride knowing it would not last. Before the princes departure to go back to their new home the queen tried to talk some sense into her son. The prince claimed he was in love and that he had found his soul mate now after all this time. That visit ended on a sour note. The queen was not happy and only heard from the prince once since that faithful day when he brought h=to her his new bride. She had received a letter to inform her that she had become a grandmother. The queen had lived miserably ruling her kingdom knowing what she had done to her son while the prince and his bride with their little princess lived happily ever after."

Renesmee had already fallen asleep and not long after I uttered the last word of the story so had I. My dream this time was of Luca she was at school and getting yelled at for hanging a cheerleader from a fence. The head cheerleader too. Hey who could blame her that Chelsea chick was a total bitch and that's putting it lightly. It shifted and I saw Darklie she was sleeping? No not sleeping she was using her other power. The half vampire cousin of mine her powers were to control the weather and dream walking. My phantom self that was watching the others turned seeing a very real and very pissed Darklie. "You leave with no warning and just a note you can send an email you know or a phone call or use the bond we have to let us know your ok." She was yelling at me. "Darklie chill. I'm fine well at least I will be, a car kind of hit me but I'm going to be just fine. I want answers Darklie and I'm going to get them. I can send emails. You'll get one soon. I promise now get out of my dream NOW!!!!!" I forced her out of my dream and woke up to the early morning light of dawn. I climbed out of the huge bed and stretched. All my aches were gone and my side had healed up fine that was the only ache I had but that was normal. I headed downstairs and they had Bella, Edward and Emmet in the kitchen. "What's for breakfast?" I asked a wide smile on my face. "You shouldn't be up Raven what about your injuries." Bella asked surprised I was up and moving. "I'm fine Bella look." I removed all the gauze and tape and medical stuff showing Bella my skin was flawless once again except from that one scar I have from the curse. I gave her a grin showing off my fangs. I looked down at my clothes. They were torn and muddy and I needed to change. "I'll be right back." I smiled and went upstairs to change. I emptied out my bag of clothes and settled for my black cargo pants and Metro Station band tee. I wiggled my toes looking at my bare feet liking how the crimson color of my toes looked. I headed downstairs.