Okay guys, sorry it took so long. There was a section of it I wasn't exactly having fun writing, so I kinda just stopped for a little while. But I did finish it. This part of the trilogy is a bit longer than the others I think. Put more personal stuff in it; you'll see later on in the story. Please review, and thanks for reading! :)

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The time had finally come for me to leave So Random!. Even though I was torn up about it, it was plain to see that there was no way I could go on filming episodes considering how big I was getting, and there wasn't much of a chance I could go back to acting once I was a mother. I had given three years of my life to the show and enjoyed every minute of it, but now it was time to move on. One thing I knew was that Nico, Grady, Tawni and Zora would always be a part of my life. You just can't get rid of friends like that.

It was a particularly sunny morning, the day after Marshall told me he had to let me go, that I was thinking all this over. I couldn't believe, despite all the sadness in my life, how good things were for me. I may have lost So Random!, but I had a wonderful husband who had walked away from the biggest job of his career just to be with me, great friends who still came to visit, a beautiful house to live in, and a daughter I couldn't wait to see. I couldn't help smiling.

"What are you thinking about?"

I hadn't noticed that Chad was awake. He was staring at me as if captivated.

"You," I replied.

Chad pulled me towards him and kissed me. "You know what I was thinking about?"

"What?" I asked, breathless. I still hadn't gotten over that soaring feeling that I got every time he kissed me.

"That I'm pretty sure you're an angel who just happened to fall from the sky into my arms."

"That's pretty corny, you know."

"I know. But I mean it."

I laughed. "Do you want anything for breakfast?"

"Only if I make it."

"Chad, you know there's no such thing as 'blackened eggs', right? It's called 'burnt' in most cultures."

"Fine, if you don't appreciate my cooking, we'll have to just stay here all day."

"Sounds good to me," I said, loving the feeling of his fingers raking through my hair. I closed my eyes and relaxed. My contentment was cut short, however, thanks to a sharp kick in my side. "Ouch! I think the baby disagrees with me," I said, laying a hand on my belly.

"Pancake mix it is," Chad announced, jumping out of bed.

"Wait! You have no idea how to handle that griddle!" I called after him. I started to follow him, but the little person inside of me was having none of it. After a couple more painful kicks I resigned myself to lying back down. "Blackened pancakes it is," I sighed. Poor guy. He was a horrible cook, although it wasn't from lack of trying. Some people are just meant to stay out of the kitchen. But now that I was seven months along, it was getting harder to do the job myself, so burnt breakfasts were becoming more common. It was a good thing I was hopelessly in love with Chad.