Naruto: Emotions

By Patsuki21

Inside the Hokage tower

In the office of the Hokage were three people; the first was an elderly man. He was easily in his sixties judging by his wrinkles and his eyes which seemed to have seen many things over the years. He was sitting in a large leather chair wearing what red and white robes with a large hat that said 'Fire'. The second person was a woman in her late teens she had beautiful, long raven hair that came past her neck. Her eyes were a strange, yet hypnotic, ruby red. She wore a strange outfit that was comprised of a shirt what seemed to be a dress made of long strips of white cloth and a black line in the center of all of them, with one red sleeve. Finally the last person was a baby that looked no older than a few weeks old with a tuft of blond hair and three whisker marks on the side of his face that seemed adorable. He was wrapped in blankets sleeping in the lap of the old man.

While the baby slept the old man, Hiruzen Sarutobi, and the young lady, Kurenai Yuuhi, were discussing the fate of the young lad.

"Kurenai you must be wondering why you are here. Well I will get down to it; I need you to raise Naruto for me for two reasons both personal and professional. First is that as you have already been informed that Naruto holds the Nine-Tailed Fox, he will need somebody that can be there to care for him and protect him." Sarutobi took a sad glance at the sleeping child and continued. "The other reason is that you are the best to train Naruto" Sarutobi explained. "For what Hokage–sama" Kurenai wondered.

"Naruto needs to be raised and trained to use his bloodline; this bloodline is different from others like the Sharingan and the Byakugan. The power given to those who wield this bloodline is control" Sarutobi cryptically answered. Kurenai still had not gotten the answers she wanted so she pushed on. "Control over what?" she asked.

"Emotions that was the power given to Uzumaki clan; the power to change a brave harden shinobi into a shy schoolgirl could change the tide of any war. To use this power the Uzumaki's were raised as a paradox they were taught all the emotions conceived by man, but they were taught not to express any of them. Their bloodline has similar effects as genjustu, since that is your expertise it would be a logical choice to choose you." Sarutobi took a draw from his pipe, blowing the smoke out. "Kurenai I must have an answer can you raise Naruto in a way as a mother and sensei?" the old man asked with a serious look in his eyes.

Kurenai looked at Hiruzen then at Naruto she saw him an innocent little child who could either be protected by her or left to defend himself with the scorn of the village bringing him down into a pit of depression. Kurenai had decided

"Hokage-sama I promise I will care, protect, and raise Naruto" Kurenai stated proudly. The elderly leader stared warmly at the woman who he knew would take great care of the boy.

"That is great to here Yuuhi-san I have faith that my trust in you is not misplaced" Hiruzen said to the young woman with a warm smile. Pulling out an envelope "Here is a sum of money to pay for Naruto's expenses, I will send you an envelope of money once a month" Hiruzen explained. "Hokage-sama, what about my missions; the village needs as many shinobi as possible after the Kyuubi disaster" Kurenai wondered.

"That is why after three months of leave from missions I will let you choose a trustworthy shinobi to take care of Naruto" Hiruzen explained showing he had thought of these problems beforehand.

With that problem solved Kurenai had no more questions as she took the small baby holding protectively like any mother would for her child. The baby awoke staring around with his cerulean blue eyes, as he saw the woman holding him. He stared at her into her red eyes and smiled at the woman who held him. As Kurenai held the baby she took the boy's things and made her way to her house.

Kurenai's house

Once, Kurenai set up everything for Naruto she had placed him in a crib after putting him to sleep. She smiled down at the small boy she thought was her little angel. She turned at a noise it was a knock at the door she went to go answer to see who it was. She opened the door to meet a woman with purple hair tied into a ponytail wearing a tan trenchcoat and with a fishnet shirt leaving little to the imagination, along with a skirt that reached down to her mid-thigh. It was her best friend, Anko Mitarashi.

"Hello Anko" Kurenai greeted her friend in a surprised fashion. "Hey Kurenai-chan what you been up to" walking in as Kurenai allowed her into the house. "Well there is something I want to show you, but you have to be quiet" Kurenai explained to Anko as she motioned to follow her; being curious Anko followed. Once Kurenai opened the door Anko had spotted the little blond baby asleep, but held in her shock so as not to disturb the child's rest.

After the two women had slipped out Anko immediately shot off her burning question. "Kurenai where did you get the baby" Anko asked; Kurenai quickly explained to Anko all that happened not leaving out any detail. As Anko processed the information she had come to a decision. "Kurenai I am going to help you raise little Naru-chan" Anko stated firmly with no hesitation. "Are you sure Anko it's a lot of responsibility to take care of a kid?" Kurenai asked her friend. "Positive" Anko exclaimed. This burst caused Naruto to wake up crying out for attention. Anko had rushed to take care of the baby to prove to her friend of her certainty. Once she had picked up Naruto, she had forgotten all about her promise and only thought about caring for the baby as her motherly instincts kicked and cradled the baby rocking him back and forth soothingly, these actions caused Naruto to drift back to sleep.

While this was going on, Kurenai watched the touching scene as her friend showed a different side of herself she had not shown anyone, except little Naruto. After, watching this she knew that it would be mutually beneficial to both her and Anko if she helped. She could rest easy that her adopted son would be in capable hands; while Anko could be loved by somebody, after the incident with Orochimaru.

After Anko laid down the sleeping boy back in his crib, she looked at Kurenai who nodded at her, giving her answer, which made Anko smile her infectious smile that seemed to take over her face.

4 Months later

As time progressed the two women got closer to the baby, even protective watching out for anything out to harm their child. Inside the house, Kurenai and Anko were playing with the child in his little playpen giving him a plushy, orange fox. Naruto seemed very interested in the fox as he shook and tossed the plushy around causing him to laugh which warmed his two surrogate mothers' hearts. After falling asleep from so much excitement he was found in a little orange pajama suit cuddling his fox toy. Without a doubt Kurenai and Anko took many pictures to remember the moment forever.

Naruto even made friends over time. Such as a shy little Hyuuga girl named Hinata. Kurenai's friend Ondan Hyuuga wife of Hiashi Hyuuga, she heard about the little child Kurenai took care of, and belived both her daughter and this little boy needed a friend to play with. When he first met Hinata she was shy and confused of the new place and the new person, but Naruto was curious and went to go learn about this new person. Once he got close to her he felt that she was scared about this place. Processing all the information, Naruto came up with the best solution he crawled over to her and gave her a reassuring hug. Not prepared for this, Hinata blushed from this new sensation from the new boy she met. While outside the playpen, the three ladies scrambled for their cameras to capture the cute scene. Ondan felt it would be good to let her daughter visit Naruto more often as she seemed to be happier then she had very seen before.

Anko found Naruto a friend that she believed would be helpful to him when he begins training, since Aburames must think clearly and somewhat unemotional to control their bugs. Shino Aburame, heir to the Aburame clan, met with Naruto after Anko talked with his father, Shibi Aburame; Anko became friends with Shibi through work while he helped in tracking targets during her assassination missions. To many of the Aburame's surprise Naruto did not cry or was scared by Shino when some of his Kikai bugs came out of his arm, Naruto treated him like a normal person letting him play with his ball and played games with him. With this action Shibi, and in turn, the Aburame clan showed respect to Naruto and his family.

While Kurenai watched Naruto, he seemed to show what all his bloodline does; he seemed to pick up on the mood of people around him. One time after a long mission when Anko came home, she seemed depressed about something while Naruto was playing with his plushy fox until Anko passed him. Naruto seemed to have reacted to the way Anko had felt. Naruto stood up, barely, and wobbled over to Anko who was sitting in a chair depressed. Once Naruto reached her he placed his orange fox toy on her lap and hugged her leg, hoping to make his mother smile again. It did the trick, as Anko's mood did a 180 for the better thanking her son by giving him motherly hug.

Soon more well respected shinobi joined the family of Naruto. Such as Ibiki Morino; yes the sadist grew a soft spot for the blonde and hesaw something more in Naruto. He saw Naruto becoming a great interrogator who reinvented the profession; being able to draw out emotions a shinobi would do his best to hide to extract information saving time and lives. Ibiki took on the role for Naruto as a father figure and sensei.

Naruto had the makings of a truly great shinobi. Being raised and trained by two of the greatest Kunoichi in Konoha, along with respect and friends from two of the most respected clans. Finally, a bloodline that gave him control over the one thing that shinobi are taught to control, emotions. With these advantages given to him, he will become a great shinobi, but with even tougher challenges.

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