Konoha Psychologist

Life as the Psychologist

(In the Konoha Forrest)

In the woods, a beast was running past trees and through bushes to get away from its pursuers. It soon passed through a large bush that led to a clearing with nothing to use as a device to hide. A branch cracked, the beast new it had no chance at avoiding the stalking figures; it would have to stand its ground now. The beast waited for the attack and waited, but the attack never came. The beast stood their confused at the lack of assault. The beast stopped as he soon felt a soothing presence overtake the air and itself soon relaxed its body, it own mind was drifting into an unconscious state. The three figures who had been chasing the beast hovered over their captured prey."Target confirmation: target has red ribbon on the left ear" One of the figures said into a small mic. A voice spoke back, "Target confirmed it is Tora, return to base". "Hai Kurenai-sensei" The three figures answered simutaneouly as they soon sped off with the beast in custody to their meeting place.

(The Hokage Tower)

"OH! Thank you for saving my precious Tora" an overweight woman said in an way of complete admiration while crushing the now rescued feline. "It was our pleasure, Madame Shinji" Kurenai said to the woman in her usual soft voice. Beside her stood her students: Hinata Hyuuga, Shino Aburame, and Naruto Uzumaki. In front of them was the Hokage and Iruka who had been giving missions out all day. All of the students stood in a manner of seriousness. After Madame Shinji had paid the money for her misson the mood changed. "Naruto I must commend you on your Genjustu prowess the ability to use Aura of Nirvana is truly astounding for one at your age,but I shouldn't be surprised with the best Genjutsu kunoichi in our village as your teacher" Sarutobi commended the boy. "Thank you Hokage-sama, but as the Shinobi Psychologist I suggest never assigning Team 8 the Tora Capture Mission, I fear my team will likely kill the target. I suggest a mission that can better prove our skills that form our team." Naruto stated in a straight face. The Hokage smoked his pipe while contemplating what the blonde was saying even though it was a more polite way of saying 'Screw you old man I am never doing this mission again'.

"Naruto it doesn't work that way, you are not allowed to take higher ranking missions, you are still fresh out of the academy" explained Iruka who was sitting beside the elderly leader. "Iruka-san if I remember correctly a Genin team can take a C-rank mission with the approval of both the Hokage and the team's Jounin-sensei" Shino pointed out, he too grew tired of rescueing Tora even if they did have the best time. "They are right Iruka, and with Kurenai's permission I would like to see how they fare on a higher ranked mission" the elderly Hokage replied in tone suited for a team's attention shifted to their sensei. " I agree that Team should be allowed to take a C-rank mission," Kurenai replied. "Alright, Team 8 will report tommorow morning for their mission; understood." Sarutobi explained. Team 8 nodded and left to rest up and prepare for their first C-rank mission.

(Konoha Torture and Interrogation Base)

The building was the place where all criminals and persons of interest were questioned, with interrogation rooms for privacy and silence so they could get the accurate and maximum information. Most of the standard interrogation rooms were split with the initial interrogation room where the action happened and the observation room which was used by other interrogators to watch the interrogation without interrupting or distracting from the questioning; this side is the side Naruto was watching from. Ibiki had called for his help on a foreign shinobi that was captured. The man, from what Naruto could tell, was an Iwa shinobi, at least a chunin, and very depressed. Ibiki had just walked into the room with Naruto and greeted him.

"Ah! Naruto I'm glad you came I need your help getting information out of this guy". " Who is this guy Ibiki-tousan ?" Naruto asked trying to get informationm to give Ibiki better advise. "His name is Maruishi Kabe, from our info from our spies in Iwagakure, he is a high ranked jounin is said to be a hopeful for the Go Hashira;that should tell you how strong he is" Ibiki explained to Naruto of the mysterious prisoner. It was true what Ibiki had said being even considered for the Go Hashira was a great honor in Iwa. They were Iwa's version of the Konoha Sannin, they were strong high leveled shinobi and kunoichi who were known for their strength and leadership; on missions and in battles their rank was only surpassed by the Tsuchikage himself. To kill a shinobi of their prestige was something, but capturing one was astounding. Naruto processed all this information to build an idea of this man, then he turned to his scarred father-figure. "Tou-san what do you need help with?" Naruto asked curiously. Ibiki looked to his "son" with his usual serious face that seemed to be etched in stone. "This man is very important to Iwagakure; as such to not start a war we must return him back to his village, but the question as to why he was found outside our walls, along with two other Iwa ninja, must be answered."

"But the reason I need your help is that the man is stuck in deep depression, I usually break them to that state afterwards. If I interrogate him know I will just deepen his depression; that is why I need you to do it I need somone who can emotionally help him while extracting information from him, no one else is better at that then you son" Ibiki explained to Naruto who smiled at the faith his dad had placed in him. "Here is the file on the capture and battle from the ANBU cell that captured him" Ibiki explained as he handed Naruto a folder. After taking one last look at the prisoner Naruto left the watching room to enter the main interrogation room.

Naruto walked in to the small room and looked at the man before him. Maruishi was a tall man and had a strong build that had been gained from years of training and challenging battles. His hair was mostly covered up by his bandanna style headband, but from what Naruto could see it was light brown growing down to the middle of his neck. The thing Naruto had paid most attention was his eyes, through Naruto's training he had learned you can most times learn what a person is feeling by looking into their eyes. What Naruto saw when looking into Maruishi's hazel eyes he saw a dark pit of depression with no escape from the ever-growing darkness.

'Patient seems to be stuck in deep depression, but seems like he his remembering something. I'll use Ninjou no jutsu to see what he is feeling' Naruto analyzed in his head. Naruto focused his chakra to prepare to use his bloodline's main power, Ninjou no jutsu, a technique to feel his targets strongest current emotion that he or she was feeling, only people who have developed a way of blocking out emotions could shield his view. Using his jutsu Naruto easily found what Maruishi was feeling. He was feeling guilt, a deep guilt that seemed to haunt the man and would probably continue to haunt this man for the rest of his entire life.

As Naruto had finished his jutsu he read into the report of Maruishi's capture. Apparently two other shinobis with him were killed by a misplaced explosion tag thrown by Maruishi for a getaway. 'I see he sees it as his fault that they are dead blaming himself not only for letting them die, but for him surviving' Naruto thought as he devised a interrogation strategy. Naruto sat down in the chair directly opposite of Maruishi to begin the interrogation. " Maruishi sono Toride that is what many people called him by is it not? The man who would not flinch at the strongest attack or lose one inch of ground in battle, a man that would never give up. Where is that man? I heard we caught him near the wall and I wanted to see what he was like, but all I see is a broken old man." Naruto said in feign ignorance. Maruishi looked up at Naruto with a look of dull hatred. "Shut up kid, you have no right to speak to me like that." Maruishi said in an experienced anger. "Oh there he is, I wondered where you were now I can start asking what you were doing here." Naruto replied. Maruishi was getting was getting angry at this kid who was mocking him. "Kid you have no idea what your talking about. You have no idea what I have seen in my years as a shinobi." Maruishi said trying to put this kid in his place. " Oh well if I'm such a kid why don't you explain it to me?" Naruto qustioned.

Maruishi told Naruto why they were there during his story, apparently the Tsuchikage wanted an estimate on Konoha's power today. While most interrogators would have left the room after learning what he wanted to know Naruto was not like most interrogators. Naruto stayed with Maruishi helping him to deal with their deaths and not blame himself. After a couple hours of talking Maruishi seemed to back to normal, Naruto stood and walked to the door to leave, but stopped and turned around. "Maruishi remember as a future Go Hashirayou are supposed to always support Iwagakure with all your might and never fail ,never forget that." Naruto said to Maruishi as he soon left the Interrogation room.

(Unamed office)

Naruto had walked to a office building, but this building was special this building was given to him by Sarutobi to use for pyschological therapy for ninja who asked for help. Today was Naruto's first day beginning therapy; he could only hope for the best. Naruto waited behind a mahogany desk for someone to come in for his help. A few minutes a man walked into the building, the man had black, spiked hair that slanted to one side held up by an equally slanted headband. The man was dressed in traditional jounin uniform, but what really stood out about the man to Naruto was the man's red framed sunglasses.

"Hello, I have an appointment today scheduled" the man said to Naruto. Naruto looked at his small schedule book to find a name of the man. "Ah yes Aoba Yamashiro, please follow me to the office" Naruto said leading Aoba into a room. Upon entering the room Aoba looked around, he saw a brown arm chair and a seat that seemed to be more comfortable to lay back in. "Please have a seat," Naruto insisted directing Aoba to sit in the more laid back chair. Aoba followed the suggestion and laid back relaxing his body of stress. Naruto now sitting down picked up a notepad and a pen. "Now what seems to be troubling you today". Naruto asked Aoba. "Well you see ever since I've been recently promoted to jounin, I've been feeling small and weak compared to people like Kakashi, Asuma, and others that are known for their achievements; I don't think I was ready to become a jounin" Aoba explained looking up at the ceiling.

After joting down something Naruto looked at Aoba with a composed look on his face. "Aoba-san do you think that the Hokage is an idiot" Naruto asked in a serious manner. "What! No I would never think that Hokage-sama was stupid." Aoba exclaimed at the question of his leader. "Well then why do you question his judgement of you" Naruto asked. Aoba looked down after thinking about what he said. "Aoba-san I have faith in the Hokage that he chose to promote you, because you were ready to excell in new challenges that wait for you, also don't think of how small you are to others think of it has how much room you have to grow stronger and make yourself someone to be remembered," Naruto said with conviction. Aoba looked up he felt invigorated like he had been boosted with adrenaline and nothing could stop him. "Yes your right if I have been chosen by the Hokage I have to make sure he was right to choose me, and I will prove he was right" Aoba declared standing up out of the chair. Naruto stood up and shook Aoba's hand "Glad to hear it, now come by anytime you need help" Naruto said.

After Aoba paid Naruto for his help and left, Naruto locked up and went home to sleep and getting ready for his first C-rank mission.

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