Chapter 60

The wedding chapel was golden and luxurious. White flowers adorned the pews and the altar, and a white rug ran down the aisle. It was simple, yet also so very elegant.

Cameron, House, Wilson, Cuddy, and Rachel all took seats near the back. Typically, the son of the bride would sit near the front, but House wanted to hide from the crowd as much as possible. It wasn't necessarily the thought of seeing his mother again that upset him, but rather of seeing the people who had defined his childhood. There were several family members in attendance, but also several marines who had likely worked with his father and befriended his mother. If there was one place he never wanted to return to, it was his childhood. Yet here he was, as he had been at his father's funeral, caught in the midst of it all and praying for some miracle to help him escape. He knew that no such miracle would arrive, though, unless he counted Cameron, of course. He couldn't believe that she would fly all the way to Las Vegas and put herself through a miserable conference just so she could stand by him at his mother's wedding. It was certainly more of an effort than he'd put forth when showing up at her sister's funeral, but he knew that if necessary, he would have done the same for her. After all, he loved her.

Sure, they weren't a couple now, but there was nothing saying they wouldn't become one in the future. Their perfect bond lie somewhere in-between friendship and relationship, and although slightly unorthodox, he wouldn't change it for the world—at least not yet. After kissing Cameron in the hotel, House was beginning to wonder what sort of things he was missing out on. Perhaps he wasn't ready for a romantic relationship quite yet, but he hoped that soon he would be. And when he was, Cameron would be there.

Cameron observed the man standing at the altar before leaning into House and whispering, "He looks like Sean Connery."

House smirked as he remembered Wilson saying the same thing at his father's funeral. Perhaps this night wouldn't be so bad after all.

Cameron sat back in her seat, almost leaning up against House's shoulder because of the tight spacing. She knew he wouldn't mind, though. She took a calming deep breath as she marveled at her luxurious surroundings. It was like living in a dream, but then again, wasn't that what a wedding was supposed to feel like? She wondered if she would ever have another wedding of her own. After her father's leaving, Cameron had always dreamed of having the perfect family, but look where that had gotten her. She'd watched her first husband die and had divorced her second husband.

The effects of dreams amazed Cameron. However frightening, they could bring people to notice what their eyes couldn't see. House's nightmares and hallucinogenic visions had scared him until he'd finally understood their significance. Although his dreams had been terrible, they had helped him to realize his true dream of not being alone. Unfortunately, though, some dreams could prove more dangerous than productive. Cameron's dream of the ideal family had resulted in both death and divorce. Jenny had died trying to transform herself into a prima ballerina, and Natalie had almost done the same. And other times, dreams are simply taken away by an outside force. Cameron had wanted a happy family but couldn't stop her father or Chase from leaving. Andy had never gotten the chance to share a love with Jenny because of her death.

Cameron supposed that the only thing we, as people, could do was to keep dreaming. We could only wish for the best and hope that our dreams didn't lead us down a dark path. We simply had to acknowledge the fact that maybe the one thing we dream about isn't what's best for us. Perhaps it is something else that we truly need. And we can only hope that we realize that reality in time. This thought made Cameron consider her brother Sam and his wife Jackie. They had always wanted a child of their own, but they'd failed to conceive. So, they had adopted baby Noah. He had been a completely unexpected, yet entirely welcome, gift. And thinking of her brother's happy family made her think of the family she'd always dreamed of.

Cameron realized that she never really wanted a happy family. She didn't want a husband or children. Like House, she simply didn't want to be alone anymore. And thanks to him, she wasn't. In fact, she wasn't even in a relationship, yet she felt less lonely now than she had in years. She had been looking for a family, but instead she'd found a friend.

That was one of life's pleasant surprises. You could wander through the world hoping for one thing but then receive something even better. You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you can get what you need—something completely unexpected and beyond your wildest dreams.

Chase had wanted to spend the rest of his life with Cameron, but their marriage had failed. And as a result, he'd learned that it's just as important to find someone who loves you in return as it is to love another person. He'd wanted Cameron but had found Natalie, who cared for him as much as he cared for her.

At first Cuddy had wanted a relationship with House, but then she'd found Wilson. And now, she had the family that she never thought she could have had.

Wilson had gone through three failed marriages without ever having children, and up until recently, he'd been satisfied with not being a father. Unlike wives, children were real commitments he couldn't simply divorce. Yet now, here he was as a surrogate father for Cuddy's daughter Rachel. He never could have seen it coming, yet he wouldn't give it up for the world.

Because of his mental illness, House had realized that he couldn't stand being alone anymore. He had failed to ever enter another relationship after leaving the psychiatric hospital, but there was still hope for the future. He had gained a new friend in Cameron, and he couldn't imagine a happier ending for himself.

Once the wedding ceremony was over, everyone watched Blythe and her new husband make their way down the aisle. The guests began following the newlyweds out of the chapel, starting with the first row. House and his friends would have to wait several minutes before their row could exit.

Cameron leaned into House's side once more. "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?"

House smirked. Perhaps she was right. Maybe that thing he had feared and dreaded for months had actually ended happily. He wondered if the same could be said of a relationship with Cameron. He didn't want to lose her, but maybe he never would. Sure, everything ended sadly eventually, but maybe the truly sad ending would be going through life never being with Cameron. He smiled at this thought and wondered if maybe they would be together sooner than he'd originally planned. "Aren't you supposed to serve food at weddings?" he joked, obviously knowing that food would be served at the reception.

Cameron giggled. "That's at the reception."

House rolled his eyes. "We have to go to a reception, too?"

Wilson, Cuddy, and Cameron all exchanged curious glances. They'd been prepared for House to storm out of the chapel immediately after (or during) the wedding, completely refusing to go to the reception. Was this his way of saying he actually wanted to go?

"Yes," answered Wilson, pretending to force his friend into yet another event. He knew House secretly wanted to go, though, just like he secretly wanted to be with Cameron.

It was finally time for their row to exit, and they all stood up. They followed the other guests out of the chapel and down the hall into a ballroom for the reception.

As the inviting aroma of roast beef filled the air, House smiled. Maybe there were such things as happy endings after all.

The End

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