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Summary: After witnessing the death of someone dear to him, Tsuna vows never to love again in fear of the past. He succeeds becoming the new Vongola boss and realizes that he is slowly falling for the person he knew he should never love.

Pairings: G27, 1827, 8059, 27K (For now)

Rating: T+

Warning: This fanfiction contains yaoi/boy's love/ boys kissing and things related to it, so if you don't like those kindly close this window or press the back button. Also this was not beta-read.

Afraid to Love You

Prologue Part One: To the Masquerade

» × «

"Yo! Gokudera!" The silver-haired took a small glance at the one who called him, it was Yamamoto with his ever so present smile. He took out a cigarette stick from his pocket and lit it. "So did the kid asked you to come too?"

"None of your business baseball freak." Gokudera hissed before looking down at the closed twin wooden doors before him. Yamamoto chuckled before draping an arm over Gokudera's shoulder. He heard the other male yell in protest. "What the hell-!"

"After these passed six years you're still as grouchy as always!"

"And you're still a grinning idiot!" He yelled. True, it had been six years since they left Namimori under the orders of the Ninth Vongola. They continued their studies in Italy and stayed in one manor owned by the Ninth. So much as changed yet to him some remained the same, Yamamoto is one good example of it. To Gokudera he was still an idiot who smiles too much for his own good but his body matured perfectly at the age of 20. He was slightly taller, he had long and slender arms probably the after effect of baseball and sword practice in his early years of adolescence. Gokudera's eye twitched. Why was he thinking of him all the sudden?

"Gokudera," The silver-haired immediately snapped out of his chain of thoughts when he heard Yamamoto speak. "Something wrong?"

"What kind of question is that?" The cigarette stick fell from his lips as it parted slightly, he blinked half shocked from what he just witnessed from the man beside him. When he asked the question, he saw a hint of anguish and concern. It made him feel uncomfortable. "It's nothing." He quickly added. He saw the Rain guardian's eyes eased.

"Sorry… You were starring at me awhile ago so I thought something was off."

"What! What do you mean starring?"

"Well you were staring at me… like you wanted to eat me or something." He scratched his chin then laughed nervously. Gokudera immediately flushed deep red.

"You idiot!" He yelled. Was he really staring? Gokudera asked himself. Fine, probably he was but it was just accidental? His mind seemed so fuzzy nowadays it made him irritated and pissed. What was exactly wrong with him? He did not know.

"Kufufu… Still bickering as always, I see." The two quickly turned to see who it was.

"Rokudo… Mukuro." Gokudera said lowly. He eyed the Mist guardian as he stride forward towards their direction. Yamamoto seemed unaffected though and looked as if he has not seen a friend for a long time. "What the hell do you want?"

"Oh nothing much I just wanted to see Tsunayoshi-kun's wardrobe for this evening's Masquerade ball!" Mukuro smiled at the two guardians as he drew near them. The silver-haired grew suspicious.

"Yo, Mukuro!" Yamamoto said, Mukuro returned it back with a genuine smile.

"Baseball freak! How could you act so friendly to this pervert!" Gokudera growled.

"Oya… Oya… That was harsh." Mukuro grimaced and stood beside the Rain guardian.

"Relax Gokudera! I know he won't harm Tsuna, he's just as curious as we are!" Yamamoto heard a 'Tch' coming from the Storm guardian. "I bet Mukuro just couldn't wait to see Tsuna in the party, right Mukuro?" The Mist uttered his signature laugh.

"Unfortunately… I'm not attending the feast this evening."

"Aw! Why is that? Everyone seemed thrilled to go there!" Yamamoto said. There was a sudden pause from his reply, he gazed at the two with a bittersweet look then he sighed.

"Let's just say… I don't want to cause Tsunayoshi-kun any trouble…." His eyes trailed to the floor then Mukuro beamed at them.

Both Gokudera and Yamamoto were left speechless from the sudden remark of their former foe. Mukuro was once their enemy and he tried to take their lives before. Even if it was six years ago there was still a twinge of pain in it. He was a man that the Vindice held up in the deepest corners of the mafia prison. He was a man with deep hatred towards the underground world. Perhaps it was because of the human greed for power that made Mukuro the way he is.

The two could never blame him since he suffered excruciating pain under those men and Tsuna became a savior to him opening his eyes and welcomed him into his gentle embrace. It was because of his hard work that he was granted freedom. Gokudera and Yamamoto knew that day very well.

Tsuna came up bravely to the Ninth Vongola and asked for the release of Rokudo Mukuro from the hands of the Vindice. It became an uproar not only to Vongola but also to the allied families. They could not afford a madman on the loose! They often said. The Ninth Vongola, Don Timoteo hesitated to grant it sensing also the danger that could be brought by it. Rokudo Mukuro was a dangerous man and can never be granted freedom from his imprisonment. However, he also trusted the young Vongola Decimo's judgment and it was true that he was also the boy's Half Mist guardian and fought for that position.

The Ninth then issued for Rokudo Mukuro's release. Gokudera and Yamamoto accompanied Tsuna to the Vindice that day Mukuro was brought out from the tank. Both guardians expected for the worst and had their weapons ready if something happened. The two saw Tsuna as he slowly knelt and offered his hand to him along with that ever so bright smile on his face. Mukuro slowly stared at him it's as if contemplating carefully to take it. It did not seem Mukuro at all, the man looked entirely like Mukuro only he had a longer hair now but he seemed entirely different. Was this the really Mukuro? No. They could recall him somewhat like a lunatic.

Then the unexpected happened, when they thought Mukuro was going to strangle the brunette they were wrong and taken back by surprise. Mukuro was in tears with the most yearning smile they ever seen, it's as if he had been waiting for someone and after so long he had finally seen that person. He slowly reached for Tsuna's hand and brushed it gently to his cheek uttering the words.

You came for me…

And then he fell unconscious wrapped in Tsuna's embrace. The next day Mukuro was back with his mischievous and perverted grin on his face, refusing to unhand Tsuna as he captured him in a dead lock embrace, and it was good thing Reborn knocked him cold otherwise Tsuna will not be able to leave. Nevertheless, Tsuna was very much happy that Mukuro doesn't have the killing intent he brought around so many years ago.

"Sucking up to your boss, eh Mukuro?" Gokudera spoke breaking the awkward silence. Mukuro remained silent but stared at him.

"I'm only being grateful. After all, I do owe him my freedom. Won't you do the same for the person who did you something good?" Gokudera scrawled at him while Yamamoto continued to grin. "Well then… I really do want to see Tsunayoshi-kun in that dress Chrome and your dear sister picked out for him! So if you'll excuse me!" He chirped reaching for the knob of the young Vongola's door with the most twisted smirk.

Yamamoto's eyes widened in shock and Gokudera's jaw dropped, and the two yelled.


» × «

Don Timoteo poured champagne on an empty wine glass and motioned his wheelchair near the large glass window overlooking a portion of the beautiful Vongola manor. He handed the glass of champagne to the tall blonde-haired man gazing silently at the scenery.

"I've prepared all the necessary things you've asked me." The Don spoke.

"Thank you, Timoteo." The Don nodded and joined the man in his sight seeing. He could see the maids working tirelessly for the event that was to take place that very evening. Some were fixing the decorations, some were aligning the chairs to their respective tables, and some were checking the sound system as well as the security cameras.

"I'm sorry to have asked you quite abruptly about this." The man apologized.

"This is nothing old friend." The Don shook his head. "It's been a long while since we had a party in the mansion and it's about time we had a little entertainment around here!" The Don beamed cheerfully. The blond-haired man chucked.

"I see then this would do some good to us." The older man nodded.

"I suppose… this would be my last year as the Vongola Boss…." A faint smile formed from the Don's lips. The man placed a hand on the Ninth Vongola's shoulder as if to comfort him.

"And all of us are proud of your accomplishments as the Vongola Nono, Timoteo." The older heaved a sigh but the faint smile remained.

"I believe that when Tsunayoshi succeeds as the new Vongola Boss… he will do much greater things than I would have done. Vongola… no, not only Vongola but also the allied families would honor and respect him with pride. I have faith in him."

"Yes… I know. To be honest I had my doubts before but… when I caught a glimpse of his kind heart, I knew that he was truly worthy to lead the Vongola in the future."

Silence followed and neither of the two spoke. The Don contemplated whether he was to open that topic or even mention that to him. His conscience irked him to no end, finally he gave in but just as he was about to speak the blond beat him into it.

"You seem bothered." He said. The Don stared at the man though his eyes were hidden behind his long blond bangs. "Is something wrong?"

"It bothers me… I couldn't do anything to help you… about that." The Don clenched his fists. "And so I ask for your forgiveness." The other man was taken by surprise by the Don's sentence hence he remained calm.

"Why do you ask for forgiveness? You have done nothing of which you should be ashamed."

"For all these years… I wasn't able to relieve you of your burden and because of that I should be ashamed." The blond remained silent for a moment then spoke.

"It was not your burden or for those who came before you. There is no reason for you to feel at fault in this. I was the one who brought it on myself and I know… that someday I would be free from this curse." He smiled to him.

"But the pain and sorrow that you felt is immeasurable and-"

"Timoteo," The man knelt just as so he was about the same eye level as the old Don. "My love for Vongola is unwavering and can never be tarnished by time. If it is to be fated that I must retake that path I will, without doubt, do it." The Don clenched his fist in anguish.

"Still… please forgive me." He said. The man immediately laughed, the Don gazed curiously at the blond.

"You never change at all," The blond-haired man beamed at him. "Even after 53 years, you were still that young man Daniella and I met." The Don chuckled before reaching the hands of the other male and griped it gently.

"I hope that… Tsunayoshi could help you. He's an amazing person. He, out of all the countless people that I've met, only he could make the impossible seem possible."

"You have such a strong faith in him… I have only seen a fraction of his heart. Perhaps I will trust your judgment that he could help relieve me from his curse."

"I know he will." The blond-haired man then smirked and glanced down at the place where the party was to take place.

"I will meet him again."

» × «

Gokudera immediately burst through the door of Tsuna's room with a grinning Yamamoto and smirking Mukuro beside him.

"Juudaime!" He sudden yelled when a steel Tonfa came into view. As speed as light, Yamamoto pulled him into a protective stance, which made him miss the steel weapon that could have been the end of him.

Gokudera was stunned, things are happening so fast that he couldn't keep in pace. First, he could remember a silver thing that looked like Hibari Kyouya's Tonfa coming at him and then the next thing he knew, he was staring at an angry somewhat serious Yamamoto Takeshi holding him protectively as if saying 'Don't you dare lay a finger on him'. His face immediately heated up from embarrassment as he heard Mukuro's chuckle.

"Oya… Oya… its dangerous throwing things Skylark-kun." All eyes were on the yawning Hibari Kyouya over Tsuna's bed. Wait why was he inside and… sleeping on Tsuna's bed?

"You weak herbivores disturbed my nap." He stiffened a yawned. Gokudera quickly bolted up and shouted.

"What the! Why are you inside Juudaime's room and why the hell are you sleeping on his bed?" Hibari rubbed his eye. Gokudera felt furious. Why was this man in his precious Juudaime's room? He was supposedly with Cavalone Boss, Dino.

"Why should I answer a question from a weak herbivore like you? Do you want to be bitten to death?"

"Maa… maa… Knock it off-" Yamamoto tried to stop their fight but Gokudera seemed pissed and ignored him.

"Shut up baseball freak! This guy has been asking to be blown to bits for a long time now!"

"Kufufu... Bomb-kun never shuts his noisy little mouth, does he?" Mukuro asked the Rain guardian.

"You could say that!" He flashed a smile.

Just as when things seem to get badly every minute, it would always come to a point where the worse would turn for the worst. In their situation, it already arrived.

"WHAT'S WITH THE EXTREME LOUD VOICE I HEAR?" Ryohei bolted into the room, it was a good thing the door did not break.

"Ah! Sasagawa came here too!" Yamamoto said.

"Oh dear…" Mukuro shook his head in disbelief. He knew it, Tsuna's room would surely be a pile of ruins when everything calmed. He felt sorry for the young Vongola.

"What are you doing here LAWN-HEAD?" Gokudera snarled at the Sun guardian.

"What did you call me, OCTOPUS HEAD?" Ryohei hissed. The two rambled on without end. Mukuro and Yamamoto just stood there, quietly watching the two. The four didn't seem to notice the dark aura growing behind man seated on Tsuna's bed.

Another Tonfa flew but this time it hit them both. They yelled out of pain.

"What the FUCK? Did you do that for?" Gokudera screamed looking at Hibari.

"That hurt to the EXTREME!" Ryohei whined also looking at Hibari.

"Such… noisy herbivores… I'll bite you both to death!" Hibari stood with Tonfas ready. Mukuro cocked an eyebrow, how many Tonfas does this person usually bring?

"Oh yeah? Bring it on!" The Storm guardian said snatching his dynamites, ready to attack.

"A challenge to the EXTREME!" The Sun guardian roared vigorously and prepared his fighting posture.

Mukuro sighed. He wasn't sure if he was to intervene or just stand there. Honestly speaking he didn't want to anger Tsuna, he didn't want to get involved in any of this mess. Nevertheless, he was sure that when the young Vongola finds out that his guardians are fighting and using his room as a battle arena, he was bound to get mad. But then again he would like to see the three of them fight to the death, it would be quite interesting to watch. He chuckled when he heard another door open. He gasped when he saw who it was.

» × «

The Rain guardian continued to grin as he watched his fellow guardians continue their endless babbling. Tsuna was surely to get mad at them when he finds out about this. He heard a door open but he ignored it, he then noticed Mukuro staring at the direction of the door with an amusing expression on his face. He was shocked and blushing. Yamamoto blinked, curious what made the Mist guardian this way, his gaze trailed to it as well only to have the same kind of expression Mukuro had. He quickly covered his nose as he felt blood rushing through his face.

"Mou… you guys just can't get along can you?" A familiar voice rang in their ears.

"Sorry Juudaime but this guy needed some beating!" Gokudera said without looking at Tsuna.

"Why my room of all places?" He heard him say. Gokudera blinked twice when he saw Hibari Kyouya frozen on the spot looking at something with utter shock. He could also see that there was a growing blush on his pale features. The silver-haired cocked an eyebrow, why did the room become silent all the sudden. He glanced at the Sun guardian only to witness him with the same kind of expression as those of the other guardians. Then he remembered what Mukuro said about Tsuna… ah yes. Dress. He gulped and slowly faced the young Vongola boss.

Tsuna was in a crimson red dress with long white silk gloves. His once pointy brunette hair neatly fixed, not a single strand of it out of place. A beautiful red hat decorated with yellow daisies was attached to the back portion of his head making it seem like he had long brown hair, only that the hat held it back. While the longer hair that trailed on his back was curled that seem to bounce whenever he walked.

The dress had ruffles mostly covering the part of the breast trailing to the back of the dress. In the middle was a brooch, ornamented with a cute ribbon and a yellow gem in the center joining it together but if you look closely, the Vongola Crest was engraved inside the gemstone. The gown was long and went down perfectly just above his knee and as for the shoes, it was also red and high heeled. He didn't seem to have problems walking with them.

Tsuna immediately flushed red. His head drooped a little so his bangs covered his eyes. Five of his guardians were gawking at him, four of them evidently having a nosebleed this very moment.

"Juu… dai… me…." Was Gokudera all could say.

"I know! You don't have to tell me! I look stupid, weird-"

"And gorgeous" Mukuro added with a very sly grin on his flushed face.

"EXTREMELY gorgeous!" Ryohei shouted his eyes still on Tsuna.

"Whatever," The brunette muttered as Reborn walked into the room. "Argh! Reborn! I told you I look ridiculous in this!"

"Ciaossu!" The Arcobaleno said and turned to the grumbling brunette. "Ridiculous… yes but effective. Nobody would know that it's you."

"But you're overdoing it!"

"Baby," Hibari's voice echoed the room, it suddenly became tense. Reborn turned to the Cloud guardian. "Is this why you called me here?" He asked clearly annoyed.

"Exactly" He said with a grin.

"Eh? And I suppose you were the one who called the others too?" They all nodded. Tsuna slapped his forehead.

"I wanted to see if your outfit would work and by the looks of things, it's a success!"

"Boss! Why did you leave? We're not done with you yet!" Chrome emerged from behind Tsuna holding a three-layered pearl chocker with yet another beautiful crystal that matched the brooch on his chest. She straps the choker on Tsuna's neck. "There!" She smiled cheerfully.

"Ara… Hayato is here." Bianchi came out right after along with three female maids. Of course, having Bianchi there without anything blocking her face Gokudera's stomach reacted almost immediately and he helplessly dropped on the floor. Poor Gokudera, even after six years he never got the remedy for this.

"Gokudera-kun!" Tsuna rushed to the Storm guardian's side but then he stiffened and held his neck. The others looked at him yet again with bewilderment. This day got even weirder. Reborn smirked. "My-my-my-my- MY VOICE! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY VOICE?" Tsuna spoke, it sounded different from what it used to be. It was still his voice, no doubt about that but it got higher and it sounded even more feminine. Chrome giggled.

"Stop panicking Dame-Tsuna!" Tsuna received a smack on the head and he yelped in pain. He rubbed the sore spot where the Arcobaleno hit him. "As long as you wear that choker your voice will be different and you would sound like a woman. Be thankful, Giannini rushed that up for you."

"Re-Reborn-san…" Gokudera tried to speak but his stomach prevented him. Tsuna heard Bianchi sigh and left the room only to come back in with her goggles on.

"Speak Gokudera." Reborn said. Tsuna helped the Storm guardian up and he thanked him.

"Reborn-san… I'm just curious but why must Juudaime wear that…?" Tsuna's face immediately heated up. "Even if this is a Masquerade Ball, I don't see why he needed to dress as such."

"Good question Gokudera" The Hitman turned to Tsuna, kicking his knee. He almost lost his balance but it was a good thing he managed to hold onto Gokudera.

"Reborn please! No more hitting!" He whined rubbing the spot where the baby Hitman kicked him.

"Start explaining Dame-Tsuna!" He yelled. The maids looked at one another. Tsuna groaned. He could sense all their attention was centered to him. He sighed with defeat.

"Well you see… every time I go to social events like this… I ended up getting stalked-"

"Stalked?" Yamamoto furrowed his eyebrows.

"That's EXTREME Sawada!" Ryohei screamed energetically.

"Could you idiots let Juudaime finish first?" Gokudera glared at the two then motioned Tsuna to continue his sentence. Tsuna beamed at him.

"Stalked… pertaining to women." He bowed his head a little, as he heard Yamamoto and Mukuro laugh. Hibari seemed to whisper 'stupid herbivores' under his breath then he spoke again. "It's not that I dislike women or anything… I just hate it when they start flirting to an extent that it's… embarrassing already." He paused for a moment then spoke again. "I don't know why but it makes me feel uncomfortable and my head starts to think that I'm cheating on… Kyoko-chan. I wanted to ask you guys but… I don't know how to so I asked Reborn for help." Tsuna's face was now red as a tomato. He just couldn't believe he said that aloud in front of them, furthermore his girlfriend's older brother.

He couldn't deny that he really felt that way, he found out that women in the Mafia were entirely different. Most craved for attention especially for someone famous, young, unmarried, and had a status like him. He often told that he already had a girlfriend but they just wouldn't give up! They would flirt to a point that Tsuna would feel so disgusted of himself, wanting desperately to go home and just stay there. They would try countless methods to capture his attention whenever they could and of course being the nice person that Tsuna is, he could never say no to them.

The room fell silent. Tsuna was embarrassed beyond grief. He gazed on the floor wishing that this was nothing more but a bad dream.

"If you're so worried about those, why bother going there?" Mukuro asked deciding to break the silence of the room. Tsuna looked at Mukuro and gave him a tolerant smile before sitting to a nearby chair.

"Something tells me I need to go there." He breathed out. "I don't know… I just had the strongest feeling that I need to attend that ball no matter what." The guardians stared at each other.

"Is your Hyper Intuition telling you something, Juudaime?" The brunette spoke no word and his clenched hands.

"That's what Reborn said." The silver-haired glanced at the baby Hitman. Reborn slowly nodded.

"You should have told us EXTREMELY sooner, Sawada!" Ryohei spoke.

"Tsuna," Yamamoto paced closer to the brunette and patted his shoulder, trying to comfort him. Tsuna looked up to him bit by bit. "Well if you're going there we're coming with you, right everyone?" Yamamoto beamed at him then cast a meaningful glance to each of his fellow guardians. Tsuna's eyes broadened. Reborn smiled.

"E-Eh, really?"

"Damn right!" Gokudera said.

"To the EXTREME!"

Hibari was about to leave the room but something irked him to stay. He disapproved grouping with them but then again there was some kind of excitement when Tsuna spoke about his gut feeling, was he worried that something big would happen? Hibari could recall the events when the boy told them something similar to this and almost resulted to a full-scale war. It was thrilling to watch. Looks like coming here was not a waste of time after all, he could have some entertainment.

Hibari was about half way out of the room when he heard the boy call out to him. He stopped.

"Hi-Hibari-san… where are you going?" Tsuna asked almost instinctively.

"That feeling of yours… Sawada Tsunayoshi," Hibari smirked sending shivers to Tsuna. "It never ceases to amaze me." And with that he was out. Reborn as well as the others had bemused expressions on their faces. Tsuna though seemed the only one lost, he failed get what Hibari meant but by the looks of things it must have been good.

Yamamoto, Gokudera, and Ryohei bid their goodbyes telling Tsuna that they needed go and get ready for the party. Tsuna nodded and told them they would meet later on. He was left with Chrome, Bianchi, Reborn, and Mukuro inside.

"Are you sure you're not going with us Mukuro?" Tsuna asked eyeing his Mist guardian. Mukuro shook his head.

"They wouldn't want someone like me there." Tsuna pouted. Mukuro crossed his legs, laughing his trademark. "Don't be saddened, it doesn't suit your petit face."

"But Mukuro… I'm sure they already forgot about that! It's been a long time after all."

"You're still such a sweet boy." He grinned at him making Tsuna blush a little. "Well I have to go." He said standing up, straightening out his coat. "Oh! But before I leave…" He snapped his fingers and instantly, purple mist encircles Tsuna. Reborn immediately jumped with Leon in hand ready to shoot Mukuro. The mist guardian drew his hands up.

"What have you done to him!" Reborn growled low, ready to pull the trigger.

"Relax Arcobaleno, I only made a small illusion to help him." He pointed at Tsuna's chest with a maniacal grin plastered on his face. Tsuna slowly touched his chest, his eye twitched once then again and he shrieked.

"I have real breasts!"

Mukuro quickly slid out of the room, laughing so hard.

» × «

Tsuna silently sat on a finely furnished chair. He peered on the reflection the mirror shown him. What he saw was not himself but a young lady clothed in a lavish crimson dress with the most exquisite jewelry. Her fascinating rose red Columbine mask gave of a certain aura of mystery and splendor combined. Her eyes, the color of golden brown compliment the mask sending a kind of harmony between it. The lady's lips looked very soft much like the finest silk.

Tsuna sighed and glanced at the wall clock that was noiselessly ticking. It was now 7:00 in the evening. The ball would start exactly at 7:30, Tsuna felt nervous. He tried to remember the things Reborn told him to keep people from knowing who he really was. It would certainly be troublesome once they knew. He felt his stomach turn, he felt sick. He wondered why he was so nervous, he normally attended parties the only difference was this time the Vongola hosted it and he wore a dress instead of a tuxedo. For once, he was thankful that it was a Masquerade Ball rather than those formal parties Reborn forced him to participate.

No one knew this except for a selected few that composed of his five guardians, Reborn, Bianchi, and three of the most trusted maids he knew. He was quite thankful that his guardians would accompany him and it made him feel at ease with the whole mess.

Tsuna heard a knock from the door and he gulped. Reborn came in telling him that it was time for them to leave. This was it. There was no turning back now. He got himself in this mess and he needed to get through this. He peered at his reflection before heading out of his room into a secret hallway out of the mansion. It didn't take them long before he saw a black limousine at the end of the passageway. He stopped dead on his tracks when he saw four men waiting patiently beside the black car. He blinked contemplating who those four were when realization took him and he stared at them with awe.

It was his guardians.

They all wore classic black suits and exquisite Columbine masks. They all look wordlessly handsome. Yamamoto was wearing a navy blue dress shirt and a pearl white tie. His mask, also navy blue but decorated with small silver beads covering the upper half.

Gokudera on the other hand wore a pure black dress shirt underneath his suit, his tie was entirely blood red and he looked stunning in that glittered red and black mask.

Ryohei had a yellow button up shirt with two buttons undone, revealing a small part of his chest. His mask was glittered yellow and gold.

And to his surprise, Hibari was there. He was leaning against the limo, his arms crossed to his chest and he was distancing himself away from the three. His mouth fell open when he saw him smirking from a distance. He gulped. Tsuna could see that he was wearing a violet button up shirt and his tie was black and neatly fixed. However, the most interesting from what he wore was his mask. It was dazzling almost alluring. It was also a shade of violet mixed with gleaming silvers. The mask was in form of a violet butterfly spreading its wings.

Tsuna whined to himself, why couldn't he look as strikingly handsome as they could?

He cringed when he remembered Reborn telling him that his body was too much a female than a male. He looked young for his age and he was quite short for his age too. He groaned. By the looks of things, he couldn't deny that Reborn was somehow right.

"Tsuna?" The sound of a familiar voice made him snap from his thoughts.

"Juudaime!" He heard them call. He continued to pace forward as he reached the parked limousine. Tsuna smiled.

"Wow… you guys looked cool in those suits!" Tsuna complimented, he touched his neck. He hasn't quite got used to the device Giannini built for him. Both Gokudera and Yamamoto looked at each other significantly as if giving a cue, the door opened and they both bowed before him and said…

"Your carriage awaits, Princess."

He blushed. "Mou… stop it already!" And they laughed.

To be continued…

» × «

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