-1Author's Note: I do NOT own any Fairy Odd Parents and or any characters and plot lines associated with the animated cartoon show created by Butch Hartman. This story mentioned yaoi/ homosexual relations between men. It also contains other adult material.


Timmy Turner woke up on the morning of March 20th feeling complete disorientated and altogether groggy. It was the day before his sixteenth birthday and the anticipation was getting to him. So much so that he hadn't been able to sleep the night before because he had been so excited.

Timmy groaned as he raised himself up from his futon. Light streamed in through his window. Hissing like a cat, Timmy cowered from the light before quickly closing the curtains. Walking over to his People Magazine's Hottest Hunks calendar, Timmy rubbed his eyes before crossing out the day with a black sharpie. Pausing, Timmy looked at the half naked model on the March page. Lounging on in a sea side hammock, shirtless and bronzed to perfection was the glorious Chip Skylark. The quote "He's delicious!" was printed in the right hand corner. Timmy smirked. The picture was hot and Timmy had spent several nights laying in bed looking at it while he fought off the loneliness you might say, but it in no way did the subject justice. Timmy reached out and traced a finger along Chip's jaw line in the photo.

However his thoughts were interrupted as his cell phone buzzed. Stumbling through his somewhat messy room, Timmy reached for his phone and looked at the incoming message. "Speak of the devil." he mumbled to himself as he flipped open his phone to read the text message.

Hey Timmy! One more day till you're sixteen!

Timmy quickly responded back:

I know don't remind me. I couldn't sleep last night because I was so excited.

When does you're plane land?

With in a minute a response sounded:

We take off in an hour or two. Alaska is so interesting. I wish you could have come along.

You'll have to come on the next tour with me. But don't worry. I'll be there by eleven tonight.

I wouldn't miss you're sweet sixteen for the world.

Timmy smiled and a faint blush came to his cheeks:

Cool, well I'll see you tonight. TTYL.

Timmy collapsed back onto his futon, extremely happy. This happiness was even increased as a groggy looking Wanda and a still pajama-wearing Cosmo exited their fish bowl and floated into the room. Because Timmy was a teenager now, they two had grown accustom to staying up late and sleeping in.

"Good morning you two!" Timmy greeted them enthusiastically.

"You're in a good mood." Wanda observed sipping a magically appeared cup of coffee.

"I bet Chipped texted him. We always miss it, Wanda. Why can't you wake up at the first alarm instead of pressing the snooze button fifteen times?" Cosmo asked, innocent anger plastered across his face.

"Because, if you want sex before bed I get to sleep in." Wanda stated. It had been awhile since they had tried to hide their sex life from their godchild.

"You two still going hot and heavy after a couple millennia? Wow, maybe Chip and I do have a chance." Timmy said as he held back his laughter as Cosmo started to blush.

"Well it did slow down after Poof was born. He can be a handful and most nights we were just too exhausted to do anything. But now that Poof is going to school all day we have time to ourselves." Wanda explained

Timmy considered this. " Well. It's a good thing I can't get pregnant then."

They all laughed just a sleepy looking six year old fairy entered the room from the fish bowl. "Good morning Mommy and Daddy." Poof mumbled as he flew to his parents and gave them kisses on the cheeks before flying over to hug Timmy. "Morning Timmy."

"Aw good morning sweetie. I already set up breakfast in the living room so you can watch cartoons." Cosmo said as poof wandered his way back into the castle. "They grow up so fast. I don't know if I'll ever be able to let him go." Cosmo said, a small tear rolling down his cheek. Timmy and Wanda both rolled their eyes.

"Honestly Cosmo. You're worse then you're mom." Timmy stated.

"Oh, my god! Speaking of my mother. She sent you a gift for you're sixteenth birthday." Cosmo exclaimed, completely forgetting about his attachment to Poof. Instantly a metallic green package appeared in Timmy's lap.

"Um, tell you're mom Thanks?" Timmy replied, trying not to be utterly terrified of what could be in the box before him.

"Oh you can thank her this afternoon at you're party." Cosmo chimed.

"What party?"

"Well Sport, when a child is lucky enough to keep his god parents until he is sixteen, Fairy World throws him or her a party. There has only been a few who have been good enough to keep us this long. Or need us this long." Wanda answered.

"Yeah, well my parents are never home anymore. Vicky moved in because her parents finally filed a restraining order, and I'm hopelessly in love with my best friend who just so happens to be an international pop sensation. You should have known this was for the long haul."

"Well have you tried telling Chip about you're feelings, Kiddo?" Wanda asked

"What and ruin the only healthy relationship I have? It was bad enough when Chester and AJ rejected me after I told them I had a crush on a boy." Timmy replied.

"Wait, weren't they caught making out in the boys bathroom at school?" Cosmo asked.

"Yeah! Which made the whole situation worse." Timmy said, deflated.

"Hey, cheer-up Bucko. We're going to Fairy World in an hour. You should hop in the shower and get ready." Wanda said, trying to sound encouraging.

"Yeah I guess you're right." Timmy said as he got up from his bed and walked to his bathroom.

"They grow up so fast, Wanda!" Cosmo whimpered after Timmy left the room. "How will I live without him?"

"Cosmo, you're a… jaidiot!" Wanda exclaimed before she flew back into the castle to get ready for the party.