-1Author's Note: I do NOT own any Fairy Odd Parents and or any characters and plot lines associated with the animated cartoon show created by Butch Hartman. This story contains yaoi/ homosexual relations between men. It also contains other adult material. So this one's the big finale. I know it's taken forever. I'm sorry I had surgery so I was kind of out of commission for a while. But I hope you guys enjoy the ending of this story and think that it lives up to Fairy Odd Guidelines of Absurdity.


Timmy sat in the door way with silent tears flowing down his face as he watched Chip's car pull away from the house. In a matter of minutes his world had turned from excitement, to bliss, and then to sheer horror and despair. He had lost the lost the love of his life and it was all Wandissimo's fault.

"Wandissimo!" Timmy spat the name as he remembered the fiend was still standing behind him. Timmy's tears stopped instantly and he rose from his prone position to turn silently and glare with the fury of a thousand horrors at Wandissimo. The fairy in question cridged as the heat of Timmy's hatred hit him.

"WANDA! I WISH I HAD A CASTIRON FRYING PAN!" Timmy screamed up the stairs. With a puff of magical energy, a heavy black skillet appeared in Timmy's shaking hands. Wandissimo swallowed loudly and began to tremble as Timmy stalked toward him.

"Oh mommy." Wandissimo whimpered as the first blow started to fall.


After beating the living crap out of Wandissimo, Timmy had kicked the fairy out and ran to his bathroom to throw up. The mere memory of Wandissimo's hands on him sickened him and Timmy felt like he would never be clean again. Taking shower and after scalding shower, Wanda and Cosmo had finally forced the pruny and sanitized boy out of the bathroom and onto his futon.

Wanda had placed the pick roses from Chip in a vase near Timmy's bed and Timmy laid there staring at them as he shook underneath his covers. After an hour or two of watching the petals open slowly, Timmy realized there was a small white card hidden among the blooms. Hesitantly, Timmy reached out and opened the tiny envelope. Taking a deep breath to calm his hurried nerves, Timmy read the card:

Timmy, there are a thousand things to tell you.

But the most important thing is that I Love you.

And come what may, that will never change.

Eternally your's,


As Timmy re-read the card over and over again, the silent tears came once more with renewed force. Chip really did love him. And look at what he'd done? He had gone and acted like a little slut. Timmy forced his face down into his pillow and screamed as he clutched the delicate white card to his chest.

Hearing the scream, Cosmo and Wanda cautiously entered the room and puffing into adult human form, sat down on the futon next to Timmy. Wanda rubbed Timmy's back in an attempt to comfort the poor boy while Cosmo grabbed one of Timmy's hands and held it protectively. The crumpled flower card fell into Cosmo's hand as Timmy started to relax.

Taking the card and reading it, Cosmo's eyes went wide and he showed it to Wanda who nodded back to him in response. "Timmy, do you know why children get fairy god parents?" Wanda cooed softly.

"Because they live horrid lives and no one loves them and even when someone does love them, the kid is too dumb to realize it." Timmy groaned into his pillow in misery.

Cosmo smiled softly, "Only sometimes, it's also because if fairies don't use their magic often, they explode." With that Cosmo magically exploded into rainbow confetti.

Timmy looked up slightly from his bed and giggled softly as Wanda rolled her eyes. "Well, beside those two reasons, the real reason is that fairies have to look down on earth for all of time and we see so many people who wish they had someone to love. And we long to give those people someone to love and be loved by." Wanda explained.

Timmy sat up wiping tears from his flushed cheeks, "What do you mean?"

Wanda smiled and took Cosmo's hand as her eyes began to water, "Fairies are sent to Earth to give children love, but you have someone to love now. You don't need us anymore. But there's someone who needs love now more then ever. And I bet a thousand screaming fan girls aren't going to get the job done."

Timmy stared at the carpet thinking, " But if I tell him the truth, about you and about fairies, then I'll lose you guys forever." Timmy looked up at his fairy god parents with tears in his eyes. "What if Chip doesn't forgive me? What if I need you?"

"Timmy, we love you." Wanda answered since Cosmo was beyond words, "But you don't need us anymore. And even if things get hard, I think that Chip needs you more then you'll ever know. We'll miss you Timmy." Cosmo and Wanda rushed in to hug their god son.

It was a warm and loving embrace and they cried as they shared their last moments together. Memories of the years they had spent together, passing through their heads and hearts. Poof soon showed up as well and joined the tender embrace.

Slowly, the group pulled away laughing and smiling, tears still streaming from all their eyes. "So I guess I should go track down Chip?" Timmy sighed.

"He's at the cheap hourly hotel down the street, Dimmidome Lodge. Room 205. He even hired an hourly hooker to go with the room, but he's just crying and blubbering about you, so I wouldn't worry about getting coodies." Poof answered after magicing himself into a Sherlock Holmes outfit, bubble pipe and all.

Timmy laughed and ruffled Poof's hair. "What a brilliant deduction Holmes." Timmy finally stood up and slowly wiped the tears from his eyes before looking at his god family. "I love you guys. I wish there was someway that I could never forget you and all we've been through together."

Wanda smiled and hugged her god son one more time, "Well ya never know sport, love works in magical ways. You never know what it can do." The family hugged one more time but Wanda pulled away and pushed Timmy toward the door. "Now go and tell the man you love just how much you need him."

Timmy's smile grew ten fold as he turned and ran out the door, turning to wave good bye one last time. "Timmy watch out for the stairs!" Wanda yelled back to him just as Timmy tripped on the top step and fell all the way down. The fairies in Timmy's room winced and cringed as they heard the boy fall.

Timmy lay at the bottom of the stairs twitching for a moment, "Ouch!" Shaking it off, Timmy got to his feet and was out the front door, running the four blocks to the Dimmadome Lodge.

Comso floated next to Wanda on the verge of tears, "Our little boy's all grown up! I'll going to miss him so much!" With that Cosmo burst into tears.

Wanda grabbed Cosmo's hand and rubbed it softly as the tears started to gloss her eyes, "Me too baby. Me too."


Timmy flew down the street to the motel and ran up the rusty stairs to the second floor of the sleezy motel. Quickly he found room 205 and started banging on the wood frantically. He was going to win his love one way or another.

After a minute or two of banging at the cheap door, a better dressed but still trashy looking women open the door and looked Timmy up and down. "You must be Timmy."

Timmy just nodded, "Yeah, is umm, Chip here?"

The hooker moved out of the doorway, letting Timmy see Chip laying on the bed looking like a corpse in his boxers. "Have at him, he's not much use to me, all he wanted to do is talk about you little kid. He fell asleep a little bit ago. I thin the crying wore him out."

Timmy smirked softly and entered the room. "Thank you, you can umm, go I guess. I'll take care of him. Oh and in case he didn't pay you here." Timmy rummaged in his pockets quickly to pull out a twenty form his wallet and a crumbled ten from his jean pocket. "Hope that's enough."

The whore rolled her eyes and walked out of the room after grabbing the bills, "It'll work honey, now take care of your boy." With that she left into the night.

After closing the door, Timmy slowly walked over to Chip. He stood by the bed side for a few moments, just watching Chips chest rise up and down in slow even breathes. Timmy smiled fondly and stripped out of his pink and black tee-shirt and jeans. Hesitantly, Timmy got onto the bed and snuggled up to Chip's cool body.

Chip mumbled in his sleep and wrapped his arms around Timmy, taking in Timmy's body warmth. Timmy giggled as Chip's stubble tickled his bare chest and he raised his hand up to softly stroke the tear trails on Chip's face.

"Oh, Chip." Timmy sighed before kissing chip softly on the forehead. At the intimate touch, Chip pulled Timmy closer and Timmy grew painfully aware of what Chip's body pressed against him like this was doing to him. Without thinking Timmy let a soft moan escape his lips as Chip's body brushed against his growing erection.

Somehow the faint whimper woke the sleeping superstar and his eyes quickly fluttered open. With out removing his arms form their captive, Chip looked up into Timmy's eyes. "Timmy? Is this a dream?"

Timmy smiled happily, "No, Chip. This isn't a dream." Timmy's smile started to fade as he saw the sad heartbroken look on Chip's face. "I mean, it was kind of a nightmare there. But, there's something I have to tell you. That guy, from before, when you walked in on us." Timmy was choking back tears as he tried to explain. "He's not what you think he is. He disguised himself as you. I thought that I was kissing you."

Chip pulled away from Timmy and sat up. "But how could you not tell it wasn't me? I know everything about you Timmy, I would know the instant I saw someone dress up at you that they were a fake?"

Timmy looked up at Chip, "Well, the thing is, he used magic to conceal his identity. His face and eye color was the same. And I wasn't really paying attention. I was too caught up in kissing you. It was everything I've ever dreamed of. I just wanted it to be real so badly. " Timmy admitted.

Chip was silent for a moment and sighed, "Magic, Ok? Well, that doesn't really make sense, but why would you want to kiss me so badly?" Chip asked, hope rising in his chest.

Timmy chuckled and rolled his eyes as he sat up and put a hand on Chip's bare chest adoringly, "Well you may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I love you. I have since I met you and I know I'm still young but there's no way that what I feel about you isn't real."

Chip's sad face was instantly transformed into one of completely happiness. In on quick moment he had Timmy pinned beneath him on the bed and was colliding his lips down in Timmy's with lusty need. Timmy moaned into the kiss and ground his hips upward against Chip, gaining it's own moan from Chip.

Chip's tongue snaked across Timmy's lips; asking for entrance. Timmy willingly gave it to him and let Chip explore his mouth. Chip's tongue ran nimbly over every surface it could touch, memorizing every detail. Finally they parted for air and Chip rested his forehead upon Timmy's. Their eyes remained closed as the enjoyed the intimate moment together.

"Timmy, I.. thought I'd lost you forever." Chip sighed, moving his face down to nuzzle Timmy's neck.

"Never." Timmy gasped back as Chip bit into his neck lustily. Timmy wrapped his arm around Chip and held him close; his finger nails leaving faint crescent moon shaped marks on Chip's bare back. Spurred by Timmy's body pulsing against him, Chips' hands wandered down Timmy's lithe body, running over the pale flushed skin to the elastic top of Timmy's boxers.

Timmy whimpered with need as Chip's hands found there way under the band and one wrapped it's self around his hardening erection. Chip leered down at Timmy as the poor boy writhed with pleasure. Chip paused in his ministrations to Timmy's cock to strip Timmy of his boxer and rip his own off to join Timmy's on the floor.

Timmy's body was shaking with pleasure and anticipation as Chip's mouth returned instead of his hand. Chip licked up Timmy's shaft, flicking the tip of his tongue along the slit as he made it to the top. For such a thin lithe boy, Timmy was well endowed in the down stairs and Chip took a moment to look his prize over. He had never excepted Timmy to be so big. While he observed this oddity, Chip kissed up and down Timmy's shaft, his fingers coming up to join his lips as they playfully caressed the heavy pulsing vein along Timmy's dick.

Timmy arched his back as he was assaulted by Chip. "Chip, god.. Stop teasing." Timmy moaned in agony.

Chip chuckled and removed himself from his studies by sitting up; his fingers still playfully dancing along Timmy's cock, the thumb sliding along the slit every once in a while to smear the shimmering pre-cum around the head. "Have you ever been with anybody like this before?" Chip asked sweetly, his hand never stopping it's teasing.

Timmy grabbed at the sheets in frustration. "No," Timmy replied shaking his head the best he could, "never."

Chip smiled, "Good. Have you every had anything…" Chip paused to lick a two of his fingers, covering them with spit, "in here?" Chip asked as he pushed one finger into Timmy's hot pucker.

Timmy screamed out in pleasure and pain. This muscled clenched down momentarily on the intruder but Timmy had known the sensation was coming and quickly started breathing deeply to make his body relax. After the shock wore off, Timmy finally answered Chip between heavy breathes. "Yes, I used.. Put things up there and imagine they were you."

Chip just chuckled and Timmy gasped in pleasure as Chip pushed his second finger in.

"What a nice surprise." Chip said as he pumped his fingers in and out of the boy, scissoring them apart to stretch the heated tight flesh. Timmy gasped and moaned as tiny sparks of pain shot through him; only masked by the pleasure that Chip's other hand was producing on his cock. The pleasure and pain of it all was slowly pushing Timmy closer to the edge and with a loud moan of Chip's name, Timmy plummeted over and sprayed cum all over his chest and Chip's hand.

Chip's hands were removed from Timmy's body and Timmy whined at the absence. Chip chuckled and brought his cum glazed hand up to his lips to lick at Timmy's spunk. Timmy's eyes went wide as he watched. "Chip…"

Chip looked into Timmy's eyes and smiled, leaning down he kissed the boy lovingly. Moaning into the kiss, Timmy could taste himself on Chip's lips and it sent shivers down his spine. Pulling away with Timmy's lower lip between his teeth playfully, Chip repositioned himself between Timmy's leg. Looking around for a moment, Chip finally ran his hand down Timmy's chest and abs, where his spunk was cooling and swiped it up into his hand. Timmy groaned as Chip's fingers floated across his skin.

Quickly Chip coated his erection with the remainder of Timmy's cum and slicked up Timmy's entrance. Smiling Chip looked down at Timmy before placing a sweet adoring kiss upon Timmy's trembling lips. "Are you sure you're ready for this?" Chip asked in a whisper.

Chip's control was slowly slipping, and he swallowed hard, his breath hot on Timmy's flesh. "We can wait if you want…" but his words were stifled by a groan as Timmy grabbed him and pulled him back into a heated kiss.

"No, I would die for this. I want you Chip, just you. You make me happy so please, just do." Timmy whispered as his body trembled in anticipation. Nodding Chip thrust into Timmy, earning a silent scream from Timmy's lips. Timmy's body pulsed around Chip like a vice.

"Timmm..Timmy.. Relax." Chip ground out at the intense heat and pressure. Slowly Chip began to rock his hips and he kissed Timmy's face, frantically. Timmy nodded with eyes closed and focused on his breathing as lightning bolts of pleasure and adrenaline shot through him. As Timmy relaxed are Chip, his thrusts became deeper, his cock brushing against more sensitive nerves and flesh with each stroke of his hips. The hot golden light in Chip's groin was polling and sizzling across his skin.

As the heat grew between them, Chip's thrusts became erratic and heated. With a particularly hard thrust, Chip slammed straight into Timmy's prostate. Timmy screamed Chip's name in ecstasy as his already re-hardening erection leaked pre-cum with pulsing force. Timmy's nails ripped through the cheap sheets as their bodies continued to collide in fiery passion for one another. Finally the flood waters broke through the gates and Chip cried out Timmy's name in a deep passionate growl as he spilled his seed deep inside his lover. Timmy soon followed, his teenage spunk streaming between their abs and thighs, with hot sweet stickiness.

As they finally pulled themselves apart to lay in each other's arms Timmy sighed and Chip hummed happily to himself. Suddenly a thought popped into his head. "Timmy?"


"What did you mean by he used magic to look like me?" Chip asked in genuine curiosity.

Timmy laughed and rolled his eyes, "Baby, there's something you should know about my god parents."


The next morning, Chip and Timmy checked out of the Dimmadome Lodge and after a quick drive through stop for breakfast, Chip took Timmy home to pack his over night bags while Chip went to find a nice resort to stay at. Timmy walked up the stairs and sighed happily as he walked into his bedroom.

It was the same as always, a little messy, a little unorganized but altogether normal. Or at least it was until Cosmo, Wanda, and poof exploded into the room with balloons and streamers; The Star Spangled Banner playing in the back ground, causing Timmy to scream in shock.

"That's the wrong song you idiot!" Wanda yelled at Cosmo as soon as the song ended.

"But I like that song!" Cosmo said in defense.

Timmy interrupted them before they could start fighting. "What are you guys doing here? Should you guys be living in fairy world or off to meet your next God Kid? Why the hell do I not, not remember you?"

Wanda smiled and explained, "Well we are with our new god child, Timmy? He's just not born yet."

"What!?" Timmy asked in a state of confusion.

Cosmo butted in, "You see, when a mommy, like you, and a daddy, like Chip, love one another they do the horizontal hustle and make a baby."

"But I'm a boy Cosmo, I can't make a baby!" Timmy explained.

"That's where you're wrong Timmy." Puff countered. "You see, before you left to go tell Chip about the fairies, you made a wish that there was a way you would never forget us and what we had been through. Well, I kind of make a puff," Puff blushed a bright pink, "and somehow your wish came true."

Timmy was still confused, "What does that have to do with making a baby?"

"Well sport," Wanda continued, "When the completely miraculous and comical event known as M Preg happens, that baby is automatically given a set of God parents upon creation. Which means you created your little bundle of joy before you told Chip about your god parents because the wish came true. Oh I'm so excited to see the cutie you and Chip produce."

"So is the tooth fairy," commented Cosmo, "Just think about those teeth.

Timmy stood there in shock for a minute before shaking himself. "You mean to say that I, me, Timmy Turner, am going to have to go through all the stuff that Cosmo did when he was Prego with Puff?"

"Yep Yep Yep!" Cosmo answered before frowning as he remembered when he carried Puff. "It's really not all bad. Just carry a bucket."

Timmy was about to ask another question when Chip was heard coming in the front door and up the stairs. "Timmy, are you ready to go?" Chip asked as he came into the door way.

Timmy's fairies had magically puffed into gold fish and were swimming around in a fish bowl in Timmy's hands. "No, not quite." Timmy said as he turned around to look at Chip.

"Here." Timmy said as he handed the fish bowl to Chip. "Hold my goldfish, I have some news that you may need to sit down for.


Author's note: YES!!!!!!! It's done.. I actually finished a series.. YEY!!!!!! OK.. So I hope you liked it.. Yes the Mpreg was unexpected but I thought it was quirky like most fairly odd episodes so yeah. I hope you guys liked it and the ending wasn't horrible. Leave some feedback I love that. Love reviews. So yeah.