Ziva's POV in Silver War. Fourteen days, fourteen chapters.


It is obvious to her that he dislikes her. They all do.

They all think she is some wild, untamed assassin with absolutely no regard for human life or how they do things here in America, as if she would go off shooting wildly. They think she is nothing more than some spy, incapable of looking at a crime and seeing what transpired based on what was left, as if looking at evidence could possibly be that hard. They think they do not need her, do not need someone to pick up the slack in their team with one down.

Her feelings towards the rest of them are mutual. The only reason she is there is because Jenny is her friend and also the Director of NCIS. She is there because her friend allowed her the chance to get away from a potentially dangerous place.

She has a grudging respect for their leader, Agent Gibbs. It's hard not to. The man is the antithesis of charismatic and yet he commands the esteem of almost everyone in his general vicinity. Even when he was telling her that her brother was a murderer she respected him, respected that gut that he couldn't possibly quantify to her.

But while she respects him it is obvious that he does not like her. He does not stop to consider that she did not just kill her half-brother to save his life but that in doing so she risked her own. It is something he knows as the report says that he made the kill shot but he does not seem to hold that fact in very high regard. If her father found out that she was the one that pulled the trigger he would smile, send her on a suicide mission, and then bury her quietly beside Ari and Tali.

He trusts her aim, trusts her to pull that trigger, but he does not like her.

So she respects him but she does not necessarily like him either.

She is ambivalent towards the rest of the team. Ducky is nice in a very old codger sort of way but his affections for the late Kate Todd are evident. Abby is the best at her job and that impresses her yet the disdain is almost overwhelming. McGee seemed like a barely competent investigator but his demeanor was amenable.

After seeing Agent DiNozzo come in, however, what little respect she'd had for him flew out the window. Who came to work in last night's jeans, a wife beater, and clearly unwashed? The man brushed his teeth in his filing cabinet for God's sake. It was disgusting and Mossad would have never allowed such sloppiness.

She finds it oddly arousing. And that makes her scowl for a moment.

Even so, she does not hate them. She does not resent them for replacing in her life the people she left in Israel. She does not hate them for uprooting her indefinitely from her country and forcing her into a situation she would rather not be in. She does not hate them because the Americans are not as strict or stringent as Israelis, because NCIS is much more lax than her Mossad.

They do not extend the same courtesy for her.

They hate her for being there when Kate could not be. They hate her for joining their team without their express permission. They hate her for the association she carries to the murderer of their friend. They hate her without knowing who she is. They hate her for no real reasons at all.

She is pretty sure he hates her the most.

It is not blatant. He offered her something to read, something that should have been a nice gesture, but the magazine he pulls out is graced on the cover by a mostly naked woman. He sounds sincere, interested at least moderately in her wellbeing.

But he makes those gestures, fakes that sincerity, because he thinks she is not staying. He thinks that his almighty leader will rectify the mistake that has been made against their team. He does not know that she and Gibbs share a secret that bonds them, at least somewhat.

And when Gibbs announces that she will be staying for a while she sees the expression on his face.

She makes a comment about how hard Gibbs is to read and he tells her it's a part of NCIS training. She tells him that he was thinking about doing page fifty-seven with her.

That was not the expression she read on his face. He wasn't thinking of having sex with her in that position or any other.

He was thinking about how she was not his beloved Kate. He was thinking about how many different ways he could possibly annoy her into packing up and leaving. He was thinking about how quickly he could be rid of her. He was thinking about how he did not like her.

Banished to the desk in the back, she knows that by not offering her Kate's now vacant desk they are not welcoming her. She can see the gesture for exactly what it is and it makes her tense, and she can feel Tony laughing at her back, she does not hear it but she can feel it.

As she empties her pockets onto Gibbs' desk she can feel them mocking her, judging her for being paranoid or for further demonstrating the wild, untamed assassin persona that they've attached to her.

It makes her blood run hot and she is determined to prove them wrong, prove to them that she is a valuable asset to their precious team.

But most of all, she is determined to prove it to him.


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