A/N: First Hellsing story, I am interested to see where it goes. The mystery as to who the pairing is, read on as I continue. I hope it is ok. =)

Chapter One


It was something that Seras Victoria was coming to understand quite well at an alarming rate.

She had failed the important solo mission that Sir Integra had sent her on and the Hellsing heir was not impressed.

Seras had finally returned after the mission that had been given to her a few days ago and after giving Sir Integra her report, she had not explained why she had taken so long to return.

The reason why Seras had failed her mission was so obvious in her mere physical appearance that no worded explanation was needed. Battered and bruised, the only real recognition it was Seras was her uniform and the dull red glow in her eyes. Everything else about her seemed like she was just a ghost.

But that didn't stop the Hellsing heir from letting loose forth the full fury of her temper, anger and disappointment.

"Seras, because you have not been drinking your blood, you have allowed yourself to become weak, careless and a pathetic excuse of a vampire!"

Every word that fell out of Integra's mouth caused hurt, shame and embarrassment rise in the young fledgling but, like a true soldier, she kept her face and mind blank.

Seras did not know exactly where her master was but what she didn't need was for him to tune into her mind and read her thoughts when she least wanted it. Integra's punishment she could handle, her master's she could not at the moment.

What had truly happened whilst on the mission…

Seras could not let anyone know had truly happened.

"Do you not care for yourself vampire?"

The question knocked Seras out of her reverie and she saw that Integra was studying her very intently from her perch behind her enormous wooden desk. She had placed a new cigar in her mouth and Seras watched as Integra lit it without breaking eye contact with her.

"I think I do sir," Seras replied.

Integra raised a slim eyebrow and leaned back in her large chair.

"I beg to differ Nofestaru," she said slowly, the moonlight reflecting off her glasses.

Seras looked away with some guilt. The emotionless mask melted into one of slight shame and embarrassment.

"No I don't look after myself Sir."

Integra looked surprise for a brief second at the confession, but she frowned in thought.

"Then why do it to yourself?"

Seras now looked at Integra with a defensive expression on her face and growled, "Because my humanity is worth more than my hunger."

Instantly Integra's face darkened and Seras knew that she had overstepped her mark and had been rude to her superior.

"I'm sorry Sir." She immediately apologized but it was too late, Integra slammed both hands on her desk, stood up and growled dangerously:

"Seras Victoria, you will do well to never raise your voice at me again. I will say this once and once only so listen. If you can't teach yourself the basic skills of self-care, respect and accept the fact that you are a VAMPIRE and you need to drink your blood to survive, then you are useless to the Hellsing Organization. I will NOT have weak soldiers, (let alone a weak VAMPIRE for goodness sakes!), in MY organization!"

Merely blinking in reply, Seras mumbled monotones, "Yes Sir."

Integra frowned even more at her and felt even more frustration at her lack of reply. Did she not even hear or care what she had just said?

As Integra's frustration and anger filled the atmosphere in the room, Seras was silently feeling her concentration wavering on the blonde haired woman. Her vision was becoming extremely fuzzy and her head felt like the world was spinning.

It was the sharp pain in her ribs that caused Seras' sense to be kicked back into place and she felt herself join the room once more.

When her vision, balance and sound refocused, the sight was not pretty.

Sir Integra was ranting and raving at Seras to get her attention and now even Walter was in the room and trying to get through to her.

The instant she looked across and made eye contact with Sir Integra, Seras gulped as she saw the Hellsing heir's eye twitch.

"You are just as bad as Alucard." Integra growled.

Seras didn't know whether to take it as a compliment or not, but she gathered not to when she realized that she must have been out of it for a little while.

Opening her mouth to explain what had just happened to her, she never got the chance to utter a single syllable when Integra bellowed, "You are a vampire Seras! Act it! Drink your blood, take your orders, and accept what you truly are! Or else! From now on until you do this, you are hereby bound to your room until you are fully rested and I shall have Alucard train you to be a proper vampire."

Suddenly it seemed all of the energy became drained out of Integra because she sighed deeply and suddenly sat down in her chair, looking quite exhausted.

Walter immediately stepped forward to offer his assistance but Integra just held up a hand and stopped his inquiring. Turning her head to look at Seras, she sighed again and lit another cigar (the other one had disappeared across the room somewhere).

Placing it in her mouth, she inhaled deeply and waited a few seconds before exhaling a huge cloud of smoke.

It was times like this that Seras was happy she didn't need to breathe anymore.

Integra studied Seras again for a few seconds and Seras felt exceedingly uncomfortable, but suddenly Integra leant forward and grabbed a pen off her desk and began writing on a piece of paper.

"You are dismissed soldier." She ordered.

Seras stood still for a few more seconds, uncertain as if Integra had truly finished talking to her. Quickly glancing over at Walter, a small reassuring nod from him had her confirming her suspicions.

Walking out of the office as quickly as she could, but not so quickly that it looked like she was making it obvious she wanted to get out of there, Seras did not glance back.

The instant she shut the door she heard Integra speak and Seras could not help but press her ear against the thick door and listen intently.

"Was I too hard on her Walter?"

"I don't believe so Sir."

"Then why do I feel like I've practically sentenced her to a near certain death when Alucard returns?"

"Do you think he will destroy her if she does not drink her blood?"

There was silence in the room and Seras pushed her ear harder against the door, her heart pounding.

Please don't think he will. Please don't think he is capable of that with me.

"I don't know Walter. She values her humanity too much. It is admirable she has lasted this long with it, it makes her different, but we both know what he does to vampires when he sees them as failures."

"But Sir, Seras is his own blood. She is closer and more directly linked to him in more ways than we will ever know."

There was more silence and Seras waited impatiently for them to start talking again. What on earth where did they mean?

"Alucard doesn't do those sort of domestics. If he gets bored of something, he leaves it to die or destroys it himself. We both know what he did to his last fledgling…"

Seras did not hear anymore as something inside her broke and she ran at full vampire speed to her room down in the underbelly of Hellsing Manor.

The instant her door was shut and locked, Seras cried.

She didn't know how long it was, but it felt like she cried out her heart, soul and every feeling that she had ever possessed.

When she had finished, Seras felt numb. Nothing mattered and the hunger that had been gnawing at her entire being for the past few weeks now no longer seemed to have an affect on her.

It was time she grew up and accepted the consequences of her actions and that she truly had made a pathetic vampire. But did it make her pathetic that she didn't drink because she wanted to keep her humanity?

All that Seras was beginning to feel as she slowly trudged herself off to the shower was the pain that had accompanied her since had finally returned to Hellsing only a few hours ago.

She didn't know how she had made it back on her own, but by some miracle she had.

Turning on the shower, Seras carefully removed her torn clothing and didn't even dare to look down at her battered, bruised and broken body.

The hot water caused her cuts and abrasions to sting extremely badly and she cried out in slight pain, but soon she grew used to it. She was exceedingly thankful that the heat seemed to dull the pain in her torso and lower body, but the heat was causing her to feel slightly fuzzy again.

Not even bothering to even try and wash herself due to it being too much for her, Seras focused on the shower wall as she recalled what had happened on the mission.

She had been sent to kill 3 FREAKS, but she had to kill one in particular.

They had been said to be scouting for a new place to set up a new FREAK-distributing lab, so it had been vital that the mission had to be successful.

All had been going well when she had successfully destroyed one of her targets, but the other two FREAKS had teamed up and severely overpowered her. One had knocked her on the back of the head and that had been it. It had been her own weakness that she had not been able to fight back, but when Seras had woken up, all she could remember was finding herself lying in a pool of her own blood and covered from head to toe in deep bruising and slashes.

From her internal hour clock, Seras knew she had been out for a whole day. Thankfully she was in a warehouse with no windows so she hadn't been at risk of being burnt to a cinder during the day.

Her first thought had been to get back to Hellsing Manor, but her injuries prevented her from even moving a centimeter.

It had taken a full hour for her to will most of the cuts to heal, but the pain inside her body was so intense that she knew she had internal bruising, most likely bleeding, and definite broken bones.

These sort of injuries should have never ever bothered her normally, but her body had degenerated so bad it was crippling and life threatening to her.

After she had woken up, she had realized why she had not been outright killed.

Even the FREAKS had seen her to be so pathetic and that they had beaten her to a pulp thinking she was going to die.

They had been wrong about that.

Seras sighed in the shower, gathering her thoughts and processing them.

Her next thought was of her master.

She had not seen him for two weeks since Sir Integra had sent him on some secret missions overseas. If he saw her like this, Seras knew that she would die of embarrassment and shame alone. The disappointment, disgust and anger that he was going to most likely show when he came back terrified her to the core.

The shower lost its warmth when images of his past wrath ran through her mind and the possible punishments he might give her when he got back…

She didn't know what he did to his last fledgling that Sir Integra and Walter had been discussing, but Seras didn't want it to happen to her.

A sudden pain ran right through her entire body, causing her to cry out as a wave of dizziness enveloped her. Being completely unable to try and reach out and grab something stop herself, Seras collapsed heavily onto the floor of the shower floor with a sickening thud.

She was beyond the call of hope of being found by anyone to help her…

Her mind called out desperately to Alucard, despite knowing he would not be able to hear her or even be bothered to come.

Master…help me…

Her mind voice was so weak and it was only seconds before it darkened too along with every other part of her body into unconsciousness.

But it was all that he needed to hear to bring him back to her.

With a furl of shadows the No Life King appeared and stood before the broken, battered, dying body that was his fledgling.

"Oh Police Girl what have you gone and done now?"