Krillin was curled up on the couch, fast asleep. His face was relaxed, lacking the strain and fear that he constantly tried to hide during the day. Now that Android 17 was back, Krillin worried that he would leave, and take his wife with him. And if she left, that she would take his precious little girl with her. And he couldn't let that happen. His family meant more to him then anything in the world. There was anger in him, too, that he wouldn't be able to stop 17 if he chose to destroy his life.

Android 18, Marron balanced on one hip, walked into the living room with a new mug in her free hand. She'd been intending to put the baby in her crib and listen to music, but seeing her husband fast asleep, she changed her mind. Turning on her heel, the android soundlessly departed. Outside, on the tiny island, a bright sun shined down on them. It reflected off the water, and made shimmering light play on the side of the house."18," greeted dark haired Android 17 in his quiet voice. She did not have to bother looking up at him. They had fallen back into that old familiarity they'd had. Neither expressed affection, but both knew it was there. Also, they did not speak of the past, either before the separation or after. The androids lived for the present, plain and simple.

"I thought you had to work," questioned the fair haired twin, by way of an acknowledgment. Android 17 had picked up some time at a garage in town, where he worked a few days a week. His sister was adamant that he earn his living, and though no words actually passed between them, he knew.

"Tomorrow." Some might find their brisk way of conversing both rude and uncaring. But their relationship was something special, different from most. They understood each other on such a deep level that they did not have to say much.

"Back again, huh?" cackled old Master Roshi, resting on the sand several feet from where they were. Grunting, the man pushed himself to his feet, and made his way, albeit slower then in his younger days, back into his odd, bright pink house. The siblings ignored him as usual.

Picking up his niece, 17 swung the little girl in a circle, carefully, before setting her down on his strong shoulders. Giggling with glee, the tiny child rotated between clutched his straight hair and clapping her chubby hands. A barely detectable smile curved the android's lips. Android 18 laid back in the shade of the Kame house, tired from staying up all night with her child. 17 let her rest, and soon she too fell asleep, leaving 17 and Marron to entertain them selves.

"Where is she, 18?" Krillin asked, worry and anger in his voice as he crouched down beside his wife. Icy blue eyes slowly opened, to focus on him curiously. Krillin suddenly look formidable with his spiky hair and angry stare. Android 18, of course, could not care less.

"Where is who, Krillin?" she asked irritably, sitting up and tiredly wrapping her arms around her knees. Though refreshed after the nap, 18 still felt a lingering fatigue. It was entirely unlike her.

"Our daughter," he enunciated carefully, his anger now over taking the worry. "Where did you leave Marron?"

Groaning in irritation, 18 waved at him to relax. "I left her with my brother," she said, and glanced around for him. He wasn't to be found. Krillin blanched, the fear rushing back into his expressive face.

"You left my daughter alone with him?" he choked, and her blue eyes, furious, swung up to meet his. She was insulted that he did not trust her brother, though rationally he had good cause.

"Yes, I left our daughter alone with 17. Is there something wrong with that?" she asked carefully in a dangerous, low purring voice. Krillin didn't even look intimidated. There was an underlying current of power flowing between them.

"Yeah, 18, there is something wrong with that. I don't trust your brother, and I don't want my daughter left alone with him."