Okay this is just a going to be a very short story like four or five chapters. It is totally AU Leyton. It is going to be very smut like.

Peyton climbed the stairs of the university's Behavioral Sciences building to finally arrive at her office on the 6th floor. (And I thought being a grad student would get me some respect,) she thought sarcastically. The corner nook the department liked to call her "office" was hardly 10X10 feet in floor space and crammed with all sorts of books that the regular profs didn't seem to want. If nothing else, it was comfortable. She had found room for a futon that served as a couch during appointments and as a bed when she stayed there to chip away at her dissertation. (Ah well, another day, another associateship dollar.) she mused as she turned on her computer to check her appointment calendar.

As the computer booted she examined her reflection on the screen. Peyton was a pleasant woman, perhaps not a super-model, but she held her own against the "cheerleader" types. Her mother had always bragged about her combination of brains and beauty. Peyton didn't completely disagree, either; she had the classic Norweigan features, blond hair, green eyes, and a well proportioned body. He breasts were quite adequate for turning heads, especially among the under grads, she noticed.

It turned out that she had only one appointment that morning, a counselling session with a student named Lucas. Due to arrive in 15 minutes, she decided to put on some coffee and settle down.

Almost exactly 15 minutes later, a head popped out from behind the door and a timid voice called out "Hello?"

"Hi. Come in and sit down," Peyton said warmly. "My name's Peyton, and you must be Lucas."

"Yeah, I'm Lucas." He seemed like a balloon that couldn't hold any more air without popping. Stress was written all over his face, and Peyton noticed that he had probably stayed up all night last night because of his bloodshot eyes and weary expression.

After the formalities were out of the way, Peyton asked Lucas to tell her about himself. Lucas was a music major, and sang in the university choir as well as played trumpet in the orchestra. Peyton could see why he was stressed; music majors are well-known for crazy schedules and long practice/study hours. She was amazed at how Lucas thought nothing of working until 2 or 3 in the morning only to have an 8am class the next day.

"How long have you been doing this?" Peyton asked.

"Since my freshman year, and I'm a junior now. It never bothered me until a while ago." Lucas said. "It was just part of surviving."

"What do you do to relieve stress?"

"I used to be able to do anything to relieve stress. Music used to relax me so much. Now music is the biggest source of stress I have. I have to be that much better than the next guy or else I don't get into the grad school I want. You should understand that."

Admittedly, she did. She remembered back to her undergrad days, when she fought tooth and nail to be the best psych major there was, so she could have this associateship. "I do understand, Lucas. I remember worrying about it as much as you are now. But there isn't ANYTHING you can do to relax?"

"Hell, I can't even masturbate to relax anymore!" Lucas blurted out. Almost immediately Lucas realized what he had said. He blushed a deep shade of crimson. "Um… I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that… maybe I should leave now–"

"Wait, don't leave." Peyton said, almost too anxiously. A furious wave of thoughts went through her mind. Somehow Lucas's remark had taken Peyton out of her "professional" mode and now realized that she was getting turned on! (Stop it, stop it right here. Rule number 1 about counselling: DON'T get involved with your patients–MAJOR no-no… But he *is* cute… and I haven't had any fun lately… NO! You can't do it… why not? Maybe it's just what he needs…)

Peyton went to the door and closed it tight. With no other appointments this morning, she wouldn't be bothered for a good three hours. (Well, I've never seduced anyone before… but I guess there's always a first time. Here goes nothing), she thought.

"Lucas , I'm going to ask you some… personal questions. You don't have to answer them if you don't want to. I promise that anything you tell me will be kept between us. Okay?" Lucas only nodded. "Lucas, how long have you been masturbating?"

"Since I was fifteen."

"Have you had sex since then?"

Lucas blushed again. "um. . . no."

"You're a virgin? That's surprising, a good-looking guy like you." And he *was* good looking. He was just a little tall then she was, solidly built muscles under his T-shirt, short blond hair, and a pleasant face. With beautiful blue eyes.

This was getting more interesting by the minute. She began to run her fingers through his hair, and stood in front of him so that her breasts were level with his eyes. "Can you still masturbate now, or did you mean that the stress wasn't letting you?"

"Oh, I still can, it just doesn't feel as good as it once did." He was getting more comfortable with the sudden twist of conversation, it seemed. "I bet I sound rather silly to you now,"

"Not at all. It's not something you need to be ashamed of." Peyton couldn't believe she had just said that. "Perhaps you'd like to try it here and now. Masturbating, that is," she said with a little smile.

"HERE? Now?"

"Why not? If this is how you used to be able to relieve stress, why not try again?" She began to unbutton her shirt and changed her tone to be as seductive as she could possibly comprehend. "I'll even help," she said with a smile.

This got some results, Peyton noticed; a bulge was beginning to grow in Lucas's Levis. Peyton sat down beside Lucas and began to stroke his crotch. "Would you help me take my bra off?"

Lucas was too caught up in the moment to ask questions. Instinctively, he reached around Peyton and undid her bra. With a deft movement, Peyton had taken off her top and bra so that her newly bared breasts hovered mere inches from Lucas's face. Tentatively at first, "Can I " he asked, Peyton nodded. Lucas began to lick at her nipple, then became more confident when Peyton moaned in response. "Oh…yeah, *baby*… suck my tits!"

It was rare when Peyton would actually speak during lovemaking. More often than not, words just got in the way. However, this was different. Lucas needed stimulation from all the senses, and Peyton was happy to oblige. Her hands found Lucas's button fly, and within seconds had pulled his throbbing manhood out for her to conquer. Making Lucas lie down, Peyton looked over Lucas's cock and paused only for a moment to admire.

She wasn't good at estimating size, but figured that he had to be at least 8 inches long. "I'm gonna make you cum, Lucas," she said huskily. "I'm gonna suck the cum right out of you, and you won't be able to do a thing about it." Lucas could only whimper in response. Running her tongue over his purplish head, down his shaft and down to his balls, Lucas tensed, letting the ecstasy overcome him. With practiced skill, Peyton took him into her mouth. She worked him up, pushing him higher and higher until she was sure that he would explode.

"Wait, please." Lucas managed to squeak out.

This surprised Peyton She was sure that Lucas had lost complete control. Oh well, no big deal. "Yes, love?"

"Let me cum inside you. I want this to be right."

She had planned to wait for the second time around, but what the hell. "Whatever you want, Lucas. I'm yours." Eagerly, Peyton stripped off her skirt and settled down on top of him. She gasped as she impaled herself on his dick. She realized that she'd underestimated Lucas's size as he had reached farther that Peyton had ever felt before. She ground into him, and with each stroke she brought herself closer to orgasm. Lucas was breathing heavy, a twisted look of pleasure on his face.

"Ooohhh… It's almost there!" Lucas grunted.

"You can do it baby! I want your hot cum!" Peyton yelled.

This was too much for Lucas, as he blossomed into orgasm, shooting his virgin load deep into Peyton, who in turn was brought over the edge. Lucas fell in a heap onto the futon, exhausted. Ironically, it was the most relaxed Peyton had seen him. (This may not be bad therapy for me, either,) Peyton thought as she cleaned herself up and waited for Lucas's strength to return.

"Can I see you next week" Peyton asked, as she looked over her scheduled calendar.

"Hell yeah"

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