High school, a peril for nearly every teenager, they are sent there to be educated, to learn how to cope with whatever life throws at them. Not me.

Let me tell you a bit about myself before we continue. I am trained in the fine art of espionage; I can blend into my back ground, launch attacks on enemies and do the splits! I have a genius IQ and can speak 20 different languages. I have brown hair, brown eyes and am quite small. I am a spy.

But back on with my story, high school, some of the most important times of every teenager's life. Yet, the high school I go to may have a possible link to a terrorist plot. I am 15 years old and have been training to be a spy ever since I was 8. Both of my parents are spies, my father is on a mission in Iraq and my mother is in England pretending to be the principal of a highly esteemed girls college. With the information received by an anonymous informant I was assigned to the mission of attending the high school and seeking information, my ongoing assignment – to be an ordinary teenager.

I started out this year as a new student. So far I have found nothing, but I have just been normal I haven't done any snooping at all. I wanted to see if the students were in on it too. They're not! Yesterday I was ordered to start snooping, I was over the moon. You can't begin to believe how boring it is going to an ordinary school and being normal. Learning things I already knew and not doing what I am made to do! So FINALY I can begin some real spy work.

Before I arrived the school was secretly fitted with an underground lab/base. So after school when most of the buses had left and the remainder of the students were boarding their buses I snuck around to the girls toilets. I looked around me to check no one was watching then I crouched down and pulled a thin cord from my watch. The rope was actually made of metal and had a camera attached to it. I slid it under the door to the toilets to check if anyone was in there. When I was sure the area was secure I opened the door and went to the middle toilet, I turned the sanitary disposal bin around to reveal a number pad on its back. I dialled the code and the section of floor in front of me slid away to reveal a large hole. Down the hole I jumped and was on my way down the dark slide when red lights began to flash. It was then that I remembered what the builders had told me, I lay down on my back just as the lasers that would cut a person in half flashed across, then the blades and then the fire. If any un-authorised person were to enter, they would be dead before they reached the bottom.

I put on my black outfit and grabbed my lock picks, camera remotes, and bugging tools then took the elevator back up to the school grounds which opened up into the janitors closet in the office.

What do you think?

What should I add - if anything?? Comments would be much apreciated (will not take offence to anything - as long as it is just constructive critisism and not evil)