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Naruto: Red Dawn


Naruto was waiting outside of the Hokage offices, after e had been called there. He hadn't been let in yet, and he was getting real impatient…

It was only a couple of days since he'd gone to rescue Gaara. Maybe he had a cool new mission to perform..?

"Uzumaki Naruto." called an unfamiliar voice. "Come in, please."
Naruto did.

Inside he saw three figures. Two looked like the village elders. The third was unfamiliar, his face bandaged, only one eye showing.

"I assume you are aware of the Akatsuki's plans." began one of the elders.

"Sure I am!" said Naruto. "They want to capture the nine Jinchuriki!"
"Yes, but do you know that you are the most powerful of the Jinchuriki, and vital to their plans?" asked the other elder, the woman.

"Uh… no…" admitted Naruto.

"You are." said the bandaged man. "They seek to use Bijuu chakra to create a weapon. They have incredibly powerful missing-nin that we may not be able to defeat. Therefore, we have discovered an alternative plan." he finished, standing and walking closer to Naruto.

"What?" asked the genin.

Danzo drew a kunai from his back and stabbed it into Naruto's stomach.
"Good day, Kyuubi-brat." he spat. He and the two elders left.

Naruto closed his eyes.

* * *

"H…Hai." said the Hyuuga heiress to her father.

"You are aware that the council are not impressed with your skills. They are far surpassed by those possessed by your sister, even some members of the branch family." said the Hyuuga leader. "I've been trying to find a solution, but bar an incredible increase in your skills I think it unlikely."

"H… hai."
"Some of them are talking of giving you the caged bird seal." he said.

"What?" asked Hinata in shock.
"Yes. You don't have long." he said. "Train. Hard."

* * *

"You know, for the son of a kage, you are an idiot."
"What?" said Naruto, barely waking up.

He seemed to be inside a sewer, recognising it as the Kyuubi's jail.
"What do you mean by calling me the son of a kage?" said Naruto, disoriented.
"You didn't know?" laughed the fox. "Your father was the fourth Hokage, Namikaze Minato."

Naruto was silent.
"And still they treated me like they did?" he asked. "How will I ever earn their trust?"
"You won't, you foolish kit. Kill them all."

"No." said Naruto. "One day they'll love me. It worked for Gaara."
"Good luck with that, kit."

Naruto opened his eyes.

* * *

He jumped up, barely noticing the dried blood on his clothes, and ran out the door.
There he saw Danzou cleaning a kunai, and the two elders on the floor, dead.

Naruto's mouth went wide.
"Oh, you survived?" said Danzou. "Well, that makes this easier."
"Seichuu no Jutsu." said the old ninja.

Naruto's eyes went wider.

"You are going to leave this village, leaving in your wake two dead council members, and one severely injured. You will never lead this village." said Danzou staring into Naruto's eyes. He picked up the Kunai and scraped it across Naruto's headband. "Leave now."

Naruto turned, and walked slowly from the room.

Five minutes later, he passed the gates of the village silently.

Danzou grimaced, and stabbed himself with the kunai.

* * *

Seichou no Jutsu-Control Technique

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