Inspiration comes from the strangest places - for this story it came from me dreaming that I was Flora, coming to London after the events in St. Mystere!


-- Flora's POV ---

"Flora, Everyone is like a catarpillar when they are younger - then one day, they spread their wings and fly away, just like you will..."

I thought back to the words my mother would always comfort me with, if ever anything upset me, but when she died - and I was more distraught than ever - their was no one there to talk to me like that, no one to comfort me and no one to make me feel better.

Then my father introduced me to Dahlia, a robot version of her - I ran as fast as I could, to hide behind Matthew, but all he wanted was to give me someone to make me happy like my mother had, I realise that now.

I wish I had then.

Two years later, my father died, I was just six years old, with no one in the world to look out for me. So I did as my father had told me, and went to the tower.

I stayed there for years and years, watching people come and go from the village.

Then one day Layton and Luke arrived. They came to the tower to take me away with them.

Layton saved my life several times just in the tower. And then they took me to London,

I was given a room in their home, and I felt happy again. I felt accepted as Flora, and not the rich baron's daughter, as I had been known before my father's death.

I became best friends with Luke, who didn't have any friends at his school.

I helped to solve cases.

I looked after our cat, Riddles, when it had strayed into our front garden.

And on the day of my 13th birthday, which was also Luke's 13th birthday, I thought back to what mother had said.

"Then one day they spread their wings and fly away"

At that moment, I knew that she was right,

and that day was the day I left St. mystere....